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KK saluted for championing pan Africanism.


Madagascan Hery Rajaonarimampianina with first republican President  Dr Kenneth Kaunda
Madagascan Hery Rajaonarimampianina with first republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda

Madagascan Hery Rajaonarimampianina has saluted first republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda for the role he played in championing pan Africanism.

President Rajaonarimampianina says Dr Kaunda has left a good legacy which other African leaders should emulate from adding that the people of Madagascar have heard a lot about Dr Kaunda despite the country oceans away from mainland Africa.

The visiting President said he was delighted to meet Zambia’s first republican President in person whom he described as the true son of Africa.

And Dr Kaunda thanked President Rajaonarimampianina for paying a courtesy on him.

Meanwhile visiting Chinese State Council Wang Yong has praised First republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda for being afriend of China.

Mr. Yong noted that Dr Kaunda has remained a great friend of China despite leaving office adding that the people of China respect and admire Him.

Mr. Yong said the people of China view Dr Kaunda as a hero and the liberator of Africa.

Speaking earlier Dr Kaunda saluted China for its continued efforts to grow the relations between the two countries. He said the visit of the State Council is cardinal in strengthening bilateral relations.

He pointed out that Zambia has been working with China in different human endeavor adding that the two friendly countries have been instrumental in promoting justice and freedom in various parts of Africa.

He urged the duo to continue creating friendship with other countries while cementing their existing friendship.

Dr Kaunda advised the two countries to amicable resolve any pressing issue in case of differences.


    • Shocking!

      No wonder Africa is not developing & will really never develop because dictators are worshipped like a bigoted tiny god.

      The fact that can’t & will never be changed is that KK was a DICTATOR of 27 years. All the way from Malavi to chinsali & claimed to be a Bemba when factually incorrect.

      Dictator of 27 years KK blocked Kapwepwe, Chona,Kamanga & others to lead Zambia.
      The Skeleton Key

  1. President Hery Rajaonarimampianina, the name is very long and a real tongue twister! I remember late president Mwanawasa used to have problems pronouncing the other Presidents name “Mak Ravalamonana”Or something like that.

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