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It’s fake news, Dr Banda denies saying he followed HH blindly


Former United Party for National Development (UPND) Vice President Canisius Banda has refuted the story circulating on social media suggesting that he stated that he was blinded to support Hakainde Hichilema.

Banda said the news is false and thoughtless because he cannot say such inane and imprudent things.

“No, It is NOT from me. It is NOT true. And it is fake news. …Idiotic. Very silly stuff this. Evil. How can the Dr Canisius BANDA I know, the Pilgrim I am, say such inane and stupid things?”

“Impossible. But thanks for their compliment anyway… Brood of vipers are behind this. Sons of sluts!” Dr. Banda said

Below is the story is the story circulating on social media:


“Arrest all UPND members, they are like Bokp Haram in my eyes…..”, he said.

Former UPND vice-president for politics,Dr.Banda has today joined the ruling PF calling his former party and its leader Hakainde Hichilema and UPND as politically dead.

Dr Banda says,he wants to work with president Edgar Lungu and the PF to develop Zambia. And when asked to state some reasons why he has joined the PF when HH was incarceration?

He responded by saying,’How do you feed a cow when its dead?’ “The man is dead in prison and I have been told he wont be released soon. So why should I support a dead man politically?”.

I praise president Lungu for his incarceration because he could have caused civil war if he was not caged. Now that he is inside, the country is calm and we like it”, said Banda.

He added that President Lungu has a vision for Zambia and means well to the Zambia people.

He is loved by everyone adding that one of his many visions was to lock stubborn people like HH. :Yes, HH helped me a lot financially, but that cant make me to worship him because he acquired that wealth through privatization”,he said.

“So he was paying back!”. Dr Banda claimed to have been blind the time he was with the UPND. “I followed Hichilema,a visionless man,blindly.

I thank God that Am not part of treason….” “But Zambians should not mistake my joining of PF led by my brother Edgar Lungu to tribalism”, he said. ” He also said he has technically been a PF member since President Sata died.

“I have been a PF member since 2014, so my official joining of PF should not surprise anyone”, he said. Dr Banda,popularly known as the Pilgrim on Facebook,has since likened his former party (UPND),to Boko Haram.

“Let all of them be arrested including GBM, I have no pity for them as they are like Boko Haram in my sight”.


  1. The story may be false but these people took advantage of your indecision? and spinelessness. People can see your unstable, lack of integrity character. Why did they choose to say such things about you, when you didn’t actually say it? Think about that. When you left UPND, the whole country was shocked. You let the people down.

    • “Easterners are sly”
      ~ GBM in 2013

      Banda was a snitch in UPND since 2015 when his fellow wako got into State House.

    • The writing looks pfish, words like privatization, cow, civil war are synonymous with the green slimming thugs.

    • Yes, low lives like Canicius Banda who can allow himself to be recorded calling other human beings “sons of sluts”. Surely Canicius himself is a son of a slut! This snitch must have a stolen PhD like Mushota.

  2. Canius in that you are free to join any party you wish is your right; This maybe wrong in my presumptions on you but you have made yourself vulnerable and seemed bitter at not being chosen as running mate; HH perhaps had some position he would have like to fit you in; the biggest mistake was to go public and say you hade quit the UPND; Now look what the undesireables have made of your story; by the way is it true you have joined the PF?

  3. Dr Banda has a trade mark kind of English language which is impossible to fake.
    This is definitely not him speaking but a breed of donkey called UPNDonkey.

    • hahahahahaha the shoes tell it all. The man can go back to practicing medicine. Am sure he can manage to himself shoes. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHa abanda nasapato ankunguleni ayanu sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 3.2@ Buckteeth lungu

    Dr. Banda doesn’t have a PhD. He is an MD.
    He has a Doctor of medicine. Very different from a PhD. The funny thing is that a very educated doctor reverts to a Mr. An example is that of the late Mr. Manda. So there you have it.

  5. Ba Canicius Banda you have to be careful the way you calculate political moves. We only know where we are coming from and not where we are going. Just because you stopped being in cahoots with UPND does not give you the right to utter that nonsense.You don’t know what the future holds baba.

  6. A hungry man is always angry.Canicius Banda is broke man.He is now wondering like a headless chicken.
    Continue wondering and wallowing in poverty until you find yourself in boiling water.Political figures are born not made. Your potion is to follow orders in order to get a meal.

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