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Zamtel remits K10.7 million tax to ZRA


ZAMTEL Acting CEO Sydney Mupeta delivering his remarks during the launch of ZAMTEL Kwacha
ZAMTEL Acting CEO Sydney Mupeta delivering his remarks during the launch of ZAMTEL Kwacha

Zamtel says it has settled part of its tax commitment with the Zambia Revenue Authority totalling K10.7 million.

Announcing the development, Zamtel Acting Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta, said: “Zamtel remains committed to settling all its outstanding statutory and other obligations within the shortest possible time.”

“We therefore wish to take this opportunity to recognise the wonderful and unwavering support we have continued to receive from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) our shareholder, the Government through the line Ministry, the Ministry of Transport and Communications as well as the Ministry of Finance,” Mr Mupeta said in a statement.

“It is because of this support we have found the positive energy that is fuelling this growth phenomenon that is driving us to the wanted position,” he said.

Mr Mupeta added, “Thank you once again and let us move together as we aggressively pursue the 2 Millionth Customer before end of 2017.”

“To further appreciate our customers and heed their clarion call for an end to prohibitive calling rates across networks, we have turned the popular All Network Promotion into a Permanent Tariff. This promotion, in addition to the great effort and dedication from our employees led to the unprecedented growth in the number of customers and traffic volume-over 1.8 million customers achieved over a very short space of time.”

Mr Mupeta said, “For us, the All Networks tariff is a launch pad which will take us to the envisioned position of being the leading telecommunications provider of choice.”


    • Other players dont announce their payments. They just pay. And why did ZRA not move in like they did for the Post newspaper?

    • I thought you said that ZAMBIA will burn if HH is arrested,now you’re saying if he is killed……UPND supporters have no testicular fortitude.Cowards who waited for Maimane to show them how it’s done.

    • This is news from the perspective that NO one from ZRA, DEC or ZP hounded ZAMTEL for non-payment of taxes.

      Compare this with what happened to the Post. Text book selective and treasonable abuse of the so called law by Vodiga Rungu and minions.

      Days are numbered.

      The trumpeting is out of the ordinary. I guess Zesco settles its tax obligations rather silently. Should Mmembe be justified that Zamtel hasn’t been remitting taxes too ? Whatever you are doing, you are being a little overzealous. Kindly work silently and Auditor General’s report is the only credible report on your performance, sorry.

    • There is some Bias by ZRA, why allow Zamtel to pay by terms? yet they are closing other companies for less cash they owe ZRA including Post Newspaper as per the claims. This is all politics and incompetence by ZRA. What the hell are you telling us that you have paid?? what makes news on this as its your liability to pay..

  1. Zamtel, is this all you can pay with a customer base of 1.8m. This translates into on average each client only contributing k5.45 to ZRA. Are your clients that poor or the 1.8m is fictitious?

  2. Well, this is smoke Screen after draining money from the Government coffers since the take over from LapGreen, can you also take us how much this company was paying to Government after the take over and how much you have been draining from Government so that we can quantify this 10 million properly

  3. Meanwhile, we need to disband the senior national team. And then call for trials with the head coach appointed not amasobelo ayatumona.

  4. Kenya’s Safaricom is making profits of US$385 million per year and this is all that Zamtel can generate?

  5. Chiefs Mukuni, Hamusonde and UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya have been blocked from visiting UPND President Hakainde Hichilema who is incarcerated at Mukobeko maximum prison.

    According to the UPND media team, Police informed the royal Highnesses and UPND Veep that there were fresh instructions ordering that they should not visit Hichilema.

    The royal highnesses and Mwamba later left Mukobeko maximum prison gates without seeing Hichilema who was yesterday moved from Lusaka Central Prison in unexplained circumstances.

    The UPND leader has revealed that he and his co-accused were brutalised in the process of being transferred.

    Meanwhile, Hichilema’s wife Mutinta has complained of harassment by police whenever she takes food to her husband.

  6. From years of racking up losses, unable to pay their obligations to turning profitable and paying their debts….. It’s a good day for zamtel and government. Well done.

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