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Monze Catholic Bishop tells Radio Station managers to be inclusive


Bishop Moses Hamungole of Monze Diocese
Bishop Moses Hamungole of Monze Diocese

Bishop of Monze Diocese and Episcopal Chairperson of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB)’s Communication ministry Moses Hamungole has urged Catholic Radio stations to be inclusive in their programming by giving a platform to even non-Catholics as this would bring about communion in the body Christ.

Bishop Hamungole was speaking recently during a 4-day training programme on Online Journalism and grant proposal writing skills for Diocesan Communications Secretaries and Catholic Radio station managers held at Kasisi Retreat Centre on the outskirts of the capital, Lusaka.

Bishop Hamungole also encouraged Catholic Radio stations to continue producing not only religious programmes but also material that touch on all aspects of human life.

“It is also important that you do not segregate between our Church members and non-Catholics, this is a greater way of promoting communion in the body of Christ,” he said.

Bishop Hamungole noted that there are few media houses run by the Catholic Church in the country and therefore appealed to them to put to good use grants received from various partners and funders.

The Bishop of Monze further cautioned Catholic Radio stations not to sway from the mandate of the Church as they continue to receive professional media awards.

He noted that it’s easy to deviate from the mission of the Church when too much praise is given.

The training was made possible by Pontifical Missions Societies (PMS) support through SIGNIS application projects.

This is according to Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Communications Officer Mwenya Mukuka.


  1. Ask also Father Bwalya to let ZNBC air others’s view as all Zambians pay TV levy….
    Why only PF and its President…… Even Muliokela need to be heard on ZNBC

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      Dear editor


      The suspension of 48 UPND MPs from Parliament for 30 days is the final nail in the coffin of Zambia’s Democracy.
      If there is any right thinking Zambian who still had doubts about our steady descent into autocratic governance this is the evidence you were waiting for.

      After the arrest of Hakainde Hichilema I never thought our country could descend any further into autocratic rule, alas I was so naive and gullible.

      Its time to arise and defend the democracy we fought for and won in 1991.


  2. @2, true. Like I said elsewhere, the only reason why Telesphore Mpundu is still bishop of Lusaka is because they dont retire them, but they are a shame to their subordinates and to “their” flock. And also the Pontiff in Rome who has to.make do with a donkey as bishop.

  3. Don’t bring in our bishops in ur petty issues Ba PF ,our bishops are non partisan. All our bishops are equal before the Catholic flock.

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