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Kagame lands into Zambia

General News Kagame lands into Zambia

President Edgar Lungu welcoming Rwandan President
Paul Kagame at Lusaka’s International Airport


President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has arrived in Zambia for a two-day state visit.

President Kagame was received by his counterpart President Edgar Lungu at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Monday morning.

President Kagame was accorded a 12-gun salute and he inspected a guard of honour.

President Kagame is expected to lay wreaths at the Presidential Burial site, visit First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda and hold bilateral meeting with President Lungu.



  1. Ati there is CRISIS in Zambia! It only exists in your small brains. Zambia is at PEACE. Shame on you prophets of doom!

    • If there was no crisis, then you wouldn’t be seeing dictators like Kagame coming to Zambia for a State visit. Vultures only gather where there is a carcass. Like attracts like. Lungu is attracting those like himself.

    • Dictator Kagame visiting a fellow dictator~trying so hard to legitimise their undemocratic presidencies.
      Both dictators~Kagame & Lungu~sha economy have ditched their respective country constitution of going for 3rd term bid on 7 years basis.
      A Rwandan businesswoman Diane Rwigara announced her intention to run against Kagame, photos of her nudity appeared on the Internet. Her campaign was quickly ceased.
      Birds of a feather flock together!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Now here is Kagame’s another opponent~Victoire Ingabire~who has ended up in prison. She was barred from running in elections in 2010 & arrested & sentenced her to 15 years in prison for trumped up charges like Lungu is doing to HH.
      Many people have disappeared without a trace like activist Illuminee Iragena.
      How much is mealie meal today?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Rwanda’s opposition leader Victoire Ingabire is in jail serving a 15 years.

      Are these the type of countries we now to associate with? Zambia is finished!!!

    • Now, at long last, Kagame has a friend in the region, one with whom he can converse because they speak the same language and one with whom he shares the stride – similar ambitions and goals!

    • We told you not to vote for a visionless drunkard, you see now he has failed to rule & his only solution is to become a DICTATOR whilst sinking the country into huge IMF debts.

      You should listen when wise people counsel you.

  2. An observation: with the current state of zambia certain presidents should be avoided…Mugabe, Museveni, Kagame …..Just saying….they can come but i think this is not the right time…

  3. Yes! Kagame, Museveni and Mugabe are wrong presidents to visit Zambia. Please President Lungu, keep away from these dictators. Everybody knows that Kagame is a dictator who has continued to eliminate his perceived opponents.

  4. Paul Kagame has done wonders in Rwanda if you guys in upnd do not know.this president is loved by his people.DICTATORS ONLY EXIST IN UPND CADRE’S HEADS!!
    a lot prominent people have visited and will still visit Zambia before 2021.YOUR HATRED FOR PRESIDENT EDGAR LUNGU SHALL TAKE YOU TO AN EARLY GRAVE!!!


    • According to Forbes, Rwanda ranks in the top 20, worldwide, among the world’s saddest countries. Don’t be fooled by the gold on the streets of Kigali. It’s fake.

  5. The killer Kagame in ZAMBIA? A CRIMINAL KAGAME in ZAMBIA? why? any lesson to teach Zambians? NO…NOTHING

    • Ati “Kagame lands into Zambia” !!!! LT, Sure?

      Should be Kagame lands in Zambia. Landing “INTO” Zambia means the plane crashed INTO the ground!

  6. Hahaha.. Brothers from Zambia, please stop the hatred.. Zambia is a home to 1994’s genociders, don’t listen to these criminals dear brothers, people who never been back home in 23 years, what do they know about rwanda.
    Just watch as we develop.. hate him or love him, it’s Paul Kagame all the way.. you keep on talking!!

    • My dear bro. They maybe but kagame is also a killer and a dictator, he is worse than them he has been in power for more than 15yrs he is still seeking onother terms thus we call him a dictator he killed many in Congo , south Africa thus we call him a killer that is the truth and God is watching.

  7. According to the report, the top five African investment destinations attracted an overall FDI of US$13.6bn. Morocco was ranked second on the index based on its increasing solid economic growth, strategic geographic positioning, increased foreign direct investment, import cover ratio, and an overall favourable business environment. Egypt was ranked third due to an increased foreign direct investment and real interest rates, and a growing urban population. The fourth country on the list, South Africa, scored well on the growth factor of GDP, ease of doing business in the country and significant population. Whilst Zambia, was the fifth country on the list due to its significant domestic investment and access money supply.

  8. Kagame is a great leader! As Zambia we have a lot to learn about his style of management and cutting waste on expenditure and improving efficiency- efficiency is the enemy of corruption- create efficient, user friendly and transparent govt depts you will have no corruption. Even Magufuli of Tanzania greatly admires and has copied a lot from Kagame. Kagame is creating an Information technology hub in Rwanda, a sustainable agro economy, a thriving tourism sector and building up Africa’s most educated young population.

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