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PF and Government are studying the statement by the church mother bodies-Sunday Chanda

General News PF and Government are studying the statement by the church mother...

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda
Patriotic Front (PF) Media Director Sunday Chanda has advised that both Government and the party are studying the statement by the church bodies.

In a notice made available to the media today the 16th June, 2017, Mr Chanda said that a response will be issued at an appropriate time and advised PF officials to refrain from commenting on this matter in the Media.

Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) and the Evangelical Fellowship in Zambia (EFZ) held a joint media briefing at Lusaka’s kapingila house today and demanded the release of Mr. Hichilema forthwith.

Three church mother bodies in Zambia noted that the country now eminently qualifies to be branded a dictatorship under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

However, Patriotic Front (PF) Chasefu Member of Parliament Gerald Zimba has castigated the three Church Mother bodies for demanding that the Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should be released immediately.

Chasefu Member of Parliament Gerald Zimba described the three Church Mother bodies as disgruntled church leaders.

Chasefu lawmaker said it was shameful indeed that the church mother bodies have never taken time to seek an audience with the UPND members and their President Hakainde Hichilema for peace and harmony and advising the UPND to accept the legitimacy of President Edgar Lungu as Republican President because that is where all the mess in Zambia is emanating from.

Zimba stated that the named three mother bodies have never had the audacity to publicly condemn the UPND on their actions regarding the motorcade saga and it was unwise for them today to parade themselves in front of the UPND with a tailored speech alleging that the country is currently turning into a dictatorship and quoting verses that suit them.

“Disgruntled church leaders! Shame indeed. These chaps have never taken time to seek an audience with UPND and its president to sensor them on accepting the legitimacy of President Edgar C Lungu as Republican president”

“This is where all this mess is emanating from. They haven’t publicly condemned the UPND on their actions regarding the motorcade saga and today they parade themselves in front of the UPND with a tailored speech that the country is turning into a dictatorship and quoting verses that suit them, what about ‘respect the government of the day as they have been appointed by God?” Mr Zimba asked

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  1. I stopped reading when I came across the word “sensor” in the following sentence…. “These chaps have never taken time to seek an audience with UPND and its president to sensor them on accepting the legitimacy of President…”

    • Behind Lungu the grown-up, is Lungu the child. A lot of grown-ups who are watching from the sidelines are able to see behind the facade. Lungu is a child grown tall.

    • There is nothing to study when ECL has already stated his position on this matter just on his arrival from one of his regular jaunts.

    • Zimba, did you just call the church leaders in a Christian nation chaps? PF you are taking lawlessness to a whole new low.

  2. Really laughable…the draft constitution you tins LAMENTABLY FAILED to study …who can honestly take you serious studying a couple of points a grade 7 pupil can conclude in 15 mins.

  3. When did zambia revert to the party and its govt,?sunday Chanda is a pf employee, he shouldnt speak on behalf of govt. He speak for pf,and Vp or chief govt spokesperson is mandated to speak on behalf of govt,ie minister of information, the presdo should put his house inorder, this is a sign of weak leadership by ecl

  4. What is there to “study”,just humble yourselves & do the right thing ba PF naba UPND.The Church MOTHER bodies have spoken!Even in the Bible there was the Sanhedrin & this is a Christian Nation,reject their advise at your own peril.God is on the side of Zambia & not those who are proud & drunk with power & self justification.

    • Not these corruption riddled church bodies in Zambia. The chaps are immoral and very unethical.
      They are just useless gold diggers, even calling them church bodies is a sham!

  5. Chasefu lawmaker has shamed himself. The three mother bodies prayed first to ask God to give them wisdom to reduce the tension in Zambia. You are not seeing it because you are part of it. Much as he is your tribe mate it is proper that we live like cat and dog because now we are not one anymore. Have you ever thought of consequences after losing election?

    • @ saddened: do you call this wisdom…??? these pharisee have never even a single time tried to counsel HH and the UPND, are you telling me these dis grunted religious leaders have never seen any single wrong doing committed by the leader of the opposition? am not surprised, even the greatest enemies of Jesus Christ were religious leaders/ pharisees like these. shame on all of them.

  6. How can the church mother bodies advise UPND to accept Lungu ad President when one of the items they list as source of tension is the petition which hasn’t been heard in the courts? Mr. Zimba is lost on this one.

    • So, they should continue insulting the President and putting his life in danger just because in their heads there is a petition pending?

  7. Don’t worry about the “church” woman’s body! The Church’s Father Body says, “No!” Government has a responsibility to law abiding citizens and the public at large to ensure that there is law and order in the nation! If you prematurely release Under Five Card, soon neonates will begin to challenge the President’s motorcade in the future. Remember that this guy means ill and thinks Edgar is not a President!

  8. Firstly, it is irresponsible of the church mother bodies to demand the release of a lawbreaker when Zambia has a fully functional judiciary. Gerald Zimba is right to castigate these politically inclined men of the cloth. As the Chitimukulu put it, this nation will not be healed if the sectoral leaders start taking sides as the Southern Province chiefs did. It will require the input of all the Church leaders, including prominent Pentecostal leaders, the UCZ, Seventh Day, Baptist, etc to conference and work as one, not this minority. Then the united church needs to conference with the chiefs and then the political veterans and come up with one common resolution. It is only then they can gather the political players and counsel them.

    • Do your research donkey, catholics are minority in Zambia. No wonder you morons are always losing election, numbers matter!!!

  9. Hon. Zimba please torn down and choose to seek wisdom from God before you speak. Your comments can easily push the nation into more tension instead of peace we should all be going on our knees for. Zambia is a multi party democracy enjoying God’s favour in the region. Open your eyes and see the good and writing on the wall in the Church mother bodies statement for all Zambia and not just you.
    May God give discernment and great wisdom to our President to respond in a manner that will forestall the peace we have always enjoyed.

  10. There is nothing to study iwe chimbwi, can you not see the writing on the wall? Can’t you see that the emperor is not dressed?

  11. Hahahahaha you call these bishops as men of God? They ae instead men of the cloth. They are the ones who brought Rwanda into flames. I mean the Catholic bishops. They will make us run up and down. Look at their tone. They are bitter because they were not given access to see the president, but where is their patience they preach about? I stoped calling Catholic Bishops as men of God long time ago. They will make us run up and down.

    • Ba Kapuli-Kobe, if you don’t analyse issues yourself and go with the general belief on the streets, you are bound to get it wrong!
      The war in Rwanda was triggered by the gunning down of the plane in which the president died. The VP was from a minority tribe so was to become head of state. That’s what was resisted and ethnic cleansing ensured. That was the root cause Ba Kapuli.

  12. Zimba you sound like one of the hired PF guns the church is not scared of. Zimba dont be drunk with power, remember that the church you are belittling will be there centuries after your ka PF party disappears into oblivion. Also be wise enough each time you comment against religious authorities because they get their powers to speak from above. If you are a christian, you know what I mean

  13. What’s there to study your leader was called dictator straight in his face.does that mean you don’t deny that he is one for you to study first for the appropriate answer

  14. Zimba wants job and he has no focus and has never carried out survey how zambians fee after HH was arrested.
    HH is popular on the world now and the world is watching PF Dealings .

  15. These are not men of God but politicians. Since they have taken sides, the mp is very right to attack them. They have decided to join politics..! Fake men of God…!

  16. Please do not include CCZ and EFZ.its Mpundu from catholic church who took a political stance in full view of GBM,Garry Nkombo,Mutale Nalumango and several upnd cadres who was outside offering security.so wait for a full story from CCZ and EFZ by tomorrow.bishop mpundu is a known upnd cadre.he is sponsored by gbm.so the mp is very correct.when these so called men of gold take a political stance,they expose themselves to anything!!HH IS A CRIMINAL AND ONLY COURTS SHALL CLEAR OR CONVICT HIM SO MPUNDU IS WASTING HIS TIME!!

  17. God, you see, should listen to PF instructions, since PF is appointed by Lungu who is bigger than God

    • Unless in the morning when he wakes before he starts taking beer, then he is just a worm in his true state

  18. What is there to study? Just tell Telesbore to go lick his a.rs.e clean before we grant him dialogue, he stinks from his behind.

  19. I see that Pasis Forum has taken a reconciliatory stance with Linda of all people. Maybe this Forum can chair the dialogue instead of the unique Donkey Telesbore with two a.rs.e.s.

  20. Why is the church demanding release of HH?
    The best for these church bodies was to bring HH and Lungu together and talk to them just after the elections

  21. PF are just so selfish and foolish. You steal an election, you don’t want to defend it in court because you know the truth that you stole and now you want to force people to recognise your leadership, even having the audacity to say this leadership is from God! !! Honestly, who do you think you are fooling, yourselves? This is dictatorship, simple and straightforward. Study what statement? ? You guys are just so backward

  22. God has answered our prayers for us Bread of Life Members and Zambia at large. Joe Imakando, Pukuta Mwanza and Joshua Banda were a disgrace in EFZ and the body of Christ.

    I was extremely happy to hear tht these three PF cadres were voted out from EFZ church mother bodies. I felt embarased to be a bread of life member with the cadrelistic behaviour of our Bishop.

    If those three PF religious cadres were in still leaders of EFZ, they wouldn’t have been part of the majority true God fearing Church Mother bodies condemning the PF evil practices and calling for peace and democracy


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