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There is so munch hunger and due to high levels of unemployment

General News There is so munch hunger and due to high levels of...

File:Youths queing for Police recruitment at Sikanze Camp
Political Advisor Gregory Chileshe has charged that in Zambia there is so much hunger than ever before and pain due to high levels of unemployment.

Evangelist Chileshe said high prices of essential commodities are afflicting on a daily basis and Zambians are not happy with the current trends in the country.

He noted that the unemployed are finding it difficult and are doing anything at their disposal for as long as it is making them buy something to eat for the day.

Evangelist Chileshe added that many in Zambia are going with one meal per day, per family and this is causing much pain and anger in many lives of people as prices of essential commodities keep increasing every day.

“Workers in many areas in Zambia need to be assisted to get salaries equaling to their labor. Many people working and trying to support a family on the minimum wage struggle to meet basic costs of living each week, everywhere, this time around both in the rural and urban areas. Zambia is seriously in poverty and a big amount of work in the short term needs to be done by government or else the pangs of poverty will flatten the people to inhuman conditions our eyes will never love to behold” he said

And Evangelist said that despite lowering official unemployment rates, there are also high numbers of people who are out of work and others only have a few hours of work per week, working almost for nothing.

He further stated that people are not even receiving unemployment payment support and such individuals have been out of employment for 12 months even longer than that.

“People who must be on disability support pensions, many of whom want to work; parents on pensions, many of whom want to work are languishing in poverty”

“Studies have shown that unemployment is more concentrated in rural areas and compounds of Zambia. Employment levels have been looking the same across some village and compound regions, still not taking more people into government jobs and when employed, you find it is those closer to the corridors of power or related or of the same tribe favored”

“Employment levels in richer townships have remained virtually unchanged while poorer compounds have declined in employment also due to high levels of urbanization which i wish to come and tackle later soon. Low levels of income from social security payments are also a major factor increasing poverty” Evangelist Chileshe said

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  1. Dear all my beloved Zambians.
    I beg to disagree that poverty levels in Zambia are due to high unemployment levels.
    Zambia has a lot to offer to all its people. The major problem we have is to wait and receive free hand out right from education to health services.
    In simple terms, Zambians most of them are lazy people. We have plenty of land that the Almighty God has given us, but all we wait for is for foreign investors to come and feed us. Government including the past ones right from Kaunda era, advise its citizens to go back to the land because this is the best capital that God has given us to explore. Right we have mines which have been helping us for a long time now. Mines alone can not sustain all economic activities of Zambia.
    Just a quick research that I conducted on white…

    • Are farming inputs free? Is there enough land to go round or just enough for PF carders? is there more money in the pockets of ordinary Zambians after the increase of electricity? Accept the fact that Zambians are poorer than they were in 2011

    • Thompson! I have missed you my dearest brother. I stayed in Dublin for while and I heard a lot about your wise council to the Zambians resident in the Republic. People like you is what the country back home needs (someone who works for the benefit of all and tells things as they see fit, unlike a lot of your friends in Dublin especially that group in Branchestown – who claim to represent Zambians in Ireland, but in actual sense just organise things among themselves and all others that belong to their “tribe” and traditional cousins). is that family who works in the hospital still in charge of the Zambian independence…

    • @ Copala Swag!

      You are very right. I was a student at Trinity College and we were invited to a Zambian independence organised by a very tribal family which was very anti-Sata/PF. I felt really sorry and sad at the same time besides being charged a lot of money for some crisps in a very plushy hotel to celebrate Zambian independence.
      I’m gone 7-years now and I really hope Dublin/Irish Zambian community is now changed. But those Luvela and Tonga guys were very un-partriotic.

    • I bear witness to those testimonies about the Zambian/Dublin/Irish community. I lived there. It simply sucks. Very tribal shyyt

    • Zambians in the diaspora are very tribal. However, without even mentioning names some tribes are worse.

    • Learn to work together Zambians in the diaspora. Yes, I have stories about political inclinations in Zambian associations overseas, and Ireland is not unique. But I heard from some friends in Dublin, that there is now a new committee running the show in Ireland and that last year’s independence was a ball! I’m coming this October guys, can’t wait to see my old buddies!


      Out of smelly chaotic Chawama,
      Crawled a gangly drunken worm
      With no morals, but integrity torn
      With teeth as a buck, tall as a Llama

      Raised on Jemason with fingers long
      He staggered and stabbed his way
      To a throne he stole from a Sata tray
      Demented with an ego, vile and strong

      In HH he found a strong opponent
      A champion of hard work and thrift
      Who he jailed and tortured aswift
      Lungu’s ire and envy set afire, and violent

      The eternal kaponya turned dictator
      Violent of character with none to tell
      Stared in the abyss of his evil core
      Jumped and drowned in his own hell

      ~ Buck Teeth Lungu, 2017©

  2. Evangelist Chileshse, I ask you this: If there is so much hunger and unemployment, why are bars and their owners getting richer?? How can poor people drink so much?? And I don’t mean tujilijili, go to Kabwata KCC everyday where they sell Mosi, Castle lite and Jameson and see the crowd that is there??? I strongly believe the poor ones are the lazy ones. The hard workers are silently getting richer, and they are very Zambian too!!!

  3. yes hunger has increased with unemployment, electricity and cost of living going up. problem has been compounded by failure of govt to pay retirees, service providers etc

  4. He is saying studies have shown that there is high level of unemployment and hunger. I was looing forward to some statistical analysis to prove what he is talking about but nay. This guy is a fake. Just yapping stupidity issues from his brain. Zambians home are doing better than these so called diasporians. They are ever sniffing farts from the pale man and getting confused.

    • Are you sure they are doing better? Your language says it all. You do not need statistics about poverty in Zambia. Just look a people’s faces.

  5. Whats all this Ireland independence got to do with the Poverty in Zambia?? I think you guys are living in your delusional exile abodes and not entirely in touch with the Poverty back home. Get real your discussions are trivialities

    • Mr shameless.
      It’s not Ireland we are talking about. It’s about high poverty levels in our beloved Zambia. I in Ireland but very active in Zambian economic processes. As a poor man who is seeing light in land for agriculture. I have the right to advise my fellow Zambian including your self that life is in farming not in new York or Dublin / London.
      Poverty levels is high. But this is because of too much dependency to be employed. People come up with ideas so that you create employment for your self. Don’t die as someone who wants to be employed all of his/her life.
      Ready between the lines don’t just be carried with any direction of winds.
      It’s laziness and luck of creativeness which makes a lot of our people to be poverty. Government has given you free education hence the…

    • Iwe chi @ Shameless. WEBETOLE!

      People are free to discourse whatever they please. The above bloggers on Zambians in Dublin are entitled to their elaborations. We used to have the same problem here in Canada in the 1990s, but thank God that is all now gone.

      @ Thompson, you are really raising very sound ideas. I agree with you. Land is the symbol of OUR National/Zambian pride and identity, and hence through it we can surely aim to end poverty!

  6. But Lungu said unemployment rate in Zambia stands at 7.4 percent , according to his 7th National development plan from chawama.

  7. Pa zed yalikaba. Govt can give out free things to people but zedian can still demand govt now to feed them while their harms are folded. Zambians are lazy.

  8. thank you evangelist; PF cadres will deny what you’re saying because they’re swimming in stolen money

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