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Former Mines Minister Maxwell Mwale set free on charges of abuse of office

General News Former Mines Minister Maxwell Mwale set free on charges of abuse...

Maxwell Mwale
Maxwell Mwale

The Lusaka High Court has acquitted former Minister of Mines Maxwell Mwale on the charges of abuse of authority of office.

Mr Mwale was sentenced to two years in prison with hard labour by the Magistrate Court but appealed to the High court.

It was alleged that Mr Mwale gave a mining license to Zongi Mining company without following procedures.

But High Judge Mubanga Kondolo has ruled that Mr Mwale did not abuse his power because the license was given by a team of people constituted at the Ministry.

Justice Kondolo said there was no way one person could have influenced everyone to favour one firm.

And speaking after the interview, Mr Mwale’s lawyer Jonas Zimba said justice has prevailed.

Mr. Zimba said he agrees with the judgement because the state witnesses failed to prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt.


    • Weak institutions, selective persecution, and no respect for the rule of law renders Zambia useless, corrupt and economically weak. First Chiluba was acqitted, then RB, Liato, Dora, Mwale and more to come. Those within the corridors of power are amassing unexplained wealth. With these kind of leadership style, the future of Zambia is gloomy, at the worst doomed with no light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Ministers are very safe..please continue stealing with impunity ..this is a green light for them to single source those contracts for big brown envelopes and favours …when they come for you just say I have no authority..its Mrs Banda and Mr Mwansa in the Tender Dept in my ministry who issue out contracts. What a sick joke!!

    • We elect thieves in office and get surprised when the coffers are emptied. We elect hyenas and wonder who ate the goats?

  1. Both Mr. Mwale and Ms. Siliya were victims of the Zambian version of “State Capture” spear-headed by a consortium of the Cartel namely: Fred Mmembe (The Post) and Mutembo Nchito (DPP), Wynter Kabimba (Justice Minister) and Musa Mwenye (Attorney General).

    The notorious Cartel manipulated Sata for his humble education that failed him to appreciate legal trappings. Mmembe, Nchito and Musa Mwenye (strange Zambian name) took up Law studies in order to punch holes in our legal systems as they looted public funds during the reigns of Mwanawasa and Sata. We salute the Zambian Judiciary for discharging fair trials to Mr. Mwale and Ms. Siliya.

  2. @ Kabinga how do you prove there is no state capture by Rupiah and financiers of Edgar?? Looks like court rulings in Zed are usually in favour of those in good books with those in power

    • Yeah, but we also know that there were forces behind Mr. Sata that were forcing him to take costly vendettas that were going nowhere.

  3. Really laughable..this is the same way Dora’s case was throw out stating she had no authority but the Technical Committee. ..they all hide behind Civil Servants who they appoint!!

  4. Would i ever come to see justice in Zambia vetted on those who have served in Govt before? Would it be said its just a circus court process whenever a former high govt official is under courts of law, then its a pre de termined case? never ever do i see justice being executed. Just as what Kabova above has highlighted.

    Its only the simple small and non entity Zambians who have to face walls of prisons. shame.

  5. Is from eastern province expect him to be acquitted. I no longer consider people from this province as our tribal cousins anymore only a fool with no eyes. too much Muzungu woni konda very selfish both at work and in politics.

  6. What is wrong to acquit Dora and Mwale if there is no strong evidence? That is the same way HH was acquitted on the charge of insulting though everyone knows HH has a foul mouth. Please allow the courts do their work in peace.

  7. no ! easterners this time are never guilty others tribes in trouble sylvia masebo brain chituyo after protesting the following day they are arrested for unknown offences to bad tribalism at its highest level. But why are the things like this surely?

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