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A.C.C arrests Dr.Brian Chituwo

Headlines A.C.C arrests Dr.Brian Chituwo

Mumbwa MP Dr Brian Chituwo with chipata General Hospital acting medical superintendent Dr Mbinga Mbinga during the tour of the parliamentary committee on health at the institution
Mumbwa MP Dr Brian Chituwo with chipata General Hospital acting medical superintendent Dr Mbinga Mbinga during the tour of the parliamentary committee on health at the institution

The Anti- Corruption Commission has arrested former Mumbwa Central Member of Parliament Dr. Brian Chituwo for corrupt practices involving declaration of interest.

Dr Chituwo 70, was arrested and charged with one count of conflict of interest contrary to Section 28(2) as read with Section 41 of the Anti- Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

Details of the offence are that on dates unknown but between 1st January, 2012 and 31st December, 2014 in Mumbwa District of Central Province; Zambia Dr Chituwo attended a Council meeting, and participated in the proceedings to fund Blue Sky FM Limited, a private company in which he was director and shareholder without declaring interest in writing.

Dr Chituwo has since been released on bond as is scheduled to appear in Court on Friday 16th June, 2017.


  1. It seems in Zambia you can be arrested for anything. I doubt people “without” colour are subjected to such stringent conditions when they conduct business in Zambia

    • He is over 70. What is the point of charging such people regardless of any crime they committed ?

      Let him go.



    • “…on dates unknown but between 1st January, 2012 and 31st December, 2014 in Mumbwa District of Central Province.” A.C.C. are like a dysfunctional mechanical wall-clock. It ticks, dick.. dock..dick..dock and stops. It’s now 2017. The A.C.C. clock still reads 2012, long after the statute of limitation has expired on that particular crime. What a waste of scarce resources!

    • “…on dates unknown but between…..” a favourite of arm of govt which arrests people for anything!

  2. Lungu can have anyone arrested as long as they do not belong to PF… Arrest Bishop Mpundu if you have the guts, Mr President…. or ban the catholics….
    You cant…..
    You are capable of arresting small people only …. what a shame

    • So Lungu and his Bemba tribal cartel want to prove that other Zambians are thieves, too! Pathetic! They stole $9.2 billion over 5 years and have nothing to show for it but none of their gang has been arrested.

  3. where was ACC from 2012 to come and arrest him now? Dr. Chituwo is one of those senior citizens who came out recently to condemn what is currently obtaining. Sometimes i feel even as heads of these institutions need to feel ashamed to carry out some orders. Look at the behavior of ZNBC, Daily Mail, Times, Zambia Police, & now ACC / DEC. The once credible institutions are now such a shame and i wonder how the heads of these institutions still manage to move with their heads up in public. I for one would have resigned

    • They are waiting for a negative comment from him. All these are points of blackmail, buying people’s silence so that they cannot be persecuted.

  4. amandapalmer and your colleagues you seem to criticise everything, even what makes sense. What sort of a country will this be if we were all allowed to do anything right or wrong? What is going on in our country?

    • Exactly the country Zambia has come to be. Check the achieves and see what Mumbi, Bwalya, Nkamba, Amos Chanda, A. Zulu and the list goes on have proposed or said or done. Have they been arrested ? No they are free as the eagle, due to have correct surnames.

  5. Irrirating , you are irritating because you support Lungu and his cohorts….
    Do you want me to tell you the architect of maizegate scandal? Ask Kennedy Kamba a scapegoat of Kaizer Zulu…. Ask sturdy Mwale , Mulozo sichone…. Iweeeeee …. you don’t know anything……
    Tonnes of maize is transported by these E…..’s cohorts….
    Talala mwaiche

  6. Ndionko… Are you aware that Chanda Kabwe(PS – Central Province) has gone abroad to negotiate for inputs for 2017-2018 farming season sent by mukulupe? why not sent PS of Agriculture? Mwaiche , irritating , we are seeing things corruptly done……………….
    Cry Zambia our beloved country

  7. This sounds more or less like a fairy tale: “on dates unknown but between 1st January, 2012 and 31st December, 2014 in Mumbwa District of Central Province…,” one of those “once upon a time stories”, imaginative grandmother would tell us after supper and before retiring for the night. I can see, it’s about dusk all over Zambia. The sun is setting.

  8. Brig Gen Chituwo (Dr) is an honourable ex service man who has served this nation with honour and dignity. This is pointless, declaration of interest over what?????? Where is Kambwili????? Why didn’t the ACC arrest GBM and HH over their past corrupt actions???? Nonsense..Kapyongo this is unbecoming behaviour and unfair practice.

  9. Everyone is now wondering, cases committed in 2012 are coming up now. kikikiki. These anti whatever are interesting. We have wrongs being committed everywhere, e.g manda hill traffic lights police busy doing their thing everyday from motorists, walk in their offices no record of any kind, maybe they will be arrested in 2030. cry mother Zambia cry, and when we say HH can fix this you think we are joking, bwafya nomba

    • So every offense in Zambia is criminal and none civil? How do you define a criminal offense? What makes this a criminal offense?

  10. Comment:
    In UK a 92 year old man was only a few days ago reported to have been arrested for sex crimes.

  11. if you see some one like Saviour chishimba making accusations left right and centre without being arrested himself, just know he is clean……anyone who exposes anything about the corruption ravaging Zambia has cases thrown at them…if you see them silent like kambwili just know lungu is ready to squeeze him should he open his mouth

  12. The only interesting thing about the charge are the words “in writing” because this might imply the man actually made a declaration orally at the meeting. Does this mean failure to put it in writing makes it a crime… I think ACC is fishing here and trying to bring a good man down when our society right now needs them to seriously check on the plunder happening in our country especially in public procurement or amongst the active politicians. Our society unfortunately has become intolerant against criticism which is a shame.

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