10 Most Peaceful Countries in Africa 2017



    • I am sure you have noticed that there isnt much to show for Zambia in way of development as is the case with countries like TZ and GH

    • Not one ,none of these peaceful countries listed are economic powerhouses. Nigeria Kenya ,Angola ,Egypt ,Algeria & South Africa are the movers & shakers of Africa.

    • If only we could maintain that legacy. Things appear to be drifting in the opposite direction right now. What was once a peaceful country is suddenly beginning to look like South Sudan.

    • Why is Zambia not #1?
      What’s wrong, or what happened? Next year might end up #14.
      Did you see FiFA ranking under PF?

  1. When I read the title I thought I was going to read an article that appeared in respected Journal of a research university like Harvard University.

  2. Zambia will will be peaceful when lungu dies on 22nd December 2017

  3. So, Southern Africa has taken 6 slots, Mauritius, Madagascar,Botswana, Namibia, Malawi n Zambia. We are so lucky , n let us cherish peace n strive for bettering our current status as we can do even better.

    • How is this measured? Madagascar is the only southern African nation apart from lesotho to have experienced a coup-two coups in fact

  4. HH will rot in jail-hehehehehe.here we are Zambia ranked 4th!!!

  5. Just yesterday people lost limbs in political violence. This is big lie. You can never hear of such stories in Botswana and we lie just below them? No ways.We have lost the peace.

    • Botswana is more oppressive than Zambia. Just try going there and start your freedom of expression stuff and you will see how fast you will be booted out of the country

  6. @Nez & wiseone you now know that no one is listening to your under five propaganda written on an under five card mukose bane kikiki

  7. Peace without tangible development is like tea without sugar.Japan ,Germany and South Korea got destroyed then came back fast to leave Zambia in the dust.

    And which id.iot assembled this skewed report placing Sierra Leonne at #5 yet just 10yrs ago they went thru long lasting brutal civil war?

  8. You know UPNDonkeys, I dont know what you smuggle into Correctional facility for U5 to smoke, he seems to live in his own self created cloud nine where he hallucinates being a Mandela! Now the poor boy does not even want to come out those facilities until the Court orders him to come out. My Gosh!!! Please spare a thought for your leader you donkeys.

  9. Yes Zambia used to be very peaceful especially during the reign of MMD…….But not anymore. In any case what were the standards used to determine which country is peaceful. Is it thiefs on the streets, murder cases etc? or what. Botswana to me is the most peaceful country in Africa. Even the Batswana Police will assist you. There are no wall fences and you can park your car anywhere.

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