Kitwe Hospital records 650 cases of Sickle Cell this year


Kitwe Central Hospital
Kitwe Central Hospital
KITWE Teaching Hospital Sickle Cell Disease Club President Jerome Sulubani says Kitwe has recorded about 650 patients of Sickle Cell this year.

Dr Sulubani has attributed this development to lack of community awareness programmes on the disease which has increased in the city.

Sickle Cell remains one of the main cause of death in infant especially in Africa where more than 1000 babies are born with the disease.

ZANIS reports that the Kitwe Teaching Hospital Sickle Cell Disease Club President during the World sickle cell awareness day today at Kitwe’s Freedom park which was held under the theme “Exhibit Courage and Address Support to Sickle Cell Disease.”

He said the main reason of celebrating the disease is to increase awareness of Sickle cell as a major health issue worldwide.

“The major of celebrating sickle cell is to ensure that people living around the world and community get to know about it and the struggles and suffering the families go through, all the misconceptions and stigma about the disease should be removed and all the member countries request to establish various programs to make easy access to treatment for the disease ” he said.

And Kitwe District Medical Superintendent Dr Joseph Musowoya said government has always supported the clubs through the ministry of health and hospital management so as to enable shared information and experience among families and relations that are affected by the disease.

Dr Musowoya said Sickle Cell patients should avoid factors which trigger the blood cell such as dehydration and cold weather, among others.

And Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu said there is need to fight stigma surrounding the disease as people with sickle cell are considered not to be normal human beings.

He said that government has continued to deploy specialists to help patients living with the disease.


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      Need to test people before they have children…easy to prevent this but we need serious policy direction from Ministry of health

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    When I hear sickle cel the image of Gary Nkombo comes to mind. All respect to sickle cel patients- Gary included.

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    Some one needs to pour acid all over chi lungu. Chigalu chija

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      You can hate for all you like you son or daughter of Belial.
      What you write and speak is testimony that there is nothing good in you as a person.
      God have mercy on you and turn you back to Himself!

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    How does one celebrate a disease. Not right. Better to just observe the day and not celebrate it!

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    It is indeed a very serious disease, I have lost two of my cousins to this disease, and it is very painful. Let us join hands people of Zambia.

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    As reporters you are supposed to explain the disease to your readers! What is sickle cell?????

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    @NEZ, Satanism never wins and will never win! Three Mansion! This is the life we saw in Namwala and you still never accept that you are murderers? God will never allow you and your Satanic party to rule in Zambia, in Jesus’ name!

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