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Kamanga threatens to act after Zambia loss


FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has threatened that Football House will take unspecified corrective measures aimed improving Chipolopolo’s dwindling performance.

Zambia on Saturday launched the 2019 Africa Cup qualifying campaign with a 1-0 loss to visiting Mozambique at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

The visibly upset Kamanga described the loss to the Mambas as very bad.

“It is a very bad result so we are not happy as FAZ. We didn’t expect this bad start to the campaign,” Kamanga said.

“We will take corrective measures. If necessary make some changes to the team,” he said without specifying the planned changes.

Zambia missed out on qualifying for the 2017 Africa Cup in Gabon.

“You can’t be dropping points at home if you are going to have the ambitions of going to the Africa Cup,” Kamanga said.

Coach Wedson Nyirenda’s side is bottom of Group K following Guinea Bissau’s 1-0 win over Namibia.


  1. Bachililalila! You’re always crying about Kalusha’s fame overshadowing you. Today you want to threaten people. Its your poor, uninspiring leadership that is at stake here. Its the Minister of Sports who is supposed to be threatening you. Don’t be clever and try to run away from this and blame it on others when you’re the problem.

    • Let Nyerenda form a club from his team. Zambia should be represented by Under 20 team, Beston keeps job as coach.

    • Ba Lombe you are obviously very low. You do not know how management works. Kamanga is FAZ President – there is no FAZ Minister. How a poor coaching bench is Kamanga’s problem – not the Minister’s.

  2. Gigo…garbage in garbage out. You appoint a rubbish coach you get rubbish results. You’re a nation of losers, devoid of heroes, devoid of truth, a dystopia. You celebrate mediocrity, because you’re allergic to success…you annihilate successful men so the heap of the rubbish and trash are now heroes

    • Quicksilver had a team of very good players. His failure to beat 10-man Italy exposed his shortcomings. In fact, throughout the tournament, Zambia only survived through the striking force.

  3. The team lacked passion. Why are still bring back dead wood! We deserve the loss. Fire Wada and get rid of the front line. Having said all we are still on track. The work is just harder but impossible..

  4. The team lacked passion. Why are we still bringing back dead wood! We deserve the loss. Fire Wada and get rid of the front line. Having said all we are still on track. The work is just harder but not impossible..

  5. Government threatens, Police Chiefs threatens, and now FAZ House threatens. Why not just act and make progress?

  6. I don’t know much about Kamanga but he seems to be a chap ruled by his emotions. He needs to reduce his estrogen levels and grow a pair.

  7. The problem with our national team is not easy, lather it’s the crop of bad players which we have. we need to get rid of the goal keepers, midfielders and forwards. And then bring in under 20 goal keeper, midfield and forward line,then we will perform better. what a contrast the game the under 20 plays and this crap of the team. Firstly, they lost the opening World Cup qualifier to Nigeria at home and now they have lost the first Africa cup qualifier to minors Mozambique. the team we have mate 20 times, beaten 17 times, draw 2 times. what a shame. Friends even if you bring chambeshi, mourinho, zidane, pep or any other best
    coach these plangazi can’t perfom.

  8. Nyirenda’s stay was necessitated by Edgar Chagwa. Kamanga was in the process of hiring an expatriate until Chagwa intervened. For me the selection criteria of Wada has been a great challenge. Imagine bring back the defunct Sakuwaha n Lwipa in the name of giving everyone a chance.
    Secondly, wen u loose a game at a stadium change the venue. This is not mystic but psychological Levy Stadium is not a slaughter house. We lost there 2 Nigeria, Zimbabwe n now Mambas. Just fire Wada n hire something else

    • So to you Gordon would have done a better Job because that who they were thinking of. Gordon was fired half way through the season and highlands park eventually relegated. Kamanga does not have the juice to Hire an expertriate coach because hes a nobody. Dont bring the president into this.

  9. I saw it coming when players who had reached their ”Sell by date” were selected at the expense of young and promising players. You reap what you sow and we should not shed tears on this loss. Players who can not even run or crawl are selected in our national team. PLEASE LET THOSE PLAYERS TAKE A REST coz they are completely finished.

  10. The Under-20s are hard at improving our record while the Senior squad is busy dismantling it. What a shame!

  11. My concern is why are players who can run and are in form the likes of Saith Sakala, Ernest Mbewe from Zanaco, there is another player playing for some Club in USA very good midfielder. All these players are not considered. Why? How do you bring in Mbesuma who has not feature for his club for almost half a season? The coach is still experimenting. You do not rebuild at senior level, its about selection and motivation of players who wants to play.

  12. I was watching with my wife, I even told her that Zambia will lose this game I can’t see them scoring a goal, no player was in the form to even shoot at goal, no player at all was read to shoot. In 18 area you mean no player is ready to shot? What were they told on how to score? What training is there for them to score? What system was employed in that game? How were they to assist one another in case the lose the ball. No one was running frantically to recover. I could see the writing on the wall! Zambian players don’t want to work hard. Look at Guinea Bissau the same players who played for Africa Cup three times in a roll are the same players who are running right now. Why? Players in Zambia ask yourselves, the same players for the Ghana are the same players play right now. why?

  13. To people in the stubborn habit of always bringing up Kalu vs Andrew, please let’s move on. Kalu is not the 1st FAZ Presido nor is Andrew the last. Life is all about change without which there would be no growth. Kalu was our greatest player at his pick, but time came for him to transition into our coach (and I believe he did well). Time also came for him to transition into FAZ presido and he brought us the Africa cup. Let’s allow him to transition into something else and I strongly believe he will always have a role to play in Zambian football not necessarily as FAZ president! Epo mpelele!

  14. Chambeshi will NOT bring any meaningful improvements to our game as he too is not such a good coach. Honestly, the under 20 team progressed on the basis of a strong frontline but the team as a whole lacked tactical discipline. There was no coordinated defensive cohesion, hence the team conceded goals in ALL their games. The team failed to maintain comfortable leads such as in the game against Germany, and also did the same against a 10 man Italian team. Lets not cheat ourselves that we have good local coaches, NOOOOOO. We need proper coaches with good tactical knowledge of the game.
    Bane, Kalusha’s time is OVER, and lets move on.

  15. Dear Zambian soccer fans. Please do not be cheated we need expatriate coaches. Soccer is big business – if you do not have the money do it, do not even attempt to go into it. Look at the U20 World Cup – we had the best Zambia has ever assembled. Chambeshi was good – but reached a point where he did not know what to do next. He became clueless apart from juggling with formations. The tactics weaned down. Every game was the same regardless of the goal line. He needs to learn the ropes under a seasoned expatriate coach before we lose talent. Find money and hire a coach or close shop so that we do not kill the spirit of the U20. If I may ask what tactic was employed by Nyirenda with a blunt shooter upfront and disorganized midfielders. My suggestion is get the defenders and bring in the…

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  17. Please remove the team and replace it with a revelation of a team – The U20. This is obvious! We all stand to be laughed at by the international community and by Africa at large. When will we learn? We always start bad and then start relying on permutations. Please replace the team with the new team. You will need no extra permutations because the team is already there.

  18. Then suddenly everyone was a coach! We could do this in two ways send Beston on a refresher course together with Wada and then let them select a team the tired legs can go the passion can come back in droves and we can go places…..lets mix the players up a bit nurture those not yet quiet ready to fusion and then move on the youngers ones can play at U23 and come in once in while..we still have the likes of chisamba lungu, lufeyo and sunzu we can save but they need a back up from Mwepu, fashion and patson, chiluya can also be in contention….

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