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HH and 5 others transferred to Maximum Mukobeko Prison in Kabwe

Headlines HH and 5 others transferred to Maximum Mukobeko Prison in Kabwe

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema leaving the court
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema leaving the court
United Party for national Development Leader Hakainde Hichilema plus five others have finally today the 9th June, 2017 been transferred to Maximum Mukobeko Prison in Kabwe from Lusaka central Prison.

The opposition leader has been moved by air from city airport on his 60th day in incarceration to Mukobeko Maximum prison in Kabwe, Central Zambia.

According to the UPND media team, Hichilema landed arrived at Mukobeko Maximum Prison around 12:20 hours and it is not clear why he has been transferred to the maximum prison before being convicted.

The UPND leader was arrested on 10th April, 2017 and charged with treason after the Mongu incidence where he is alleged to have obstructed the Presidential motorcade during the 2017 Kuomboka ceremony.

And the High court has since set 12th June, 2017 as a trial in Hakainde Hichilema’s petition case.

Below is the notification from the UPND media team:

This is to let you know that UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has been moved from Lusaka’s Chimbokaila prison to Mukobeko maximum prison in Kabwe, Central Zambia. Hichilema landed a while ago in Kabwe at Mukobeko maximum prison. It is not clear as to why the state police have decided to take him to Mukobeko prison which is associated by Zambians to a prison where death by hanging is called. UPND MEDIA TEAM

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    • Edgar and his PF are far too scared to let the man they feat most, free. THH has no case and this is the highest level of fear exhbited by Lungu and his PF drunkheads. We shall see: time goes clockwise, crossing same point over and over

    • There is NOTHING wrong with this.

      It is ridiculous, this didnt happen earlier.

      Our Prison and judiciary are too soft



    • How clueless Vodiga Rungu and minions made HH popular and prepared him for the office of president in 2021 !!

      Be strong my brother HH, you will now know first hand who to give presidential pardon when your time comes unlike Vodiga Rungu who has pardoned unrepentant criminals who are terrorising our communities as serial killers and greedy PF cadres.

    • Stupid UPND and their media team, why saying it is not clear why he has been taken to Mukobeko when the judge clearly said that now that they have been committed to high court their status has changed to capital remandees and Mukobeko is the only capital prison in Zambia. Naimwe ba LT do your homework before you start copying and pasting half baked news here

    • I have consistently reminded UPND supporters to realize that they have a serious crisis at hand and insults, name calling and stripping parades of vulnerable women will not turn this quagmire away. You misled HH and have kept flattering him that Zambia has no President and Government but HH. My learned colleagues Professor Ndulo, Bene, and Hansungule are worst liabilities with their theories. Chagwa has a powerful pen that can change fate in a brink of an eye. Mutinta should have ignored all these idealists and take on a negotiation mount that bellicose. There is life beyond politics. Now chances of coming out normal are 2 out of 10. This is real hardball and Good luck to delusions and allowance. I believe realism, love and respect have their way and not bellicose.

    • Negotiations mount than bellicose has the magic. Baba you have a crisis and wake up. Turn away from utopia this is real.

    • “…Hichilema landed arrived at Mukobeko Maximum Prison around 12:20 hours and it is not clear why he has been transferred to the maximum prison before being convicted.”

    • Lungu is pushed around by Chinese and forced to release Chinese criminals but to show he still has balls, if you can call his small shriveled balls,balls, he sends HH ku mukobeko. What a punk!! this president of yours!?

    • Mumbi and her followers must be dancing. PF a party of oppressors, where dictatorship is a norm. Peace of pretence will one day stretch to a snapping point.

    • There is something very wrong with Lungu. Any leader who uses State institutions to persecute innocent political opponents is no worth a leader, he`s a coward. And every dictator thinks he owns the world, but there`s a way that God deals with such evil leaders.

    • Good luck baba. Beg for forgiveness and this will end soon. Most of us who understand international laws we know you crossed the line.

  1. Good job, keep him there.

    All politicians must learn from HH case, having abit of money is not a birth right to being nonsensical.

    • Who found him guity first of all. r you are simply telling the masses being rich is nonsensical and therefore treasonable. You will be next, or your own child is, that’s when you will realise the dictatorship is so real in Zambia. Enjoy your nonsensical blogging while it lasts my friend.



  2. Guilty or not i think he has leaned that law is law, whether rich or poor. Release him the family misses him.

    • Lungu is pure unadulterated evil. May he rot in hell or wherever darkness reigns forever.


  3. (HH) Hang Him!
    Behead (HH)
    The country has seen so much peace in his absence.
    Cut his head bald so that we see the Satamic tatoos he has been hiding.
    The souls of the miners will haunt Kaponya.

    • GBM has resurfaced to take over UPND.
      The minions are about to hand over power to a Fat turd. Go UPND till 2021 we are behind you.

    • Mutinta now has to camp closer to Kabwe. Very convenient since it is near Costen.
      (HH) will be languishing with his right hand while Costen Chilala does his business with his wife.

    • Yes like you mother was a bit.ch. who did not know who fathered you among the Congolese whom she was sperm chemba for.

  4. @Mumone or watsoeva your is,think of it if he was your relative would you be happy with all this things which you are supporting?Read 1 Corinthians 2:1-9 and be blessed may your good Lord foregive you.

    • Be objective and dont hide behind scriptures which encourages all to follow the law of the land ‘ give Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser’ and ‘respect your leaders for they are appointed by God.’

      First and foremost, is he the only one in prison, have you considered other prisoners? Or you give blind eye to the poor and support HH just because he has money? The law must be applied equally – politics should not be an avenue for misbehavior, insolence and lawlessness.

      He must be tried the same way any other poor Zambian found on the other side of the law is tried. To me, the boy HH is a pompous criminal who had potential to put Zambia on fire. The courts will be very fair in dealing with his case, if he is found innocent so be it. Am not the court, but if you asked me i would say his…

    • Yes it has come down early for him he thought he will continue messing around with ceo of government that’s the result.this serves as a warning ? to whoever is planning to do a similar thing in future.

    • @munone you are a retard and sadist,what law are u talking about?if lungu stood for law those chinese should be in jail right now,but they are back in the comfort of summer in china probably laughning at us and will be back in no time,you talk about objectivity yet you utter hatred towards one man even when the story isnt about him,grow up nincompoop you unpatriotic numb skull and certified bootlicker,i would be surprised if you are working at some embassy appointed by changwa

    • Loud mouthed and cancerous Edith Z Nawakwi has become too scared of what can happen to her after selling the FDD to HH via Jack Mwiimbu and Hambulo. She is thinking the MAIZEGATE SCANDAL which was untried before FTJ might be turned and commuted to a TREASONABLE OFFENCE like Rhajan Mathani suffered. Come on lady LOUD MOUTH dare insult ECL again – wapya mayo waluse

  5. @ Exhaust Blown Diffuser. Anyone who obstructs the Presidential motorcade the law must not take its course? HH was very fortunate, he could have been short dead if it was in other countries

    • Have you followed this all thing from the beginning especially what the presidents press aid said, they allowed the president to move side by side in that convey upon assessing THERE WAS NO THREAT. Considering a convoy of 60+ cars how could you expect them to move out of the way at once?? The police failed their job and as such if i was lungu some people could have been fired for incompetence.

      Ba FROG you need to understand the definition of TREASON …… This case will fail before the courts considering how the arresting officer gave statements in previous court sessions

    • You people you forget what you say, the plan to arrest HH is not new. He was arrested for demanding that the petition should be heard, the Mongu case is just a cover up. Look at this which was issued on April 2, 2017

      “PF planning to arrest HH, GBM”
      April 2, 2017 14:07

      The PF government is scheming to arrest UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his vice Geoffrey Mwamba and charge them with unbailable treason charges.

      HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has confirmed that Hichilema referred to by many as HH will be arrested for insisting that the 2016 general elections be heard before the courts of law.

      Kampyongo told a media briefing this morning that he will direct the police to arrest HH and any other citizen who will insist that the election petition be heard…

  6. This is all wrong. He is not a convict at all. He is innocent until proven guilty.
    Let’s wait for the trial to commence.

  7. It is no longer a matter for the Police but remand and prison services as the matter has moved from police to court.

  8. Is Mukobeko only reserved for those who have been convicted? Check your facts.

    Think back to previous treason cases to realise that Mukobeko has hosted all past treason ‘remandees’.

    Even Super Ken – Kenneth Kaunda – wound up there despite not being a convict.

    Gentlemen, a treason charge is no stroll in the park.

  9. Hakainde Hichilema


    Fellow citizens, we can confirm that we have been

    moved to Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe.

    We arrived a few minutes ago. We don’t know

    what is happening but we are not bothered by

    processes. We are only concerned about one

    thing; the freedom of this country. Our spirits are

    intact, we might look weary from the physical

    point of view but be assured that our spirits are

    intact. Let not you who are out there sympathise

    with us, sympathise with those children who are

    not in school, the over six million Zambians who

    are poor and cannot afford a meal a day.

    Sympathise with those relatives who are HIV

    positive but have relapsed because the

    Government cannot provide ARVs, those girls who


    • those girls who

      are abandoning class because they cannot afford

      sanitary towels due to financial constraints while

      Government spends money on worthless pursuits,

      essentially chasing the wind. Those and many

      others are the people with whom we should


      We do not know when we are going to be

      released or if at all we will be released, but that

      is not bothering us, all we know is that what we

      are fighting for is worth for us to die if that is

      what it means. And we are not worried about

      death either, because there are a million others

      who will carry on with the fight for a proper

      democracy to work in Zambia. No one, even the

      greatest oppressor has survived the wrath of God,

      where is Idi Amin, where is Mobutu Sese Seko,

      where is Pieter…

    • where is Pieter Botha, Kamuzu Banda, Augusto

      Pinochet, Hassne Habre, all these are examples of

      dictators and oppressors that thought they would

      never have an appointment with either death or

      the law. But as we say about education, death is

      an equaliser. The persecuting champions of today

      will be the people needing help from the paupers

      of today.

      Colleagues, we habour no hatred for anyone, we

      habour no ill wishes, we are Christians, we pray

      for those that transgress us; that way we live in

      peace with ourselves and not carry hate which is

      itself a live coal that burns the one carrying it.

      This is our country and as long as we live we

      shall do what is right for the country and create a

      country that will serve its citizens and not a few


    • despotic individuals.

      In Luke 23:28 it is recorded that our lord Jesus

      Christ said this ‘But Jesus turned and said to

      them “daughters of Jerusalem, don’t weep for me,

      but weep for yourselves and your children.”’ This

      is what I leave with you today colleagues.
      God Bless Zambia.

    • You mean you would have been providing free meals and all that go with happy livelihood? How come Hakainde you fail to pay your workers handsomely!!! That is just politicking for people who cannot analyze issues critically.

    • What about Mutinta, Costain Chilala is going to infect her with HIV – he must be worried by now

  10. God is in control. The angels will watch over you my President. Those who are persecuting you will come out of power and reap the consequences of being evil one day.History repeats itself. Chaona munzako chapita mawa chili Pali iwe. We are praying for God’s intervention, light is stronger than darkness. Forgive them they are in the dark.

    • Kiki things are bad. Even ka @JJ is encouraging prayer. The turn around of events have started. What goes up must come down. Hh thought he will stay up forever.

    • Time for Lungu to go has come.He has crossed the line.He has twisted the tail of a lion way too far.

  11. All upnd cadres who down play HH’s treason case should have their minds examined.
    The law is clear,once a suspect for treason is committed to High Court,he or she must be transfered to a Maximum prison such as Mukobeko or Mwembeshi.this is why HH and his team have been transfered to Mukobeko prison today.UPND must stop taking this issue lightly as it is a very serious matter which may keep HH behind bars for more than 6 months or so.Mukobeko is a great danger to HH’s health.I feel sorry for him as he could have avoided this in mongu had it not been for dull GBM.

    • Njimbu

      Zambians are not taking this serious knowing many great leaders have been jailed for treason on trumped up charges by dictators or governments on the wrong side of history among them Mandela, Castro and Kenyata.

      Rest assured Mandela was not the last political presoner to emerge victorious from a tyranical regime.

      In actual facts the longer this injustice drags on the better as the spot light is on lungus economic archivements.

    • So should politics of rigging, threats, corruption, intimidation end in Zambia. This country is a democracy not a democratic tyranny.

    • @Kafula: rigging-you failed to provide evidence?? corruption-you failed to provide evidence?? intimidation-why can’t you provide facts to police so that wrong doers are arrested?? Tyranny-I have never seen a tyrrany where any one can say anything even insult the president and still walk freely, is this a tyranny??? YOU NEED O PROVIDE FACTS AND EVIDENCE FOR YOUR ACCUSATIONS NOT PARADE YOURSELVES IN THE MEDIA ACCUSING PEOPLE ABOUT SPECULATIONS, THIS COUNTRY HAS LAWS!!!!

    • Who cares about hh. He was warned but thought he had big balls. Hh, Mwaliteta and Mmembe are now very good examples……let’s c gbm insult ecl…

  12. Your Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, please napapata. I know that HH has done wrong by not recognising your Presidency, has broken the law, and has been wrong in calling on all his followers not to accept you as President. However, in the name of Christianity, Peace, and Reconciliation, I beg you, my President, to find it in your good heart to forgive him and release him back to his family immediately. He has suffered enough, my President, and does not deserve further punishment and humiliation.

  13. What is this Kanshi? This is now beyond frustration!!!
    God please please hear our humble cry this is too much to bear….

    • Ignorantia juris non excusat or ignorantia legis neminem excusat (Latin for “ignorance of the law excuses not” and “ignorance of law excuses no one” respectively) is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because one was unaware of its

  14. An accused person can not just be transferred to a maximum prison unless there is sufficient evidence of an overt act. In the Zambian Judicial System, when the judge knows that the accused is innocent,even before trial commences, he will normally use his jurisdiction to have the accused kept in a humane environment whilst awaiting the court verdict, and if possible even bail would be granted. Therefore, in this case I think a prima facie case has already been established.

    • I guess we are here to torment or joke while knowing very well such a thing does not exist in the penal code.The push to fish for imaginary evident to justify treason to judges may backfire. No sane lawyer or layman can see conspiracy in the reception HH got in Mongu,the charge just doesn’t tie to the reception.

  15. Once you start the treason trial you cannot be put in ordinary prison. That’s even the reason his lawyers were objecting taking the case to the high court

  16. When we said HH had made a great error in bringing GBM to our midsts you simply laughed at us and said ‘izula bayangana’. Have you now seen how GBM has turned our leader into a kaponya using his Inter-City tactics ? HH and UPND wasnt like this before GBM, Judge Ngoma and William Banda came in !
    Where are the voices of Maureen Mwanawasa, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata amd Bashi Nono ? They are quiet ziiiii because they know that HH messed up.
    The State’s powers are so vast that this can even be the end of HH’s political life, mark my words !
    Bring back our Party HH

    • There is no end…..HH will emerge victorious, this is but a passing injustice.

      There is no case. Lungu will be embarrassed with what he will present as evidence.

      Remember the GBM training Lusaka youth in his gym how to use catapults, golf clubs and boxing gloves to take on the ZDFs and overthrow the government??? Expect the same.


  18. WELEEEEE! ZAMBIA 5 TONGAS NIL. We shall now see how he will leave MUKOBEKO MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON. Mumbwe aitile mpashi nokumububa shamububa. This hh was tolerated by ECL for a long time such that he thought ECL was a weak president who could take a race with to Limulunga but alas he is now riping the wages of his sins.

  19. For the sake of the dull tongas, it is not the police who have transferred this LAW BREAKER to Mukobeko but prison authorities so that they can start preparing for the eventual out come of the court process associated with TREASON SUSPECTS. Chief mukuni and company can now fill up their limousines with full tanks or better still hire pro flight to be taking them to kabwe for visitations. People like mulongoti who are already broke should just wait for the funeral.

    • Biemba look at this, the Mongu case was just a cover up, the real issue here was to demand for a petition to be heard. Here are the facts for you as pronounced by Kamyongo on April 2, 2017. Then see what followed there after….

      “PF planning to arrest HH, GBM”
      April 2, 2017 14:07

      The PF government is scheming to arrest UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his vice Geoffrey Mwamba and charge them with unbailable treason charges.

      HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has confirmed that Hichilema referred to by many as HH will be arrested for insisting that the 2016 general elections petition be heard before the courts of law.

      Kampyongo told a media briefing this morning that he will direct the police to arrest HH and any other citizen who will insist that the election…

  20. The man has learnt not to be stupid anymore but its too late. The law has to be applied fairly. There has been total peace in the country from the time he was arrested as not even his cadres have misbehaved. Umulandu mume. Let him stay there as he was asking for it for a long time ago. Enjoy your life in jail my guy. We will take care of your goats.

  21. The PF in Southern is dead because some Dundumwezis appointed in sensitive offices in choma are working against the party and secretariat and even the President are just watching.It is painful for us who suffered for this great party.They are boasting that they control the president who is their friend but meanwhile they are busy frustrating Pf.

  22. Wow! The level of malice and murderous rage in the PF is beyond comprehension! The most unfortunate thing is that they have broken, and totally collapsed every accountability system that we had. The police force have become a group of thugs serving the current dictator Lungu. The courts have been turned into a handmaid for a political party, the PF. Whoever will come into power next will have a big mess on their hands. Thank God that our people are docile, otherwise we could have already seen a serious civil war in progress!

    • Kikiki Ati civil war. Where???Zambia? You must be an outsider. We are buisy harvesting and counting how many bags we will make in the farming. Ivo Ni vanu . Atase don’t involve us in your stupid asertions.

    • Who cares about hh. He was warned but thought he had big balls. Hh, Mwaliteta and Mmembe are now very good examples……let’s c gbm insult ecl…

  23. @ shadreck biemba= I want to state that Iam not Tonga but a Zambian. First and formost HH does not represent all Tonga speaking people so it is very unfair to think that HH thinks on behalf of all Tongas. Secondly Tongas are also created in the image of God so no matter how you mock them they will never disappear from mother earth. HH is a politician like anybody else and it has nothing to do with his tribe. Dont belittle any tribe because you are not clever than God who created also the Tonga speaking people.

    • nice one bo Mwakale!!It’s one zambia one nation.Let these 2 (ECL & HH) finish each other ! by 2021,they will both be irrelevant to zambian politics.someone is busy planning a major takeover come 2021.they wont know what will hit them.Both are losing sight of what it means to be leaders!!no maturity from both of them whatsoever!!2 big headed males with very high egos and self esteem cannot see that this is wrong morally,politically and personally!!

  24. To me the case is tilted more than 60% in favor of HH and the court is likely to discharged him .

    A crime being = Mens Rea (Intention) + Actus Reas (Blameworth deed) – Defence
    will raise the following issues:

    Did something happen in Mongu? State says yes, HH says no.

    IF state proves beyond doubt the happening of a thing, team HH will have no option but to produce a defense as to why it happened: e.g. the police did not line the route as per rule book (rule book produced); or there were too many people walking the roadside and so HH didn’t manage to pull off in time, etc.

    Intention: State will show that the act was deliberate by attaching intention. Intention is to be found in the statements made at a public meeting just prior to the act where HH and others are said to have…

    • @ Chalo Nkhanza
      Unfortunately that’s you opinion bwana but here we are taking facts and the law. Remember whatever the verdict in this case will be, it will be precedence and if UPND have not thought about this, the better start thinking twice, HH called committed this treason knowingly and with impunity and has himself to blame. President Lungu didn’t draw up this law and those insulting him are wasting their time. Look at what is happening to former US FBI Comey and President Trump, LAW IS LAW, period.

  25. Insults and counter insults. A competition for using intelligence to think anft come with the the most vulgar insults. Is this helping mother Zambia? Is this pulling UPND down. Is this changing the direction of anything?
    I see people who get grt pleasure by insults, then they feel peaceful.. but help no one nor the situation….

  26. Mr. Kudos and Munone, please know that you did not create yourselves and that you have no control over life; its God given and temporal on earth. Whether it pleases you or not,like or not all of us will die as God already made it known. So, for you to rejoice over HH troubles is indeed tempering with the creator’s special ones ( prisoners, the sick, the hungry etc) “what so ever you do to the least of my brother thus you do unto me” so says the author of life. You may mask yourself but He who created you is able to see what you do even under human cover. It is absolutely unwise for you to mock and indirectly fight the creator. Repent while you still have time and pray for the Authorities to look unto God for wisdom, as they occupy positions of power.

  27. The Lord is faithful, i urge all the UPND and friends of President HH to stand united, this is a passing phase and i say the same to Comrade Fred and The Post, you shall be great. This is a time of preparation towards a great nation. This is our opportunity to learn more, listen more and never to revenge when the Lord brings you to front. Don’t give, stay stronger. Zambia shall be saved and become the best

  28. Before HH took over upnd southern province had MPs from other parties. That’s how united we’re.

  29. Let the law take its course, this chap asked for it. The law is not supposed to select and this HH is not special when it comes to the law. He should go and ask Shamwana then he will understand. Before the elections he boasted that he will make this country unmanageable when he loses the elections, and for sure he started doing that, but the law being the law it is, it caught up with him…now lets go and deal with this so called MAU MAU grouping….we shall get them like inshonkonono and put them in the same arrangement ba kwindi……

  30. Any objective and sane person will note how the state is scrapping the bottom of a barrel to try and construct a form of treason charge. No lawyer worth their salt should agree to prosecute this sham of a so-called treason case. This is all about an insecure paranoid clueless dictator trying to ‘fix’ and break an opponent. A preoccupation with self-preservation and aggrandisement at the expense of dealing with real issues that the country faces. What a waste of time and an atrocious devaluation of the tenets of democracy, justice and civilisation by the only ‘GREAT’ and ‘DEAR’ leader of the Republic of Zamunda, EC

  31. Before HH took over upnd southern province had MPs from other parties. That’s how united we’re.

  32. Do not generalise that you are fighting for the nation, if you were fighting for the nation you would have been obeying the laws of the land and stopped your thugery behaviour of wanting to see Zambia loose it’s long attained peace because of your selfish motives. You are fighting for your selfish ambitions to make a name that you have gotten into State house, the first Tonga. Stop laying that you want save Zambia, from what? You are failing to pay your farm workers how do you save a nation. Africa twasebana.

  33. @ Chalo Nkwanza. The Motorcade Charge was dropped by the State thru a Nolle. Can the State reinstate this Charge which is not in the Committal Certificate? Surely its only the Charges in the Certificate which which the Trial will deal with. The real objective of Jailing HH is to kill him politically so that the 2016 Election Petition dies away and HH does not participate in the 2021 Elections. We still have years to go and a lot can change between now and 2021. The biggest casualty to this Dispute in the Economy and the People. The Zambian Economy without any external financing will collapse. The HH Treason Trial has killed the IMF Loan,Loans and Grants from the West. Just like Zimbabwe under Mugabe the Zambian Economy under illegitimate Lungu will collapse under illegitimate Lungu’s…

    • Your thoughts are rubbish. The government is fighting the whole marson cartel linked to our natural resources through HH.

    • He thought he was also a president because he is rich. Mambala has been put where he wanted. He prayed for rains…let him walk in the mud. St.upid tonga.plz we are not all tongas and ecl deserves respect.

  34. This is good lesson even to those who like barking without giving it a thought. Wealth cannot protect any one! I wish even Fat Albert was also incarcerated so that he can even reduce weight. If it was in Kaunda time everything would have been in past tense. A lot of people are abusing democracy! Democracy is NOT lawlessness!!

    • Have shame and also realise that its every zambians right to have freedom of speech and that the voiceless need people to talk or air their views on there behalf not everyone is a coward like you and would lick lungu,s and his goons behinds ,we are where we are because most of our kind fail to question authority and give too much power to people we entrust to run our countrys affairs on our behalf forgetting that they are our servants.

  35. Lungu amwelopo na jameson little does he realise that even in silence the oppressed have a way of turning the tables what happened to the spirit of ubuntu and coexistence lungu must come out in the open and state weather he is democrate or dictator /christian or sadist.
    Every dog has its day and God will always look out for his own.

    • My brother, its so sad to read some of the comments being made and to note that Zambians can rejoice in injustice and the deliberate unlawful treatment of a citizen using the systems that are supposed to deliver justice on a fellow citizen.

  36. In apartheid south africa the white man confined the blacks to squatter camps little did he know that in those same shacks where black people lived in deplorable conditions the avarage family size would grow to between 8 to 10 people and when the tables turned the black vote was 80% lungu might punish HH now but God has his ways.

  37. Too bad. I do not support lawlessness and extremism I am worried with the cost implication of flying the suspects to mukobeko.That money could have been used for other pressing issues like medicines in our clinics and hospitals.Cost-cutting measures should be seeing done by government organs in the country(Zambia) otherwise the stead increment of electricity and fuel is a total mockery to consumers. Govt has even money to fly Suspects to kabwe?? May God strengthen HH,his co-accused persons and their respective families in this trying moments though i personally do not agree with their confrontational politics.

  38. PF cadres wait when Mr Treason arrest one of your family memebers then u will know how evil the man is who is in state house celebrate today for hh being in jail.

    He might die before 2021 you Mr Treason president don’t mess with a son of tonga’s ask the family of Late sata today .

  39. 3.1 wrong Richard Sakala was not a political prisoner. He was accused of stealing a printer from state house…. Mmembe was the chief accuser

  40. There is nothing wrong with being moved to Mukobeko, remember that when KK was charged, he was also transferred to Mukobeko, so this is not New

  41. The high court’s should set the trial date within 30 days after committal from magistrate, the question to HH lawyers does this excludes weekends????

  42. Here we are taking facts and the law. Remember whatever the verdict in this case will be, it will be precedence and if UPND have not thought about this, the better start thinking twice, HH called committed this treason knowingly and with impunity and has himself to blame. President Lungu didn’t draw up this law and those insulting him are wasting their time. Look at what is happening to former US FBI Comey and President Trump, LAW IS LAW, period.

  43. He hh is a sacker and deserves such , am sure he lice will feast on his blood tonight .
    Bravo pf

  44. The two most useless parties in Zambia remain PF and UPND. But the truth is that HH is innocent, balemushupa fye

  45. Esther will face the worst experience when his husband will be stripped of his immunity and charged for abuse of office enriching himself through kick backs,money laundering in a space of one year in office.If chiluba’s properties were forfeited back to the state and Zuma in R.S.A refunded the money to the government just think.Pf are fighting a wrong person.may be it wont be H.H to incacerrate those who have amassed wealth dubiously in the Pf Govt. God is able to appoint an unknown leader to excute the mandate on behalf of Zambians.. Who thought Late LPM could bounce back after resigning from govt and prosecute the very person who choose him to take over the leadership.Lesa ni malyotola.Fili uko tuleya.

  46. Zambia – Cry my Beloved Country!
    Injustice breeds Injustice. What goes round, always comes around. Rungu’s end will be very sad.

  47. Thanx hh is now safe from those vultures claiming to be friends of the part and HH. People like mumba ,saviour chishimba, musenge, GBM, milupi are the real danger to HH . this guys cannot find political stamina on their own but want to ride on HH popularity. They can harm hh through their gate crushing at prison and cry the loudest with their filters on the state and eco knowing that every one will blame lungu if anything happen to president HH god forbids. After which they will position themselves as good people and an noted by HH. ECL is under pressure to make sure HH is sake and come out of prison in one piece hence the restriction on visitors. One wonders why is it that when this gate crushers visit hh in prison they always carry journalist and a ready statement. Now that HH is…

  48. People of this great nation “Zambia ” please STOP the hate it ll not take us anywhere…throughout history
    we have seen that no divided people’s have achieved anything meaningful and the same ll be true for our country. Currently
    we need a?l the brains we can get in order to fix our many great challenges…lets spread love to one another.

  49. its always to write comments using facts and what the laws states in the Act. no wonder when some people say Zambians no matter level of education they attained lack the knowledge to read and research because always believing what is written in the media. HH`s case is he courts of law and no one has the answer now. don’t use emotions, tribal and lack of knowledge to comment insults but spend time to consult and research before you comment brothers and sisters. Remember law is law. if you are wrong it will follow you whether upnd or pf or others. please be profession in your comments. read ?????????????????????????????????

  50. lets learn to research before we comment anything because we are misleading people. Zambian must take time think and advise others without any tribal or political affiliations. HH needs a lot of correct advise to come out of this situation. don’t give him fake advise because you want legal fees to go up or a political job. help now to think and come back to his sense. Be fair to him he could have made a mistake ask him to apologise to move on in life.

  51. To be honest you might blame HH insult him at the end of the day we are all affected in one way or the other. Ok they have transferred him to Kabwe 9th June his trial is on 12th June, are they going to fly him back to Lusaka for trial on 12th. Who is pay the cost HH, Lungu or is it you and your Children. It’s you tax payers money. The only return you are benefit is insulting HH that’s how you are using your tax you have paid to your government. Look at the big picture and think like grownup. It’s not sin to be Zambian we can change our country and make things right.

  52. Dawn is the darkest hour,this seems to be victory for the p.f which I strongly believe won’t last,the guy is under intense training. Upnd be strong I can see light at the end of the table.

  53. It’s wrong to assume that the state has been delaying the case by trying to scrounge for evidence. On the contrary it’s the defense that that has prolonging the case by preliminaries. The state so far hasn’t presented anything in court. Let’s just wait and see.

  54. Serious adjustments in personality required. HH will benefit from wisdom. No one is above the law because of dollars.

  55. Please I beg of you have mercy, may the Lord speak to you by forgiving mr HH please I know you have a good heart and I believe you are not a bad person, please our father Edgar forgive us and let their be peace, God has blessed us with such peace over the years and let the peace still be their, forgive him please

Comments are closed.

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