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The 48 UPND MPs were given a chance to be heard, but opted to threaten me-Speaker

General News The 48 UPND MPs were given a chance to be heard, but...

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini says the suspension of 48 UPND Members of Parliament does not amount to victimisation.

Dr Matibini says there is no victimizing in the action taken against the 48 MPs who boycotted the President’s national address to Parliament.

He explained that the UPND legislators were given an opportunity to be heard after being charged.

Dr Matibini said they opted to engage their lawyer who instead threatened to institute contempt of court proceedings against the Speaker and the Clerk of the National Assembly.

He was responding to a point of order raised on the floor of the House.


  1. You are level headed sir. Ignore these chaps. The upndonkeys do not inspire me in their deliberations as MPs especially Garry and the old man Mwiimbu.

    I switch off my TV when either of the two start speaking. These MPs are full of hate including their boss. Sa.t.a.n comes to steal, kill and destroy. What do u expect from people who believe in the opposite of Christ.

    • …and I really feel that upnd has a SERIOUS leadership crisis. They rely on Mukuni, GBM, Nkombo and Mwiimbu for wisdom. And then they have that “Allan” dunderhead who calls into Hot FM every morning…..

    • Mr. Speaker, Sir, you just spoiled everything. You where accused of making the your decision emotionally. It was alleged that you did not think through your decision. Most of us did not believe the accusation. But you just inadvertently confirmed that indeed you were emotionally charged when you made the decision. I quote:

      “Dr Matibini said they opted to engage their lawyer who instead threatened to institute contempt of court proceedings against the Speaker and the Clerk of the National Assembly”

      This is worse than being accused of being emotional. You reacted to threats by a lawyer? You suspended 48 MPs because a simple lawyer threatened you?

    • @ 1& 1.1, You can say that again. UPND died with Mazoka. The Kitchen sink theatrics HH has inculcated in the former opposition party works only in student unions where school yard politics thrives. That is the danger of personality cult politics. UPND is in a quagmire. Sorry for the distraught Madam Mutinta and the children grinding in emotion.

    • I wonder if Patels, Gulams, Varun, Lebanese and Chinese believe in Christ?
      Sata.n come to get state funeral and did succeed. His offspring got anointed by pillocks like you and brought us “unprecedented development”

    • Upend has a huge problem at hand. The luck respect at all levels. Starting from their president down to a swiper. Power has gotten to their heads. Mr Speaker sir, one month is not good enough you should have just called for elections in their constituencies so that Learn a lesson. This kind of lawlessness is not acceptable. Shame on them

    • First of all, how much is mealie meal today after visionless Lungu & Dora Siliti had a “fruitful meeting with the millers”~as reported by LT in January 2017?

      The Skeleton Key

    • The speaker Patrick Matibini erred in law for he is a PF cadre.

      What “chance” is Matibini yapping about when whole of this undemocratic fiasco was predetermined?

      Before Matibini’s biased & harsh decision against UPND MPs suspension from parley, the speaker must have inquired for an independent LEGAL opinion other than that of Attorney or Solicitor General, respectively.

      There was need for the Committee of Standards to lead the motion in the House & pass through all the stages until the winning of majority vote.

      The Skeleton Key

    • In this case of UPND MPs being suspended from parley by PF cadre & speaker of PF’s national assembly~Matibini’s move is complicated than what meets the eye or constitution.

      The quivering question is, why didn’t or doesn’t PF cadre & speaker Matibini castigate Lungu for his failure to follow the constitution by giving power to the speaker when the presidential petition was logged in with the Con~Court?

      This was the 1st thing Lungu should have done & to respect the constitution & law. But alas, visionless Lungu didn’t respect the constitution but Breached it with impunity. Lungu signed the amended constitution 2016~NOT new, but indolently failed to give power to the speaker when the constitution requires him to do so.

      The Skeleton Key

    • So, without both process of Lungu giving power to the speaker during the presidential petition & the absent of the committee on standards for a motion to pass through parliamentary venting, invalidates the whole democratic system.

      The BEST protest against this dictatorial PF of visionless Lungu & bandits by the UPND MPs is to resign as an umbrella of democratic DEMAND!

      Without all opposition MPs in parley, renders democracy dead & dictatorship takes root.

      The Skeleton Key

    • The presidential petition is a substantive topic, together with the illegal persecution & incarceration of UPND’s Predicted~HH & others.

      Matibini should be reminded that there is no motion without notice or vote in parley. The speaker got it all wrong. MPs represent people & now 48 constituencies won’t be represented in 30 days due to the selfishness of the speaker who seems to NOT respect democracy.

      Does the speaker Patrick Matibini pay allowances for MPs from his personal pocket? The answer is simply NO, Matibini doesn’t pay MPs who represent the population.

      The Skeleton Key

    • The courts must unbiased & sternocleidomastoid deal with this undemocratic “curse” perpetrated by PF banditry cadres~Natural Justice for National interest.

      Parliament is a house of people & people are entitled to know what is going on in the country from parley & their respective MPs. By Matibini’s illogical insinuations that he “challenges” UPND MPs “to resign” if they “don’t recognise Lungu as head of state” renders parley DISSOLVED. The speaker’s utterances are despotically vile. There was no court or LAZ observation, hence NO prima facie case against the 48 MPs & NO justification for them to be suspended by a PF cadre mascaerading to be a national speaker.
      Does Matibini pay MPs?
      The Skeleton Key

    • In fact, the courts or LAZ have not pointed out any dilly dally wrong.

      All that needs to be done first & foremost, is for visionless Lungu to give power to the speaker as the constitution stipulates, let the Con~Court fairly & quickly hear the presidential petition. Without Lungu giving power to the speaker, then democracy of Zambia is invalidated. With power to the speaker, PF & UPND would be on the same platform with the Con~court. Every Zambia & international society is eagerly waiting to hear the petition.
      After the hearing, then the Con~Court can declare the actual winner of the 2016 presidential elections & the country can move on.
      The Skeleton Key

    • These UPND MP dunderheads never learn… these are some of the dullest tonga chaps(UPND MPs) I have seen and I am even ashamed as most of my Tonga friends are sharp!

    • PF Dictatorship has taken away Zambians’ freedoms & rights to free speech, to protest, to discuss politics, association, belong to a political party of one’s choice. Phone anyone in Zambia now & start discussing politics & s/he will tell you to change topic bcoz someone might be listening (ZICTA).

      Democracy is about choices & freedoms for the masses, NOT threats, NOT warnings, NOT suspensions, NOT banning, NOT false imprisonment, NOT gunshots, NOT using live ammunition on protesters, NOT bombings, NOT assassinations, NOT coups etc.

      UPND have a right not to recognize lungu until the petition is heard.

      So now everyone who refuses to bow down to the Golden Statue, lungu shall be punished?

    • The say prevention is batter than cure, Can you image if only the petition was heard all this could have been avoided, Bet the con court judges are happy now, Always do the right thing the first time in life and you would avoid trying to fix the wrong things for a much longer time.

  2. Honorable Speaker sir, In no way do we find your action mounting to victimisation, it is disciplinary action. These folks are mindless trolls you could have just withdrawn emoluments from from them for 2-6 months. The message could have made them appreciate the power of the parse and need for rational action.

    • You think they are parasites like some of you who can’t survive without handouts from the state coffers!??

    • Ba Nkhata Bay – It is not about being parasitic. This is where you go wrong. It is all about pride for you. So, for you it is okay that your MPs do not represent you in Parliament because of their pride?

  3. So called speaker you make me sick! you are the main reason why the country is in the state it is right now….to me you are the speaker of your own toilet I don’t respect you and you the rest of the degenerated PF thieves, your time will come for you fools to pay back….

  4. Upnd has a huge problem at hand. The luck respect at all levels. Starting from their president down to a swiper. Power has gotten to their heads. Mr Speaker sir, one month is not good enough you should have just called for elections in their constituencies so that Learn a lesson. This kind of lawlessness is not acceptable. Shame on them

  5. There Are People On This Earth Who Refuse The Existence Of God.
    The Are Called Earthiests.
    But I’ve Never Heard God Not Even In The Bible Punishing Them Or Doing Anything Against Their Belief Forcing Them To Recognise Him.
    So Those Who Do Not Recognise Edgar Lungu As The Legitimate President, Let Them Do So By Not Arresting Their Leaders And By Not Emotionally Suspending Their MPs Frm Parliament For These Long Days.

    • @ Bold Counsel shugt if you don’t understand what you are saying. God punished Sodom and Gomorah, God destroyed the whole earth with water during Noah. It was all because of sins and transgression. So the laws of the land also punish law breakers like HH and Mwaliteta.

  6. Analysis: Lungu does a Mugabe, as Zambia follows Zimbabwe’s disastrous path
    20 Reactions
    Photo: Zambia’s Edgar Lungu (Left, EPA), Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe (Right, EPA)
    Zambia and Zimbabwe used to be pretty much one country – Rhodesia. Separated by a natural barrier, the Zambezi, one was Northern Rhodesia, one Southern Rhodesia. Political history determined otherwise, but recent occurrences seem to indicate that the countries have become one entity again – for all the wrong reasons. By MAYNARD MANYOWA.

  7. First published by Khuluma Afrika

    As it stands, both Zambia and Zimbabwe are governed by heartless autocrats who have no respect for human dignity, human rights, rule of law, or other people. The only difference being that one, Robert Mugabe, has already turned his country into a kingdom, where he rules like a glorified sultan, while the other, Edgar Lungu, is tracing Mugabe’s footsteps, in his bid to make himself another primitive king.

    • Unfortunately, Mutale, The majority who chose their president through the ballot, in 2015 and 2016, the majority who have rejected upnd and hh 5 times: HAVE NOT BOUGHT INTO YOUR BOGUS “DICTATORSHIP” RUBBISH AND DOGMA!!! We are working hard & going about our everyday activities and loving our blessed Zambia, Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Your ignorance of the Bible is not the subject of discussion here. All I can give is advice for you to find a Church where they teach salvation and that is when you are going to know the challenges those who don’t believe in God will face.
    Elections took place in 2016, if the MPs didn’t accept the out come the best they should have done was to reject to swear allegiance to the President.
    They swore, that they were going to be loyal to the President and the constitution. The President of Zambia is ECL, and whether one likes it or not, he deserves respect for the office he holds.
    Mr. Speaker, job well done and you have support from the people of Zambia

    • Hehe indeed Mbo Mbubo… some chaps like being irrelevant by talking about the bible when there is no need to do so…. I agree with your timely comments on this matter

    • Ba Mbo Mbubo – Most likely your starving Maynard Manyowa had nothing to write and thought that this would be interesting. There is completely no basis of comparison, even you Mbo Mbubo know very well but you have no shame.

    • 100% true, abilima: negative sentiments about Africa sells big time among the white populations of South Africa and Europe/America!! This Manyowa character knows nothing about Zambia and is trying to make money. Unlike us Zambians who have remained in our country and have taken every opportunity to develop it, Zimbabwe experienced one of the biggest brain drains in the history of mankind as these “white man’s dogs” abandoned their country for a cosy life next to their masters-This is the reason why Zambia has excelled democratically because Zambians largely have remained behind and have fought for their rights: rejected KK’s wamuyayaya, FTJ’s third term, MMD’s electoral corruption, the cartel hyenas etc

  9. Compare this your parliament to that in S.A. Then you will see that you are far from being a democracy, a joke. Protest is a constitutional right whether it is at the opening of Parliament or at any other time. The speaker can’t dictate and prescribe the appropriate time for MPs to protest. But of course you will get away with this becuase the Speaker, Concourt and Executive are all Siamese twins joined at the hip of Meno Meno…

    • What do you know about South Africa. Don’t just pick samples that support your interest. In April armed police surrounded Parliament in order to stop the opposition MPs from entering the building in anticipation of their planned disruption of Zuma s speech.

  10. Speaker is justify his decision by saying that he was threatened by contempt of court proceedings. Do contempt of court proceedings amount to threats? If they do, is your decision based on threats then?
    Can it be deduced then that your decision to suspend was premised on the threat not on law?
    Surely , Mr Speaker, I know law just you do. Worse for you to explain yourself by laying grounds for decision when you have not communicated with opposition MPs lawyers is a lack of professional conduct and ethics on your part as lawyer and Speaker.
    Bane , this man was good as a defence lawyer and Judge but power has diluted him in an different manner.
    Bane Let us pray for the Speaker

  11. For how long will the UPND engage in unnecessary and childish squabbles? Their intention to bring humiliation upon the office of the president through vituperation has lamentably failed. The best they can do is simply to humble themselves, reconcile with the people they have wronged and forge ahead with developmental national issues for the benefit of each and every zambian.

  12. Judges sometimes recuse themselves in order that justice must be seen to be done. The rule of natural justice requires that law must be applied fairly. Judge Annie Sitali is far from that principle hence she is very emotive and zeal to settle unknown scores with people or she is being used or fears for her life.
    Bwana Speaker may have the traits of Judge Annie Sitali…. Let us pray for her

  13. Morning,l suggest that in the next parliament the speaker and his deputies should be taken to do a course instead of of turning our country as a laughing stock because of the decisions they make. Even my fellow contributors let’s think beyond party lines in our analysis. World over, our speaker will not be considered as a level headed man. I think, the man lacks rule of rule. He thinks he owns that parliament. Mr. Mulongoti can be a good speaker or mama Namugala.

    • …kwekwekwekwekwe…yaba…Mulongoti ati speaker…..kwekwekwekwe….kwena, upnd is collapsing zoona…you have no leadership, it’s true, ka Mulongoti???….kwekwekwekwekwe………

  14. Please Ba Upnd so to you it is just plain hatred until a Tonga is in state house ???. What wrong has the speaker done????

  15. I am upset with the Speaker. He should have declared those seats vacant or suspension should have covered for the rest of the period up to 2021. We can not allow this no sense that is going on in the country. Everything has its time and continuous politicking in the country is dangerous. Time for elections is over and what we need now is the winning party to deliver. Zambians are denied of making the right decision in the next election. It appears, indirectly, UPND are campaigning for PF to continue and indeed, PF will continue as there is no credibility with other Governments in waiting. What a Joke for UPND to suggest that PF are trying to pass an amended Constitution in their absence. Even if UPND are there or not, they have no effect.

  16. If the presidential petition was to be heard today or tomorrow and there was enough reason to believe that PF or indeed Lungu won the presidential election. I, and many others will, wholeheartedly, support and respect him as the bona fide elected president of Zambia. I am not a UPND member and have never been a card carrying member for any political Party in Zambia but I, vehemently, sympathise with UPND. As things stand now (ignoring the presidential petition), many people will continue criticising Lungu while others will continue insulting him. No amount of intimidation even at gun point will force people to respect Lungu because he is not a law abiding citizen. He is a lawbreaker, he breaks laws with impunity and now the Speaker is following suit. In a normal democracy, before a…

  17. In a normal democracy, before a member of Parliament is suspended, the leader of the Government Business in the House or even a minister would move a motion for the appropriate punishment to be meted out on the erring members by voting. The Speaker has no respect for the our National Assembly, he is treating it like a kindergarten (German), our Government is not Government of the people, by the people, for the people any more but Government of PF by the PF and for the PF.

  18. This is all to poor leadership in HH,GBM, Nalumango and Kakoma including their preliminary lawyers( again they have blundered in this matter) RESIGN YOU BLACK COWS, YOU ADD NO VALUE TO THIS COUNTRY.

  19. PF keyboard gun cannons hired by this news site is so embarrassing to the world with our democracy.

  20. This party is cursed. First they have failed to win an election- 5 times, then they are given 14 whole days to prove that EL stole their votes, even that failed( 20 highly learned men and women failed to successfully prove it)then you have a huge number of people in prison facing hard core offences – Murder, aggravated robbery ,Treason, then the hard insults all over, then doing strange things like the mongu scandal, NOW you have 48 black cows suspended no pay for one whole month. UPND this cannot be ignore ,your gods are un happy. Even the party members have stopped thinking, calling for petition which was messed up by their own preliminary lawyers and they see nothing wrong with their demand. Something is very wrong.

  21. Mcgyver are there no laws and regulations where you live? Tell me why was the petition not heard? Answer honestly.

  22. Countrymen, please desist referring to each other as donkeys or monkeys. This can have very bad consequences on our country. It is actually irresponsible and uncivilized to demean other in this manner. Don’t start what you can not finish.

  23. When the UPND filed a petition to protest the 2016 elections, the President was supposed to hand over power to you Mr. Speaker. But he did not. The nation was not told as to why the President abrogated the Constitution and refuse to hand over power to you.

    Well, now we know why. Mr. Speaker, you are very unstable person. Your emotionalism is a danger to peace and stability.

    Chagwa is an original Gangster. He knows you very well. You weren’t going to handle the business of the country well. Be it known unto you henceforth, that the President doesn’t trust you, and the people of Zambia don’t trust you either.

  24. Zambia needs new leadership, both ruling and opposition parties. Let the 25 to 40 age group take up the reign, retire all these recycled politicians who have driven Zambia into the doldrums, c’mon guys…all those old recycled former UNIP, former MMD former UPND, former FDD, former this former that, even speaker we need fresh one mwe. All these old people were educated by Kaunda, that’s why we are in trouble, new leadership needed for the next general election. Even high offices, lets get rid f these old chaps, there are enough educated youth, move with the times….

  25. Imwe, Even If U Say The Speaker Did The Right Thing Or Not.
    Just Now That U Always Put Wrong People In Office Who Put Always Think About Self.

  26. They provoke whoever they find on their way, It started with, ECZ, then con-court judges, then EL in Mongu, then the Police,then MAXIMIUM Prison personal now it is the Speaker. The question is who has a problem? Slap this ill-mannered Chap with 5 years imprisonment for what he did to the speaker.

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