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Zambia make bad start on the road to Cameroon


Zambia made the worst possible start in their 2019 AFCON qualifiers after losing 1-0 at home to Mozambique at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.

Stanley Ratifo secured the all-important 3 points for Mozambique in a game of two halves at Levy Mwanawasa.

But it was Zambia who made a promising start with striker Fwayo Tembo sending his 24th minute narrowly before Mozambique goalkeeper Victor parried is 38th minute free kick.

The post then conspired against Kondwani Mtonga in the 56th minute and his Zesco United club mate Dave Daka shot on the rebound hit the side netting.

The tide turned in the second half and Mozambique led by captain Elias Pelembe who pressured the hosts and Zambia defender Stopilla Sunzu went into overtime mode.

Sunzu cleared Teliho’s shot in the 82nd minute before intercepting Pelembe’s shot in the 86th minute.

But Ratifo pounced on the near post when he poked in a Telinho’s cross to stun Zambia and collect the three points to hand the hosts their first home loss in an opening Africa Cup qualifying match since 2001 when Madagascar won 2-1 at Independence Stadium in Lusaka


  1. This result is unacceptable. If, as a nation, we were serious with football, Wedson Nyirenda was going to be sacked and the team disbanded today. It is annoying that FAZ has neglected the senior team and concentrated only on the U20 team. I have no option but to conclude that Wedson Nyirenda is not the right man for the job, he is only trying his luck. Why did he not include some u20 strikers, such as Fashion Sakala, who are on fire at the minute?

    Yours VERY ANGRY Tenze

    • When we said the success of u20 should be credited to kalu’s executive you called us names. Now do you still blame kali imwe baswine? Kamanga will even finish our u20 which kalu natured.

    • What was Dave Daka doing in the important match?
      Yes we said use the Under 20, except goalkeeper use Nsabata.
      Mweene awe sure even Mozambique?

  2. Tamumfwa!When he was appointed a coach we advised you but you were busy insulting like rabid pf cadres chasing a UPND cadre.Zambia will not qualify for the AFCON and World cup with this kind of display.Nigeria came here and collected full points.Now Mozambique?Find the right coach FAZ!

  3. Wada has been on experiments by calling people like Sakuwaha,Lwipa to.mention a few. Yesterday I questioned why he called Mbesuma who has been out due to injury and only came a few weeks before the end of S.A. league.
    The u20 for those calling for the including of some players were fatigued. They need rest and maturity. Let’s allow them grow thru the process. Cutting the process is destroying the team

  4. Lost for words! I had a feeling even before the game started that the seniors wouldn’t hesitate to ruin the soccer euphoria we’ve been enjoying these past few weeks/months.

  5. Let the young under 20 boys play all games . They are lovely to watch and even if they lose we will live on hope of making them a better.

  6. The result of criticism as opposed to being critique is often what we see with what Zambia is going through today. Were the following mentors too bad for Zambia: Herve Renard, Patrice B, George L etc….? When Nyirenda was ushered in everyone ululated maybe even myself , but was the ululation indicative of better things to come? Well I just can’t answer that yet. Maybe Zambia was too early to judge his predecessors. All of them today can boost of having left a better Chipolopolo. You are hearing me well.Better Chipolopolo than Nyirenda’s lads who today lost Mozambique for the first time in the history of football. I am ashamed of that result. However, instead of hurling stones to Nyirenda let us learn what to do best in the next encounter. Living out some of the old foxes is one of the…

    • I didn’t ululate. I knew Nyorenda was a ninth choice who has no experience and no stripes of achievement in soccer. Right now I’m expecting the worst performance by Zambia in Afcon or world cup. That’s when we will wake up and start firing people. But it will be too late to repair the damage.

  7. Going back to the drawing board again as usual.
    The players let down Wada and he let himself down by poor selection especially upfront.
    Like it not it’s time the young sharp strikers are introduced to the team as they are still hungry.U hav young Gabriel Jesus playing for the Main Team in Brazil and yet you say our boys still need time to mature?Paston, Fashion and Mwepu definitely can make a difference if introduced to the squad.
    Wada it’s time u made BOLD decisions if u r to make a difference.
    All the very best to you

  8. My observations were that we did not have a game plan for that match and despite Mbesuma being good, we did not utilise him. We needed through balls/passes in the midfield which balls/passes would easily be reaching Mbesuma in the 18 area. That is where he is good at. The high balls did us no good. Even then, Mbesuma should still not have been removed.

  9. i have been watching South Africa wallop Nigeria 2-0

    Why cant all soccer fans boycott watching the Northern Rhodesia National Team. Mbesuma cant even control the ball. did Nyirenda have a training session or just picked the tired legs? let the old Mandalas play in an empty stadium. as president of Zimbabwe am very annoyed

  10. Wedson Nyirenda is a useless Zambian coach ever!!today i expected Zambia to lose.that coach is there to enjoy flights and hotels.last saturday he went to Gabon with local players whom he knew he wont use in today’s game.so what was the point of going to Gabon?the players who played today looked as if they have never trained in 3 or 4 months!!there was no cordination,no system,nothing.Mozambique was by far the best team!!LET BAFANA BAFANA HUMMER WADA’S USELESS TEAM IN SA ON TUESDAY!!i cant waste my money to go and watch Nyirenda’s useless team in my life!!

  11. Zambians swallow your pride and hire an expatriate coach.South Africa just re engaged Stewart Baxter and the result is there to show.Beating Nigeria at their home turf.
    If FAZ decides to keep Nyirenda ,just know that history is in the making for Zambia to miss 2 consecutive AFCON tournaments. Its not too late to change the technical bench.

    • Zambia has never one any continental tournament on home soil on home soil.I happened under Kamangas Time….U20 Afcon…And then some dull chap will say its due to Dull Edgar Lungu and Kalusha Bwalya…nonsense

  12. For me I cry the team selection! There are guys who are doing very well in their clubs and are left out. Players like Mbewe, is it Ernest and Saith Sakala in Zanaco? The boys can run very well, actually they are the boys who have helped Zanaco but you start with people like Mbesuma who has not played half of the season in premiership. Why? When we cry for foreign coaches, its not that we don’t trust our local coaches but the need for results is what makes people cry for foreign coaches and I make no apology for this but I have observed that Zambian players do not perform well with local coaches. Period. And if you leave this situation the way it is? You are going no where even 2019 unless something drastic happens. Nyirenda should coach the under 17 as a building coach.Period

  13. At least I was not hate because the results were expected, a team full of grand fathers plus that coach trying to hustle with no muscle, so feeble, tactless players. Mbesuma was sweating during the home-up like a pig. Disband that team before they ruin the glory and the credit brought by the under 20 players that the World started recognising in football circles.Some of them are fit to start breast feeding.We need a Herve Reinhard again.
    The under 20 players watched the game in pain and shame to see their so called seniors playing senseless football.Education is important, most of the under 20 players have had a decent education compared to those grade 2 failures like kalaba, mbesuma ,fwayo they can never play that fast,accurate football that requires a high IQ.

  14. Chiefs Mukuni, Hamusonde and UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya have been blocked from visiting UPND President Hakainde Hichilema who is incarcerated at Mukobeko maximum prison.

    According to the UPND media team, Police informed the royal Highnesses and UPND Veep that there were fresh instructions ordering that they should not visit Hichilema.

    The royal highnesses and Mwamba later left Mukobeko maximum prison gates without seeing Hichilema who was yesterday moved from Lusaka Central Prison in unexplained circumstances.

    The UPND leader has revealed that he and his co-accused were brutalised in the process of being transferred.

    Meanwhile, Hichilema’s wife Mutinta has complained of harassment by police whenever she takes food to her husband.

  15. Guys guys chill for a moment. If the team had won yesterday in the manner the Mambas won it…..winning in the 89th minute , you wouldn’t have been calling coach Wada Wada names so soon and so quick. Yes it’s a game we Zambia was expected to win nut football is football as we know it. You switch off one time and the opponent will not give you a chance to react before they score. Let us rally behind him and help him draft a majority of the under 20 team players into the senior team once they are back from holiday. Mind you those of you who have been calling for the likes of Fashion Sakala to be included in the team that lost to Mozambique is ill conceived. The U20 are on holiday now after a gruesome but satisfying and rewarding U20 World Cup in South Korea. So let’s all be behind Wada…

  16. Clearly Wedson is a use.less coach. Just look at the Northern Rhodesia players he is using. He is basically using guess work. I have not bern a supporter of hiring expatriate coaches but this time Zambia needs an Expatriate Coach full stop. This wada wada ***** will cost Zambia with his trial and error

  17. You are telling me coach for Zambia national team is Wedson. The chap is not even fit to coach Chilanga United and you give him the national team!!

  18. You give the job of national team coach to Nyirenda based on tribe. Tribe won’t get you winning results. So eat that losing football menu full of toilet mbeva from your kumava wako ni wako coach

  19. This is what happens when national team selection is based on 3 criteria:

    1. Tribe (kumava)
    2. Political party (PF cadre)
    3. Must have grown up chasing/eating toilet mice

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