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Kitwe man throws himself with his children into Kafue River

General News Kitwe man throws himself with his children into Kafue River

Zambia Army divers carrying out retrieval efforts
Zambia Army divers carrying out retrieval efforts

A man of Kitwe has thrown himself together with his two children into the Kafue River after his wife went and married another man.

Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu in a statement says the Kitwe man aged 35, threw himself and his children in the crocodile infested River yesterday.

Mr. Mpundu says this comes hours after the team of divers from the Zambia Army suspended retrieval efforts for the day of a 40 year old man who in like manner threw himself into the Kafue River for unknown reasons.

He says retrieval efforts suffered a setback when a boat hit a rock and got damaged during a search exercise on the river.

The Kitwe DC says the search has however continued today for Patrick Muyembe before the team can now embark on a mission to retrieve the bodies of the three family members who committed suicide yesterday.

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  1. All because of that dog lungu. Lungu will die painful death for messing this country and causing citizens stress such that they kill themselves

    • This is how worse Zambia has become under Lungu’s PF-MMD administration. People resort to get help from crocodiles than own leaders, who can’t even retrieve their bodies.
      Where is Inonge Wina????

    • Wembwa we chi Dundumwezi maggot ! What has ECL got to do with this. By the way tamwakateke ba UPND kalumbafye napa maso yakwa Mutinta

    • With such a line of thinking, l’d rather not vote than vote for these upnd D.Heads!!

    • Problem with UPND roaches is that when ever a truth is told they interpret it as an insult, or they feel insulted. That is why they come out like that against Pf government and Lungu. They will be bitter to the grave and finally hell and there is nothing anyone can do to reverse this curse.

  2. Mwaba ama.bo.lo ba Dundumwezi. Matole yenu mulesala ifya kulemba bafikala. Mwalitumpa mwatombana me ngombe ba upndonkeyys. Mwembwame mwaba ama sperm ukusasa kwati hellen hut.

  3. But the children, why? They surely didn’t commit suicide, it’s their father who killed them. So don’t say …three family members who committed suicide… as if the children consented to suicide. Very sad development indeed. MTSRIP.

  4. let’s not politicized this issue. We need to look at the circumstances under which this happened. it is beyond politics. something went wrong somewhere somehow.

    • It can be politicized why not ? As indicated by a someone societal stress created by a distressful economy can add to the psychological pressure that compounds for individuals to commit such acts. What if the woman was the bread winner? what if there combined income made it possible to look after the kids ?

    • @Shameless, your name speaks volumes. Re read your low level writing and thinking. Iye mayo read the story again, the wife left the man. We are not told the circumstances so keep quiet and reflect. Shameless.

  5. let’s not politicized this issue. We need to look at the circumstances under which this happened. it is beyond politics. something went wrong somewhere somehow.

  6. MTSRIP.
    But “crocodile infested River” and they are doing the search, what is the chance they will find the bodies of those poor and innocent children souls lost?

  7. even if you have been dumped by nicki minaj or rihanna, why kill your own kids for your interests? he should have given the kids a chance to live. you women also don’t run away from your hubbies for greener houses without telling them the truth. you see now your children are killed for your actions.

  8. DIVIDE & RULE My friend UPND won last year election with big imagine let me tell you fact I’m not from southern or north western but from Northern province.

  9. Sad the Children had to be taken with him …. surely this was an extremely cruel act by this man. I wouldn’t want to imagine what the children went through in those final moments 🙁

  10. He should have sent the children to their mother and then remain alone to kill himself. Very sad indeed! Dear readers: Marriage is a gamble, that’s what they teach. You do not know exactly how it will turn out. He could have simply found another woman

  11. I just wonder what a people we have become where we see politics in everything even something as sad as this indeed the gods make people mad before they are destroyed

  12. I feel for the two children because of the myopic and cowardly thinking from their father they ended up dying a terrible,barbaric,painful and sad reading death.May the Almighty God receive the children’s souls.When the wife,girlfriend,boyfriend,husband ditches you its not the end of your life.The man could have done better to move on because life is the best teacher.The turn for the wife will come.

  13. A lot of Childish Bloggers on this Fora, always insulting and other rubbish. Please we are here to share opinions that will make us understand issues at Hand and if possible make decision that will better situations or prepare for the Worst. Those always insulting only show there Calibre as being too shallow to address matters at hand.
    Plese refrain there is No Reward for stupidity on Lusaka Times.

  14. Just a thought, could it be that the woman was the bread winner, leading the bread loser to committing suicide? Life is a gift from God, it is therefore irresponsible, unthankfulness and stupidity to commit suicide. How does this man know what life was going to be the following day if only he had endured the stupidity of his wife?

  15. mORE DETAILS PLEASE, Age for Kids, how many kids the man left, or he only had two cos. average zambian at 35 he has 3 or 4 kids , no JOB , probabbly HIV POITIVE, This is ridiculous how did he entice the kids to fall into the river.? I Dont think its over the nnyini that went marr y another TONGA ,, mhsrip

  16. Irrational *****. This is the more reason his wife ran away from him. Very emotional even on small issues

  17. Comment:plz don’t insult u need proper deliverance for the man too bad he would have died along not with children gid wiil punish him marriage is the way u take it its not the end of the world may god have mercy on him.

  18. What can i say.. Just the thot of it makes my heart breaks into pieces it’s as if these children were my relations, even at dat as humans God has created us different from animals dats why its normal to feel sorry for the innocent lives of the two children instead of busy bringing in politics and insults. Zambia is a Christian nation but the way some pipo talk nd behave one can say Zambia is not a Christian nation at all, let us be peaceable wit one another nd just like wat the Bible teaches us to love our enemies.

  19. Only a coward can do such a think. What has he solved? Nothing!!!! Why did his woman marry another man? He’s irresponsible that’s she left him. When you’re dead you’re dead.

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