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We have intelligence that UPND is planning to engage in illicit activities-Kampyongo

General News We have intelligence that UPND is planning to engage in illicit...

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Government says it has received intelligence reports that the 48 suspended UPND Members of Parliament are planning to engage in some illicit activities as a way of protesting.

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo told ZNBC News in an interview from Shiwang’andu district in Muchinga province that Government is aware of manoeuvres by the suspended UPND MPS to cause havoc.

Mr. Kampyongo has warned the suspended UPND MPs that they risk being arrested if they engage in any illegal activities as a way of expressing their displeasure against Parliament’s decision.

He appealed to the suspended MPs to use appropriate means of airing their concerns.

And Green Party president Peter Sikamba has asked the suspended 48 UPND Members of Parliament to resign.

Mr. Sikamba says the suspended MPs are not serious with the approach and way they are handling their grievances.

He told ZNBC News in Kitwe that it is contradictory for the MPs to swear allegiance to the speaker of the National Assembly and refuse to recognize President Edgar Lungu who appointed him.

He says the MPs must resign if they do not recognize the leadership of President Lungu instead of boycotting sittings.

The United National Independence Party -UNIP- Southern Province Chairperson Robert Mukengami has welcomed the Speaker’s action to suspend 48 UPND Members of Parliament for boycotting the Presidential address to Parliament on March 17 this year.

Captain Mukengami says the action against the erring UPND parliamentarians was long overdue.

He says Speaker Patrick Matibini should have actually disciplined the UPND MPs when they boycotted the Presidential address the first time to send a strong message that such behaviour cannot be tolerated.

Captain Mukengami has told ZNBC News in Livingstone that MPs must be reminded that they represent the people of Zambia and that partisan stances should be avoided.

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    • According to the information clause, citizens have a right to access government information. Furthermore, access to information is subject to controls imposed by the custodian (state institutions) of the information. Irrespective of the said, information collected through intelligence has to be verified so as to exclude exaggerated information and falsehoods. That said, arresting citizens or any persons within a given jurisdiction based on the possibilities or fear is deemed as persecution or explicit kidnapping undertaken by corruptible state institutions. This has become the norm in rogue states like Zambia which has been captured by a gang of villains. Leave all UPND MPs alone and stop being suggestive of crimes which do not even have a slightest possibility of happening.

  1. Remember the recording from parliament the day they absconded, the presidential speech. ” ba ka ba chite suspend pakuti ba ka sange twali chinja constitution” said PF MPs

  2. This is forcing people to recognize someone who cannot prove with evidence he won. Lungu must simply just provide evidence instead of causing all this.

    • Lungu doesn’t have to show that he won. He who accuses must prove. UPND claims Lungu did not win. They had 14 days to prove it but they wasted time with preliminary issues until the 14 days elapsed.

  3. We note that UPND even have a Professor as an MP. The UPND party can spend its resources south of Kafue River, encroach some parts of Lusaka Province, BUT NEVER allowed to export their planned genocide beyond the Luangwa Bridge into Eastern Province. Even the movements of the failed Parliamentary candidate for Sinda and his gullible supporters are being watched closely.

    Besides, we are yet to know the fate of VJ Mwaanga’s agents who generated LIES that 500,000 Malawians had been registered to vote in Eastern Province, just to create a smoke-screen as UPND were executing serious vote-rigging in Southern Province unimpeded.

  4. Kampyongo is telling lies.UPND is not thinking on those lines.Unless some one does not know Kampyongo who during the capaigns organised gangs who chased Mrs mwanawasa and friends and wanted to bring down the chopper. The place where UPND wanted to hold arally, he orgaised crooks who burnt the area. he is avery dangerous mininster of home affairs. At present let him be happy but politics being what they are we yet to see things.

  5. Sinkamba is ever intoxicated with his ideologies of chamba[CANNABIS] .Who does he think he is to advise the 48 MPs to resign. Or is it because he is not making sense in the political fraternity and he wants to gain some cheap political mirage. Look else where man.


  7. i feel UPND does not have men and women that can sit down and plan the way forward in trying to dialogue with the PF and agree on certain terms and conditions. the damage is done in the political stability of the country.. and only UPND and PF are responsible.. therefore its time that the two parties especially the UPND make a plan, a plan that requires hem to sit down and analyse which avenue to use. talking to the international community or other stake holders within Zambia seems futile, what next? seek direct dialogue.. the problem UPND is still proud but there pride is costing there President as he is suffering in the Cells now.

    • Special Intelligence Force
      What you are asking UPND to demonstrate is to put national interest before self also called to show statesmanship.That is a basic requirement or ingredient that any leader should show and it is not the same as humbleness or walking like a kampenga.Our President has been found wanting in so far as he wants to play a game of wits with HH.How can he be talking about being recognised before sitting down to dialogue?And sadly he has no shortage of praise singers urging him on while our nation stagnates.


  9. The problem with PF is that anyone who comes with a different view from theirs is an enemy. What kind of democracy is this? In a democratic dispensation that is healthy. Unfortunately in our country Zambia, even an opinion can be deemed treasonable. This is done by twisting facts and so called laws by which a country must be governed. If you are not a member of the ruling party then whatever you say is deemed senseless.

  10. The UPND should hire lawyers or liars who can read. These should read the new constitution and avail good advise to UP and Down. There is no petition if you can’t prove your claims in 14 days.

  11. Look who’s talking. Katondo Street! Is that where your intelligence is coming from, Mr. Unintelligent?

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