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Now state wants to take HH back to Mukobeko for his own safety


Mr Hichilema's wife Mutinta after visiting her husband
Mr Hichilema’s wife Mutinta after visiting her husband

The State through the Zambia Correctional Services has applied to the Lusaka Magistrate Court to transfer opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema and his five co-accused back to Mukobeko Maximum Prison.

The state says transferring Mr Hichilema and the five back to Mukobeko is for their own safety.

According to an application filed before the Lusaka Magistrates Court with a certificate of urgency, Lusaka Central Prison Officer in Charge Patrick Ngonga submitted that the correctional facility would always avail Mr Hichilema to court when needed no matter the location at which he was held.

“That I wish to apply to this Honourable court to vary its order to the effect that the complainants should be availed before the court as and when they are required to attend to the proceedings and not to be remanded at Lusaka Central Facility on the reasons to be given in subsequent paragraphs. That the Correctional Services Authority are the best suited to determine which correctional facility an accused person is to be lodged,” he submitted.

He added, “the complainants are remanded as accused persons by the Correctional Services Authority and are appearing in their capacity as complainants and witnesses respectively before this court. That the Lusaka Central Correctional Facility is not as secure as Mukobeko Maximum Correctional Facility due to its location,” Ngonga swore.

“That Mukobeko Maximum Correctional Facility is the only maximum correctional facility in Zambia. That for the reasons within the mandate of the Correctional Services Authority, the complainants are better kept at Mukobeko Maximum Facility for their own and other remandees safety and humane custody. That further, the Correctional Services Authority has the capacity to avail the accused persons to court as and when the court so directs from any location within the country.”

Magistrate Ireen Wishimanga will hear the application on Wednesday at 08:30 Hours in chambers.


    • Armed robbers are kept at Chimbokaila, but HH who is not a criminal can’t? Not too long ago they said HH cant have special treatment different from the other remandees–Zambia is a sad phenomenon!

    • Terrible reporting, our reporting is suggesting that HH does not belong at Mukobeko

      He belongs there until the case is heard which by estimate will be sentences just after Christmas

      I see these things far enough before they happen, I am dismissed as a psycho woman but you will learn to love my vision.

      I have a PhD



    • What the state is doing is predetermined. If HH had to be hurt by the same cohort, state agents, Lungu will pretend he had done everything to protect HH by moving him to Mukobeko. What Lungu doesn’t reliase is that most of his minister are just waiting for their dues come 2021. Mark my words, Lungu will be deserted by his own ministers. He will be the first president to run away from Zambia just like what happened to Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada.

    • With HH in Chimbokaila, its giving ECL sleepless nights, make no mistake this thing haunts him a lot. By clearing HH to Mukobeko, it gives ECL a breathing space.

      Is there any other reason you think government can use to get court endorsement for transferring HH to Mukobeko, apart from for security reasons? Of course not.

      As usual from psycho woman. Peace to all.

    • What are these guys’ agenda over HH’s life? Since when did the state begin to care about HH’s safety? If Chimbokaila is not safe for HH, it must not be safe for every remandee and as such let all the remandees be transferred to Mukobeko for their safety. This is crossing the limit and stretching people’s patience.

    • I have heard about WITCHES, but now I can clearly see at least 5, Edgar, Kaizer, Kampyongo, Chitotela, Mumbi and the others that you all know. What goes around comes around. Those who kill by the sword, by the sword they will be killed.

  1. Did HH say that he is not safe at Chimbokaila? As citizenry we need to know what the State mean by “their own safety.”

  2. Prison ‘musical chairs’ equivalent. Hope the final hearing is soon to release pressure and end this matter. I am sure HH must want that.

  3. In the first place the magistrate court was wrong to order where the remandee should be kept by the prisons authourities. The court should have just ordered that the accused should be availed when needed by the court.

  4. Instead of sorting out the many challenges facing the economy they are busy sorting out wrong things. PF and UPND, Completely not adding any value to this country. Two hopeless parties


    • The blame should go to the one in Power I always get baffled by the nonsensical assertion of putting the PF together with opposition Parties when saying the should be serious they are dragging us back. Guess what? the other do not have the reins of power its Chagwa and the PF. They need to get their act together and soon realise this country needs to be managed and move forward. Really annoying

    • Zambians should reflect the case of Rwanda were the majority Hutu ruled with impunity and suppressed the Tustis for a very long time. The Tutsi upon realizing that they can win through a ballot they regrouped in Uganda and congo and planed a revolt which led to a protracted civil war. The civil war at its apex caused the death of the Hutu president and hence the genocide against the Tutsi at the time when the Hutu thought they were wining by killing more than 1million tustsis Paul kagame a Tutsi came in to take over Government. This is a lesson to some overzealous Bembas and Nyanja who think numbers can win a war. Lets pray the situation does not go that far, but at the moment one should ask themselves why do we have so many Bembas and Nyanjas in key positions in Zambia? If this by design…

  5. Wasting time on irrelevant applications. Get on with the real case! If the State is worried about HH’s safety, they can either:
    1) Release HH as there is no case here.
    2) Expedite the Treason case so that the case can be concluded.

    • If it is by design then we shall not run away from the case of Rwanda.HH is being persecuted because he is Tonga,remember both the Tustsi and The tonga are pastoral famers with Nilotic blood.Tongas are black jews.The continued attack on the Tonga will result in disaster for Bembas and Nyajas this will shift the centers of power.Then Zambia will enjoy peace and development.

  6. Very tru, its not the role of the court to tell the police or correctional services were to “store” remandeese. I once remember Musakanya was remanded in Lundazi & other outlaying smo towns by Kaunda. Musakanya’s family wld fly into lundazi (and pipo of lundazi wld run to the airport to go witness a rare occasion of a plane in the boma). So chi hh, back to mukobeko now. Or they will take him to a prison in Mbala. Or any where like Samfya. Anywhere mwebantu

  7. Really laughable ..if you really care about his safety send him home and put him under house arrest…what a bunch of cowards by 2021 if Lazy Lungu has his way he will be standing against a photo of frog or a Goat.


  9. Why this obsession by the State to remand HH at Mukobeko Maximum Prison? HH is not a convict. He is an innocent Political Prisoner until proven guilty. HH is entitled to certain Human Rights. He has Rights to visitation by his Family,Friends, Legal Advisers,Doctors etc. Why take him to Mukobeko Maximum Prison? What Safety consideration is this? The State should expedite the Treason Trial and remand HH at his House in need as was KK treated.The Treason Charge is Fake and HH and his workers should be released from Jail unconditionally. Dictator and Sadist Lungu is enjoying persecuting innocent HH for Political Reasons. There is no evidence what so ever to show that HH and his workers took up arms to violently overthrow GRZ. Lungu and KZ want to harm HH at Mukobeko Maximum Prison. We smell…

  10. Wash out. First, there have demonstrated before already that they struggle to transport the complainant “HH’ to court when they failed to avail him despite a court order.
    Secondly, he is not a convicted criminal to be confined to Mukobeko, which is not a remand prison but max prison..
    Thirdly, if they are concerned about his safety, there is an easier option of putting him under house arrest. This has been proved effective before with KK.
    Fourth, it allows easier interaction with the legal team being at Lusaka Central than in Kabwe.
    Lastily, the state demonstrates it can manipulate what is straight toward by this shocking application!

  11. I believe its best to just have HH under house arrest! It serves no purpose to incarcerate him in poor conditions. Further to that the State should not risk any harm coming to him and as such better to have him under house arrest. His premises should simply be secured and security details set at all access points that lead to the house as well as in the premises to ensure no fracas occurs.

  12. HH’s cases are no longer news.we are sick and tired of hearing the name HH.please Lusaka Times,give us important news and not HH this,HH that-ITS TOO BORING!!!WE DONT CARE WHERE HH IS KEPT!WHAT IS MORE VITAL IS HIS ABSENCE FROM OUR POLITICAL CIRCLES FOR US TO BE ENJOYING PEACE IN ZAMBIA!!

  13. It’s not the state but party of f…that in its evil schemes wants to inflict the worst treatment on their most dreaded enemy. EL has no capacity at the moment to see reality beyond his yes men and women who have thoroughly insulated him from reality. By the time he wakes up, it may be too late. No one in their right senses would rejoice seeing this level of injustice. The man you have locked up is first of all a father, a husband, an employer, a mentor, etc. How would Tasila feel to see her father subjected to this kind of inhuman treatment? Time to right all wrongs is now! The best you can do for a man of HH’s stature is to put him under house arrest to ensure dignity is preserved! What goes round must come round!

  14. @2 Lombe (pseudoname of course, should be Haalombe), that is where you get it wrong. What hh says is not here or there as long he remains a law breaker and incacerated. As soon as you break the law you surrender your opinion? The sooner you come to terms that U5 is like any other remandee the better because that is really a fact that will not change.

  15. @15 2020vision, you smoking something? My friend your hh/U5 is a Capital Remand Prisoner so the question of house arrest does not arise, otherwise we should allow all other remandees the choice of house arrext or prison.
    Normally house arrest would be reserved for former Presidents, now hh has never been one to deserve such honour is he? I mean, U5 is only respected by his UPNDonkey party followers not the rest of us or his fellow remandees.

    • Ediot bloggers like you @ terrible @ Peter @ Mushota@ nude princess are making LT irrelevant.
      You have no real arguments here, except to type vile against HH.
      None of you have tried to convincingly explain his court case in detail since you so believe that he’s guilt and only so because “Lungu” says so.
      Your low level intellect is keeping people with real brains away from this forum.

    • Terrible HH is a political prisoner not a criminal,that is the differernce hence he deserves to treated fairy.HH is treated like a Dog because he is Tonga.Any normal Zambian should remember that we had presidents before and they are gone Lungu should also know that one day he will HH or his sons .What goes up will certainly one day come down.

  16. Kaunda was charged with treason and placed under house arrest. You young boys and girls you should take time to analyze issues before talking

  17. 1.Why is the Transfer back to Mukobeko Maximum Prison Urgent? 2. HH is not the only Remandee at Chimbokaila. So why HH for Transfer to Mukobeko?3. HH’s Family, relatives ,Friends,Lawyers , Courts , Doctors etc are based in Lusaka so it makes Visits and consultation easier and convenient.
    4. Transporting HH and 5 accused to and from Court and Prison is cheaper and convenient from Chikombaila.
    5.What are the Safety Reasons?
    6.Doesn’t the suspect have a say in the Transfer given HH is innocent and his Human Rights are intact.
    7. The State’s motive for the Transfer back to Mukobeko are harmful to HH.
    8. The Court should reject the Application. Why is it that HH is the only Remandee being moved from Chilanga, Chikombaila and Mukobeko back and forth?. Why would the State be concerned…

  18. May all these machinations turn against those who are persecuting an innocent soul. May they fall in their won ditch which they dig for others. May they be like Haman who hanged on the gallows he prepared for an innocent man, Modecai and may their families perish with them just like Haman’s family perished with him. May the God of Israel look judge and reward the righteous according to their righteousness and the wicked according to their wickedness. Do not tarry oh our God. For arrogance has become rife.

  19. Civilians are a different mindset and fail to understand scenarios behind the scene. @Terrible and guys are not being representative of what the Late Great MCS stood for..MCS was all about forgiveness and letting bygones be bygones…ECL is deep within a forgiving man but what is happening is a result of bad advice from so called big wigs who are leading this country into the ditch..the likes of Kaiser Zulu have nothing to offer this country..we need an all inclusive approach..HH is a human being and despite his erring ways deserves some form of forgiveness too. Zambia is bigger than all of us!!!!

    • I think your reasoning is making much more sense on this subject matter…Our Republican President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu can unlock this simply because he’s the President of Zambia…Which ever way we can look at it, our beloved President can do something about it…UPND should engage the President quitly to resolve this issue if only pride can be put aside by the Supreme Leader HH and the UPND…

    This prison has FAILED local safety and environmental minimum standards.
    Health standards are not even there to talk about.
    so it is not for his safety.
    A drive to lsk in a van at high speed three time weekly is a total recipe for elimination of HH.
    Small men in government! !!

  21. Its very clear that Lungu and Kaizer Zulu want to harm or kill HH so that he is not a factor in 2021 Elections and thereafter.KZ wants to harm HH in the darkness of Mukobeko far away from Public view.The Safety Reasons given are imaginary. If they want to harm or kill him let them do so at Chikombaila. There was a Plan to harm HH at Mukobeko which will be difficult to implement at Chikombaila. Should something happen to HH if he is moved to Mukobeko the blame will be on the Magistrate. There are too many prying eyes for the State to do what they want to do to HH in Chikombaila. Its better KZ does what he wants to do on HH at Chikombaila. They have got the State Machinery to harm HH so nobody can stop them if they want to kill him. God is shining on HH!

  22. Maximum doesn’t unnecessarily to keep dangerous criminals but also to protect other remandees. Some people can be dangerous can do anything to implicate government.

    • All those who used Mr. Lungu’s power tactics while in high office, died in exile or received the same baptism when the lost the power. I pray to God our Father for the Holly Spirit to touch the heart of Mr Lungu, to see through the deception of Satan that has beclouded his mind, for sake of justice and his own tomorrow. “No person is quilty of a crime till such time that an impartial court of law find him so.” God will never let injustice go unpunished research into it. It seems those close to him and his supporters do not see beyond there nose.

  23. The state application has no merit. How long has HH be in their custody? The officer in charge at Lusaka can not make an application has he is not in charge of Mukobeko maximum Prison. He has no locus standi. Some like Chato probably or His immediate assistant.
    The problem with the state is that the state is very disorganized. The lawyers lack a coherent approach to this litigation. They have no direction. Friends, you can win a court case in this manner.
    To begin, what is the authority in law that defines the ambit of the safety of the suspect to be kept at Maximum prison. What have been attempt have been made against HH’ s life that gurantee that at Maximum it wont happen.
    There is no case…. just enter a nolle rather than show your incompetence in this case. The DPP has no…

  24. The DPP has no capacity to handle a case of this magnitude.
    No security lapses that impinge on HH ‘s personal life during his stay at Chimbokaila have be highlighted in the affidavit . The application is speculative and an abuse of the court process.When HH was arrested , he was not immediately taken to Maximum Prison, why now? Has the Prison, Police and ZAF authorities shown the court that they are ready to bring HH to court despite their failure to obey an earlier court order? In the event they fail to bring him to court, what will the court do to the officer in charge in Lusaka? The state application is a trial of the court powers if not demeaning the court authority.

  25. Godfridah if you do not help President Lungu to do the right thing, you shall be remembered as one evil woman.

  26. That’s what happens if greedy folks rule. They are too afraid of losing the power and so always want to get rid of any strong opponents. God will deliver HH and the tyrants will one day pay for all the wrongs they are doing today. God bless Zambia.

  27. Taking him to Mukobeko and transporting him to Lusaka when need arises will be a costly exercise. In whose interest will that be? The problem with PF is that they want to venture into unplanned expenses no wonder the 7th National Development plan discussion was trashed on radio phoenix

  28. EGDAR LUNGU IS AFTER HHS LIFE. he is not safe under this brutal regime. Pleas,lets stand up in solidarity and put an end to this brutal regime. Why should millions suffer because of Edgar lungu.

  29. Sorry to divert, but I want to point out what I consider a reflection of the kind of leadership that prevails in Zambia. The short speech that Lungu gave on arrival at Ndola airport (watch it on his facebook) and the inexplicable background cheers were despicable to say the least. His address showed a lack of maturity or demeanour expected of a President. Orders, warnings, directives, switching into Bemba now and then and stating that he “is ready for violence”. Demanding that he meets all provincial officials in two-and-a- half hours time and a venue should be found somewhere. Then leaving abruptly. No decorum. By the way, he was not the only culprit. During the playing of the national anthem, Amos Chanda can be seen busy texting on his mobile behind Lungu.

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