Five hundred and Twenty-Two people have been arrested and sentenced to jail in Muchinga province since January this year for drug related offenses.


And Isoka District Commissioner Evenwell Mutambo has bemoaned the rising number of drug abuse related cases in the District.


Mr Mutambo was speaking during the World Anti-drug Day commemorations held at Chief Kafwimbi’s palace in Isoka.


And speaking at the same occasion Chief Kafwimbi said he is committed to working with the DEC  in the fight against  drug abuse in his chiefdom.

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  1. What drugs were these that were abused?

    DO people realize that Paracetamol is a drug and when you take more than recommended then essentially, you are abusing it?

    My point is, why is this a crime? Drugs are only misused if they are being supplied with the intent of an adverse effect on the masses, where is the proof here?

    We are trying for our baby for the last two months and this is strange , because I could be accused of abusing vitabiotics pregnancy tablets.

    Where is the line?




    • Don’t panic! Just enjoy the sex while it lasts the baby will come when all the conditions are met…


  2. Judicial reforms must include reducing some drug related cases as misdemeanors. Throwing People in jail for every little marijuana you find on them is not helping the state or the person to reform. Government spending more money feeding prisoners when they could be making more money if you made these people pay guilty fees instead. We need reforms in Judiciary



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