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UPND MP alleges that President Lungu is copying dictatorial tactics

General News UPND MP alleges that President Lungu is copying dictatorial tactics

Mr. Ephraim Belemu, UPND Mbabala MP

United Party for National Development (UPND) Mbabala Member of Parliament Ephraim Belemu has charged that President Edgar Lungu’s association with Dictators like President of Rwanda Paul Kagame, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe and Museven of Uganda is a clear demonstration he is copying dictatorial tactics from the three African leaders that are perceived to be dictators.

Speaking when he appeared on CBC TV program dubbed “On Record” on Tuesday evening the 20th June, 2017, Belemu reiterated that the idea to arrest innocent citizens using the police is a clear demonstration that Zambia is now a dictatorship.

Mbabala lawmaker also criticized the three individual pastors for attacking the three church mother bodies for identifying president Lungu as a dictator.

He noted that dictators have no respect for the rule of law and that the idea of calling Edgar Lungu a dictator is long overdue.

Belemu further upheld that those calling on the UPND to recognize Edgar Lungu as President should also remember that UPND believes elections were rigged and that the issue of rigging must be resolved and the petition should be heard forthwith.

He said it is baseless for UPND MPs to sit in Parliament when party members are being given trumped up charges by the police on daily basis, adding that MPs represent the people and that the people of Zambia need political space to be fully represented and enjoy their rights without being intimidated.

“And those calling for the UPND MPs to resign on moral grounds should instead tell Edgar Lungu and his colleagues to resign on moral grounds as they are the ones who have failed to live up to their promises. ” Belemu has said.

Meanwhile, The Zambian Embassy in Washington D.C has assured the United States Government that Zambia will endeavor to uphold the rule of law in the governance system of the country.

Zambia’s Chargé d’affaires to the USA Joseph Chilaizya has reaffirmed to the Department of State in Washington DC, that President EDGAR LUNGU will not interfere in the judicial process in the case that Zambia’s opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema is facing in the courts of law.

Mr Chilaizya says Zambia has taken interest to learn from the US system of governance where the executive, legislature and judiciary are allowed to operate freely without any undue interference.

Mr Chilaizya’s comments came in the wake of concerns raised by U.S. Department of State outgoing Desk Officer for Zambia and Lesotho Janice Corbett regarding the UPND leader court case.

This was during a courtesy call on the Zambian Embassy by incoming U.S. Department of State Desk Officer for Zambia and Lesotho Carmelia Macfoy and Incoming US Zambian Embassy in Lusaka Deputy Political and Economic Chief Brandon Wilson.

“The Zambian government believes in the rule of law and separation of powers. The President doesn’t interfere in judicial or law enforcement agencies processes. Mr Hichilema is a suspect and the President only has authority over convicted people where he has powers to pardon convicts.

“President Lungu stands firm to uphold the tenets of democracy. This is what the US government also believes in hence the discourse we are hearing where President Trump is being accused of interfering with law enforcement agencies. President Lungu doesn’t want to find himself in a position where he’s accused of interfering with live cases,” Mr Chilaizya said.

Mr Chilaizya further said that Zambia looks forward to working with President Donald Trump’s administration in fostering bilateral relations with the USA.

He told the US Department of State that as President Trump completes appointments of members to government, Zambia looks forward to the release of the US Africa policy and in particular that for Zambia.


    • The so called rich man and business man has now finished his money through greedy preliminary lawyers. Heartless Jack Mwimbu and company

    • 100% SPOT ON, Mr. Kudos!! Parties with winning strategies don’t echo the same thing over and over. They accept, analyse their weaknesses, restrategise, and implement. Every upnd donkey keeps on repeating the same thing over and over. Prognosis: NO ROAD MAP/PLAN!!!

  1. It’s also clear that all UPND MP’s have also become schizophrenic with ideas of grandeur by having HH the unrepentant delusional schizophrenic with ideas of grandeur who thinks he is the president of a country called Zambia. At least HH can now preside over his fellow inmates in Mukobeko!


      Out of smelly chaotic Chawama,
      Crawled a gangly drunken worm
      With no morals, but integrity torn
      With teeth as a buck, tall as a Llama

      Raised on Jemason with fingers long
      He staggered and stabbed his way
      To a throne he stole from a Sata tray
      Demented with an ego, vile and strong

      In HH he found a strong opponent
      A champion of hard work and thrift
      Who he jailed and tortured aswift
      Lungu’s ire and envy set afire, and violent

      The eternal kaponya turned dictator
      Violent of character with none to tell
      Stared in the abyss of his evil core
      Jumped and drowned in his own hell

      ~ Buck Teeth Lungu, 2017©

  2. “President Lungu stands firm to uphold the tenets of democracy. This is what the US government also believes in hence the discourse we are hearing where President Trump is being accused of interfering with law enforcement agencies. President Lungu doesn’t want to find himself in a position where he’s accused of interfering with live cases,” Mr Chilaizya said.

    Be careful what you say.

    • Here was a guy, a noble lawyer. He offered his services to the Gabon disaster widows for free. He joined politics and was inspired by the able leadership of Anderson Kambela Mazoka. He then saw greener pastures with Michael Chilufya Sata after the tribalism disillusioned him in upnd. He worked with dedication under President Sata who saw his potential and picked him as his successor. He inspired majority Zambians to vote for him after campaigning for barely six weeks unlike his rival who had been trying to be president for over 9 years while enduring a fierce hate campaign against him!! Here is a true Zambian success story. THAT IS THE TRUTH AND REALITY ABOUT EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU I HAVE WOKEN UP TO.

    • @ 5.1 Zambian Citizen

      The Edgar Changwa Lungu you have so ably described, is the Edgar Changwa Lungu of yesterday. With such an Edgar Changwa Lungu at the helm, I can afford to go to sleep. I hope he is the same Edgar Changwa Lungu of tomorrow. I happen to be skeptical. While respecting your word of assurance, I am compelled to keep my fingers crossed.

    • Ba zambian citizen muleyikalafye you are a case of a group of blind men and women being lead by by one blind man chagwa who has no eyes to figure out how he got into state house.Ngababuka ni twalaya kwi lelo,afwile achimona ulya alimuchfungo kateka nine.
      The qwack must work his job comes with loads of responsibilities not am able to fly around smh.

  3. But why have UPNDonkeys failed to realise that its their lead donkey hh who is a dictator? How long has he been in that position yet not allowed its party to go for convention? Do these guys realise that hh has lost 5 National elections but still instils fear in them?
    Just looking at this feeble Belemu, you can understand that UPND is under siege, in captivity and parading with them is actually a curse. Too tribal and myopic.

  4. This Chilaizya dude and these PF people are really a bunch of clowns: “Edgar Lungu will not interfere with the judiciary and the court process” they continue singing. Oh right, like anyone really believes them. The argument is really is s!lly… I mean dictator Lungu is the one who ordered the arrest and continued persecution of HH in the first place, so what type of ‘not interfering’ do they keeping singing about? Please stop taking people for f00ls. Didn’t these same PF clowns just order the release from jail of Chinese nationals recently?

  5. Your HH is already a dictator, no convention and no one can advise him in your ka party. You are all scared of him like little dogs. Just shut up, and deal with your burns on your face, HIV/AIDs infested MP Belemu.

    • What are those conventions you always talk about? Are they meaningful? I thought there assemblies where people harass others? Kavidenle was harassed. Mwanawasa went through the same ordeal. Lungu organized his fellow thugs to torment others. The list is long. You think that those conventions are democratic. There are for a where people drink chibuku.

  6. Dictators come in all kinds of shades and colour. There is no question that United States’ Donald J. Trump, though seemingly a dictator by nature, is unlikely to realize his ambitions. Why? Simply because that country, the United States, is largely repugnant to dictatorship. In contrast, Africans generally tend to be more permissive and less indignant to dictatorial tendencies in their leaders. In that context, it can be seen that, we Africans encourage the rise to power of the so called dictators. We rise to their defense and protect them.

    • hh once called MCS “chimbwi no plan”. MCS, the political genius, had already planned for his party after his death. When he was sick and died, hh and tonga hardliners thought they finally got a grip on the presidency as they thought no one would succeed MCS in PF. But the political genius was too far ahead of them, he pulled out a guy he knew would be acceptable to the public and turned the upnd on its head!! hh bitterness and hate for ECL has landed him in prison because after everything: hh is the CHIMBWI NO PLAN!!!!!!!

    • ECL should say thank you to Inonge Wina and this Kabwe lawyer who presided over the illegal convention where he was voted by show of hands. Actually PF is not in power because of strategy but due to criminality which UPND doesn’t support. We don’t praise products of criminality.

  7. This is time for the 48 UPND MPs to reflect on their past political errors.
    (1) Siakalima advised Hakaimbe to damp Canicious Banda to recruit a violent GBM. RESULTS: (a) Some Tongas withheld their votes for HH; (b) GBM misled HH with an attempt to disrupt the “Kuomboka Ceremony in Mongu, landing HH at Mukobeko.
    (2) UPND hired NUMSA & DA’s Maimane to threaten boycott of Zambian products and accuse PF Govt as Dictatorial. This failed as it could have led to demise of South Africa’s investments in Zambia.
    (3) GBM hires Bishop Mpundu to castigate PF Govt. This was a disaster as other Bishops have exposed Mpundu as a LIAR. RESULTS: Stephen Katuka and Kakoma are agonising as senior Catholics reveal the TRUTH.

  8. What will happen to this Belemu MP when he’s assigned by Mr Speaker to visit those countries he’s labelling to be led by dictators…UPND are really myopic in their thinking…

  9. If President Lungu believes in the rule of law, why is he as a qualified lawyer silent when his police officers are disobeying the court ruling that HH should be taken back to Lusaka Prison for example when ministers were told to pay back from occupying offices after dissolving parliament before the 2016 general elections. Let’s not be cheated this is organized oppression. Mugabe began little by little using the same foot steps are exactly what we are facing and seeing. Its not HH only many Zambians will suffer in the same way. Before it is too late Zambians must wake up and be open minded. Don’t look at HH or Who is the president now look at what is happening. Our Church Leaders from the Three Mother Bodies have shown the current problems which all Zambians are able to see.

  10. Can’t even bring myself to read the statement by the MP from UPNDonkeys. Whom can he lecture to? He has not even a single moral, isn’t he suspended for donkey behaviour? Donkeys!

    The “petition” died in September, now it’s


  11. Even if ecl was voted by a handful of voters, at least a convention was held and it is on record. Upnd has never held one.

    When are you going to hold a small convention. Lack of holding explains that hh is a dictator. Ecl is better hh.

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