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Medical Doctor in court for allegedly defaming President Lungu on Facebook

Headlines Medical Doctor in court for allegedly defaming President Lungu on Facebook

President Edgar Lungu speaking to Journalists before departure for Morocco at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu speaking to Journalists before departure for
Morocco at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka

Trial has commenced in the Mongu Subordinate Court in the matter in which a medical doctor at Luampa Mission Hospital in Western Province has been charged with defaming Republican President Edgar Lungu in first the count.

Dr. Kwalela Kafunya has in the second count been charged with issuing written threats to murder and in the third count is charged with giving false information to a public officer.

Facts before the court are that between April 28, 2017 and May 28, 2017, Dr. Kafunya is alleged to have posted images and statements on Facebook with intent to defame the Republican President.

The Facebook account was created under the name Olivia Kanku a Congolese national who is Luampa District Medical Officer.

Facts before the court were that Edgar Mulauzi , a Manager at Zambia Information and Communication Technology (ZICTA) , submitted before Principle Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale, that between April 28, 2017 and May 28, 2017, his office received information of a Facebook account carrying offensive statements and defamatory images against the Republican President.

Mr. Mulauzi submitted that after thoroughly analyzing the Facebook account, he then printed the said images and statements and reported the matter to the police.

However, when asked by Defense Lawyer Inambao Chimpazya on whether the account was in the name of the accused, Mr. Mulauzi said it was not, but indicated the high potential of an individual creating an account in someone else’s names.

And a Zambia Police Handwriting expert Thomas Phiri said that from the tests conducted at the police forensic science laboratory, it was proved that Doctor Kwalela signed the ZAMTEL Subscriber Identification Information Form, when acquiring a mobile line used to issue the threats.

The matter has been adjourned to July 5, 2017.


  1. This is insanity.

    The Government should take a line and so should lusakatimes by banning anyone that defames the President.

    There is a line you don’t cross.

    This medical Doctor should have the book thrown at him.

    I wish nothing good for him.



    • The president must be revered loved and given a chance to lead this country until 2026

      He will win the next elections and that’s all that is needed.

      Sometimes you don’t realise how lucky you are and what effectively is God’s gift to yourselves until Mr Lungu is takes away from you.

      I urge all to support and give him time to govern your country for a period you elected him for.



    • Mushota when are you going to get a life? This is a serious waste of tax payer money. I really would like each judge to account for all the money paid per case. I think the Zambian judiciary has become a way of enrichment including our compromised speaker. Zambia is rotten to the core.

    • Ba Musho,

      Alexandria the Great met a young and fearful soldier named Alexandria, he told him to change and become Brave or better still change his name from Alexandria.

      If you cannot show intelligence, then stop claiming being educated. You devalue education!

    • We’ve been warning these under5s that they cant hide behind a keyboard or pad. Internet is good because it identifies you the moment you conbect to it. Dull upnd cadres are busy exchanging evil plans on what’s up. I hacked imto one’s account and read what mushipe mwimbu mweemba malambo and some other 1diots comments. I can list all the phone numbers if anyone dares me. I laughed when i came to @ nezs and spaka lilo real names and faces.

    • Isn’t what ZICTA is doing called WIRE-TAPPING on all the SUBSCRIBERS to all Networks in Zambia? And what does our Constitution say on WIRE-TAPPING, EAVESDROPPING etc, etc?

    • Mushota go back to the you crawled under from. You are an embarrassment to feminists. Please critic with intelligence and we will support you as a woman regardless of what party you support…

    • @Mumbeti, wiretapping is not the case with the Dr. The mobile phone he uses to connect to facebook is assigned an IP address. So ZICTA traced that IP to his mobile phone. If you say wiretapping , you’re actually accusing them of placing a listening device which is not the case here.

    • civil servants are fade up with Dictator Chakolwa Chagwa Lungu’s lies.That’s why doctors are running away in the country for greener pasture…lol

    • That doctor should be left alone by lazy Lungu…taxpayers have invested alot of money in him to waste time in court for lazy Edgar!!

  2. @2, UPNDonkey, you are still free to convert back into human society, we are a christian nation.

    Nomba naba dokota uko ku mpanga baba kwati kamushi. Tamwasambilile ku unza imwe batata ba Dr UPNDonkey Kafunya?

    • The same Zicta infrastructure will be used to determine and prosecute the oppressors of Zambians. However long it takes.

  3. Kikiki lungu needs needs to be burned with petrol or acid. Why are they failing to arrest me. Lungu is a weak little boy. My manhood is thicker than his wrists.

  4. If they had these archaic laws in America, over 100 million people would be in jail for defaming Donald Trump. There’s even a play showing on Broadway in New York right now where Donald Trump is assasinated. A few weeks ago a comedian took a photo with a decapitated head of Donald Trump. Late night shows are full of humor about the President.

    We must do away with these laws we inherited from Northern Rhodesia. They were made by colonialists for indigenous people.

  5. Oh sorry by the way I forgot to greet Kaili-1 at Mukobeko, is he is visiting us at Lusaka magistrate court anytime soon? Has the Lusaka high court set a date for mention? Or sorry they have not yet allocated him a Judge in the high court, the list is full you know so we may have to wait for the January sessions. All are equal before the law as you know by now.
    Any way, good day U5, Mutinta is waiting outside with some breakfast of eggs and bacon, do they taste the same when taken in Mukobeko? Please give us feedback and keep us posted. Bye for now U5.

  6. That is everywhere poverty is not only in Zambia get a grip mate in fact poverty will be worse under HH because he owes his financiers a lot don’t be beluded his community are in deep poverty while he boasts of having money so this in itself must tell you something.

  7. Zambia its asecular state that gorverned by Constitution not Ten Commandments of God or Shariah law from Quran, So its just a wishful thing to always say that Zambia its a Christian nation.

  8. @5 NEZ, that is not surprising at all, everyone knows that Donkeys manhood is large. Why else do you call yourselves t-bulls?

    • No there aren’t. That’s why PF has to manufacture PFake treason charges against HH and his personal workers.

  9. Zambia is rotten and the judiciary is too. The polictical situation is all because of corrupt judges and a compromised speaker who all look out for themselves instead of what they should be doing in safeguarding the constitution and people of Zambia’s interest.

    • Behind it all is the fact that Zambia is a dictatorship. One guy, and one guy alone, is running the show, and that is the president. It makes no difference who it is you are dealing with, in the system, you are crossing paths with the guy at the top.

  10. These “Wa jata Ngombe”, cattle minders are going too far. Let them be caged. Its high time they realized that ruling is the preserve of Easterners and Northerners, period. We have been anointed to rule this country. Yours is too rule cows!!

  11. The NEZ donkey could probably be outside Zambia and he can afford to insult in the name of freedon of speech. But let me tel you NEZ you can insult even from your a.n.us upnd will never ever rule Zambia.

  12. The NEZ donkey could probably be outside Zambia and he can afford to insult in the name of freedon of speech. But let me tel you NEZ you can insult even from your a.n.us upnd will never ever rule Zambia.

  13. Upnd babies please avoid criminal offences at all cost. They have a negative impact on your life. Every good job anywhere is demanding a police record certificate. Supporting and insulting for hh is not everything about life. You can do better than that.

  14. If u are suffering don’t blame president is bringing poverty in your small house, its because you didn’t work had.HH when he become a President he will need to pay all the credits he is owing for the 5 times he lost.he is borrowing money in many countries now he is worried who is going to pay?mutinta can’t pay unless she sale her middle pot hole.thanks am blessed what I have and I enjoy with j.Zuma

    • It is interesting that you acknowledge that HH will become President. Have you given up on Lungu ruling forecer?

  15. This is how a dictatorship works! Intimidation and TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. Why would a court that is constrained for resources even make time for such a matter? Leave the guy alone. He, like millions of other citizens, is offended with what is going on in this country! Focus on alleviating poverty, instead of escalating the Political Tension which is already high!

  16. Courtesy is a hallmark of gentleness. Kindness is a virtue of dignity.
    He who fears GOD shall be loving and caring.
    To a sadist everything is funny as long as it is happening to someone else . It is not an uncommon sight to see boys throwing stones at frogs just to have fun. The boys’ fun means death to the frogs. It is not fun for the frogs.
    Sarcasm alienates people. Some people get their fun by putting others down.
    How do you judge the character of a person or, for that matter , of a community or a country? It is very easy. Just observe how the elderly, weak, poor , subordinates and opponents are treated.

  17. How can you respect such a lazy bum even his photo speaks volumes about his work ethic…there is the bum on an airport tarmac wasting time before he flies out.
    What a disgraceful fooool!!

  18. You gain respect by working for it. Zambia has bigger and more urgent problems to fix. Police, Judges etc realize that we have only one Zambia that you’re destroying everyday through your shameful actions. Why is it so hard for Africans to reason and make rational decisions?

  19. Citizen….the reason why it is so hard for africans to reason and make rational decisions is poverty and corruption.
    Poverty feeds off corruption and in turn corruption feeds of poverty.
    Our politicians are interested in what they can get when in power not what they can do for zambia.
    Check our mp’s and the jump from party to party. Political prostitutes.

  20. This chap needs to be punished! Why create an account in the name of an innocent person and you start posting trash under such an account! Why didn’t he use his name? The only honest answer is that the idiet knew that he was committing crimes and he thought he was clever! Let him dance to his music! What a doctor! Very unethical swine!

  21. From now on all Zambians should address the President as ‘ His Excellence Honourable and most High Edgar Chagwa Lungu, eminent lawyer of lawyers. Anything less is treasonable.

    Please refrain from naming your children Edgar or Chagwa or Lungu. It is insulting the president.

  22. Why don’t people use their real names even here on Lusaka Times? If you’re really courageous, simply take on Lungu head on.

    • Hello, is Ndanje Khakis your real name? Even me, this is not my real name. Kikikiki. Come to think of it, the other chap your are exchanging insults with maybe your Uncle, Aunt or indeed your father or father in law. Maybe we should treat this a game called kabisebise (hide and seek) and you don’t want anyone to find you, not even your wife/husband.

    • Yes it’s my name. Come to Nkana East at Kabala and ask for me. I am sure one or two persons will know me.

  23. UPNDonkeys have been quite loud about “hearing” their dead petition. That petition is dead and buried but we now gave a fresh case which you can demand to be heard and it does not have a 14 day limit:


  24. Doc forgot that he had opened that Facebook account using his number. That man is dangerious,next time he will forget cottons balls in a patient.

    • Worst part he used that Congoleses name. The poor chap by now be in Lubumbashi if it wasn’t for thorough investigation. What a callous coward. Maybe he wanted to put the Kasai in trouble because of some differences they have. But as a doctor he should have realized that chances of be caught were there. But then that’s how Upnd live …..carelessly dangerous.

  25. U see you guys like NEZ who think you can insult under a false name? You can be traced. Especially if LT decided to cooperate with the investigator

  26. What an archaic law and waste of resources. Firstly, defamation belongs to the civil procedure realm. Secondly, how many people are you going to arrest for their candid views on the President or what they wish they could do to him? Thirdly, those supporting such nonsense are a disgrace to humanity and the reason a lot of tyranny is perpetuated. But there comes a time, and usually too late, when these retrogressive worshippers of useless leaders find themselves mangled, their flesh torn and eventually fed to the wolves in the crossfire that emanates from the demands for civility. Be warned, there is no safety behind chosen ignorance and smug inhuman comments that are nourished by the crumbs and silver coins thrown to you by your GREAT and DEAR leader, ECL.

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