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Newly recruited nurses leap to six months without salaries

Health Newly recruited nurses leap to six months without salaries

The Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) has expressed disappointment with the
Government ’s failure to the place all the recruited nurses on government payroll for six months now .

ZUNO President Mr. Liseli Sitali noted that the  delayed salaries are demotivating the workers.

Mr Sitali said the having a motivated workforce is fundamental to efficiency especially in the health sector.
“We are wondering how the government expects the workers who have been unpaid for six
months to deliver.” Mr. Sitali questioned.

ZUNO is aware that the Ministry of Health has assured the nurses that they will be placed on the payroll this month.

However, information reaching us is that the payroll for the month of July
2017 has been closed indicating that the affected nurses will still not get their salaries next

“We have also taken not of the directive from the Minister of Health to Provincial Health Directors to avail workers who have not yet been put on payroll access salary advances. However, this directive has not yielded any fruits resulting in most of the new employees accumulating huge debts, ” He explained.

The ZUNO President has since requested the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Management Division (PSMD) to make all necessary arrangements to sort out the problem and ensure all recently recruited health workers are put on the payroll.

ZUNO further urges government to properly plan and to take necessary precautions to prevent such incidents in the future.


  1. Lungu, Lungu, Lungu where are you taking the country sure? Do you even know what you are doing or you don’t just care?

    • That’s why nurses in Zambia are becoming half-time prostitutes. Last time i checked nurses from mwanawasa and coptic and rurual areas mostly go to work with hangovers after drinking like camels in the desert the day before.
      At lunch break they quench their thirst with alcoholic drinks instead of water or sodas – Wina bazamutunga yobenda!

    • @Kamboni you f00l the President sets the agenda of the country and he stirs the ship. Confidence and all the people’s aspirational goal are to an extent set bet those that lead them. Lungu is corrupt so everything will not work including paying of salaries and all other little things. Simply stated no one will care in such an environment, especially when the President says all is fine when it aint! Do you get it now. Lungu inspires no one!

    • Some of you have never seen better so It’s a waste of time even trying! Can’t be asked to bung my head against the wall!

  2. Let them stay for five years without pay. That’s the meaning of dununa reverse & they deserve it for voting wrongly

    • They never voted for the uncaring drunkard, the election was rigged. I’m one of the whistle blowers who saw first hand what was happening in councils and i raised the flag. within no time i was transferred to another council where i did the same and i was moved again. Within six months i have worked for the council in 3 provinces. i have all the details of what used to happen. Lungu never won the election.

  3. Shame on this government. Nothing works with this government. Wait until they are placed on payroll, their names will be misspelled, ID numbers will be wrongly entered etc. It is a total mess! If government cannot put its own house in order, you think they would be able to hold the private sector accountable, really? Such inefficiency makes you wonder whether we can ever solve bigger problems like poverty!

  4. Are we still doing this? How do people live with no earnings? Nurses and doctors should be paid always, they hold the fate of the nation in their hands.

  5. This is an embarrassment for a great country like ours. You have a president traveling abroad like a tourist when his country, Zambia, is suffering. Without healthcare your country is dead.

    • To the drunkard that is not important. To him travelling is part of work and opening shopping malls is the best he knows. Don’t forget that you are talking about someone who never had any ambition of becoming president. All he was concerned about was having a beer and a cheap chawama b1tch by his side everyday. What you are suggesting is too much for the useless brain of this man

  6. Where are the kaponyas njimbu, terrible , 2020vision, zambian citizen at al ????

    They only seem to appear and pop their corruption covered heads when they hear the name HH.

  7. What is the number who are affected…What is the official response from the Ministry of Health… LT do not just post have baked information and expect people to contribute objectively…

  8. What a reckless govt ..yet the are eager to increase allowances of chiefs and Councillors…even MPs look at their allowances!!

  9. Tell me which African countries are immune from such lapses then we will let you take over government so that we live in land of milk and honey as promised by HH.

  10. Ati “newly recruited nurses leap to six months without pay” as if this is a great achievement! One wonders how the nurses have managed to survive this far by living on a promissory note from one Minister Chilufya…

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