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Lungu’s Press Aide Chanda appears in court for contempt

Headlines Lungu's Press Aide Chanda appears in court for contempt


Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda after a Court  Appearance
Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda after a Court Appearance

President Edgar Lungu’s Press Aide Amos Chanda this morning briefly appeared in court for contempt of court.

Chanda’s contempt charges arise from his remarks during a live Aljazeera interview “The Stream” where he commented on issues relating to the treason charge slapped on UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

During the interview, Chanda said ‘HH acted foolishly’, a statement calculated to portray HH as guilty of treason when the matter was sub judice, that is under court consideration and therefore prohibited from discussion elsewhere.

Richard Sakala

Amos Chanda and Richard Sakala have both been cited for contempt of court by HH’s lawyers and they will appear before Magistrate Kaoma on 5th July for plea in the same matter.

Chanda is being represented by Eric Silwamba.

The matter has been adjourned to July 5, 2017.


    • ECL made it clear, no one should comment on HH case. But as usual, no one listens to him. Chanda did NOT listen to his boss and got excited and went on a rampage to comment.
      Of course, no one disciplined him within PF for disobeying his boss. So HH’s lawyers are doing it on behalf of ECL and PF, and they are doing it legally.
      Our “Wonderwoman” thinks this is persecution, honestly? Chanda disobeyed the President and you call it persecution? No comment, it’s just waste of time

    • Press Aid in court means was same as representing boss on behalf.
      Whatever Chanda he be addressing in future will not be respected. Look at ka Hapunda, he is asking what’s passwords to presidential laptop?

    • So many people have commented on the issue before the court, just go back and search the news; some mother bodies in delivering their quest to have the man released ( How about those calling for a person before the court to be released before the due process of the law?) , one foreign official alleged that the man’s action in Mongu was provocative (equivalent to foolishly?). How many people will be cited for contempt? I guess judges will have a tough time deciding what really constitutes contempt. So many people including the man’s own party members might have at one time or another commented on the case. The question is what really constitutes contempt of court? If we are not careful I see more contempt cases coming up.

    • Is this press aide employed by pf or the Zambian government? If he is on government payroll i don’t understand why he is surrounded by pf cadres kamba and Brian, problem with these chaps they failing to differentiate between party and government.

    • The Zambian judiciary needs to stop wearing the scratchy sisal colonial wigs on their heads. They may think better.

    • If this is the new game to play of citing people for contempt? I guess both parties only need to search the News and they’ll find a lot of comments they could use to come up with a case. But the question is where is it really taking us as a country?

    • KiKiKiKiKiki… Mushota you can make people laugh their lungs out. Your thinking is that of a person recently survived from psychosomatic disorder! I wish you well bro.

    • I wonder why people waste their time and energy replying to Mushota who i believe should be seated somewhere laughing his/her head off. This person just makes fun of you.

    • What of the other Tonga guy i cant remember his name, was it mwiinga? wasn’t he in contempt as well? All in all i think upnd lawyers don’t want HH out of this mess fast enough. Why overload themselves wit so many unnecessary court cases?

    • Is this a political position? why is he surrounded by political functionaries. This is the first time I have seen this position being so political. Edgar is a lost cause fit to only run some struggling law firm.

    • Mushota may have a point. Why did HH leave out chiefs and preachers who equally commented on his case?

    • He should even prepare for jail. Some of these chaps think EL will be there forever. EL is not the late MCS and PF will defintely not win the next election. Anyone from the Northern region that challenges Lungu and wins the heart of the South west will win. What Lungu has done HH is not right and should not be supported.

    • No need for HH to seek attention. PF is doing GREAT job not just in keeping his name on front pages but also creating martyr and freedom fighter for the cause of democracy.

  1. Mumbi Phiri and RB have commented on the HH Treason Case many times so why are they not being sued for contempt of Court?RB went as far as saying that HH will rot in Jail unless he publicly concede that he lost the 2016 Election and then recognize Lungu as the legitimate President. RB said that without recognising Lungu HH will languish in Jail for a long time. Are Mumbi Phiri and RB not being sued becoz they are govt employees?

  2. The only ‘surest’ way of clinging on to chimbokaila, hence avoid mukobeko, is to continue citing people for contempt of court on a daily basis. Soon there won’t be anyone to sue. Mukobeko is calling, bola naikosa

  3. So if UPND came in to power, they will be wasting a lot of time on preliminery issues and side issues other than dealing will real issues. They will do well if they concetrated on the treason case. They would have done better if they presented their so called evidence within 14 days. Some parties are surely a waste of time or they like wasting time.

  4. confused UPND Now suing people from all directions, not knowing that they are prolonging their god’s stay in prison as courts will concentrate to hear these contempts

  5. I pray for Mushota that she starts reaping all the evil that she has been saying to HH. May the reaping follow her up to her third and fourth generation in Jesus Name

  6. In the contempt case of Minister Sumaili the State thru the DPP Applied to takeover the Private Prosecution from HH’s Legal Team. In the case of Amos Chanda and Sakala why hasn’t the State applied to takeover from HH Private Prosecutors? Is it becoz Sumaili is a Minister while Amos Chanda is an official? These Private Prosecutions will embarrass Lungu and his ever bungling govt. It is imperative that the main Treason Case be tried and hopefully put a stop to these Private Prosecutions.

  7. This fool, they call Mushota is typical tribal bustard.

    At BB2014,2016..U will be fished out wherever u are hiding behind your ka phone iediot.

  8. Amos Chanda just said “HH acted foolishly”. He did not say HH committed treason. Indeed someone acts foolishly when he does not pave way for the Presidential motorcade. A lot of people commented on the way HH acted during the kuomboka but have not been cited for contempt

  9. The law is straight forward ……

    You don’t comment on a case which is before courts of law. Even Kanganja has not said anything.

  10. The problem is when power gets into head because you are close to the BOSS. BOOS has immunity. You don’t have . Eric Silwamba will make money. It is because he is from other side of Zambia. Eric Silwamba is representing Sumaili. It not tribalism but to HH ‘s lawyers is tribal. Zambia for real.

    • Eric Silwamba is Namwanga and Sumaili is Bemba. Namwangas and Bembas are very differnt so, it is not tribalism. But Keith Mweemba, Martha Mushipe, Vincent Malambo and Hakainde are all Tongas

    • @ Binene

      Eric Silwamba is more corrupt that all other lawyers put together. His ONLY credo is neither tribal nor political. Just plain unadulterated GREED.

  11. This is good time to HH’s lawyer as there is unlimited business…some of his lawyers will retire after this case.

  12. Lawyers don’t retire when you have wicked men ruling…Till justice prevail. Next time I will represent yo jay jay when you are in nooks.

    • Thank god some mickey mouse universities have deregistered …there are far too many chaps like you pretending to lawyers.

    • Thank god some Mickey Mouse universities have been deregistered …there are far too many chaps like you pretending to be lawyers.

  13. Mmmm awee, how many cases are before the courts of law kanshi? Especially those related to the HH case and the previous elections….
    There are so many other cases which the judges are supposed to attend to, meanwhile, they are busy with the political cases…Human rights activists where are you?

  14. wasting time on useless cases instead of being fixated on the main one which is to secure HHs release…yaba…thats how even the petition was tossed on non issues. Lawyers are vultures. or is it pro bono for their great leader? USELESS

  15. There are so many cretins who are screening to release hh and they say he has no case and no one is citing them for contempt. Actually Amos on that aljezeera thing said nothing about the case except that of expressing ignorance as to why police charged hh with treason. Well this business by hh lawyers is meant to prolong the case for more money in their pockets. Mushipe has even stopped dragging her clients to court for non payment of legal fees a sign that she is reaping a lot by keeping hh behind bars.

    • Amos Chanda in the Aljezzra interview he said the Motorcade Rage Incident is treasonable and yet the State dropped the Charge thru a Nolle Prosqui. Amos Chanda will be Mweembared big time. This case will help locate the basis of Treason. The Motorcade Incident and the refusal to recognize Lungu as President will help that these are not Treason Charges and HH and his workers did not commit Treason.

    • @ 1mbecile #18

      Not even Microsoft spell-check can help you with your inbreed 1mbecility.
      It is SCREAMING and not SCREENING you arse lick1ng and d1ck sucking 1mbecile

  16. Amos, be careful, this Hikainde has sponsored deadly propaganda on social, to turnish the image of the country. Now they have a chosen tag of violence and dictatorship to smear the President and PF. Do something about it by exposing this crook and tribalist called Hikainde.

  17. Ba Lusaka Times what transpired in the courts. You are not saying anything. Did he just walk in court and the judge looked at him and said case adjourned. What made him adjourn the case.

  18. Why are HH lawyers focusing on contempt issues instead of pushing the real issue(treason)?
    These contempt things will just prolong HH’s stay in jail!!
    Good luck Mr Amos Chanda!!!your case will go nowhere!!

  19. JACK Preliminary MWIIMBU at it again. they will sue anyone who coughs will their client is in the 5 star chimbokaila

  20. Does it mean that even those who are holding Press Conferences demanding the release of the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND when the matter is still in court will be cited for contempt of court….Can the MMD CHIEF BOOTLICKER or any lawyer clarify the matter…

  21. Interpretation of the proverb, “CHAKOMELA MBUZI KULUMA GALU”, originating from the Chewa is as follows: (a) When a dog bites a goat, the owner of the dog has a case to answer. for the misdeed of the dog.
    (b) But when a goat bites the dog, it is considered taboo for the owner of the goat to be slapped with a case to answer.
    (i) During the general elections UPND conducted heinous activities that prevented representations of other parties at Polling Stations in Southern Province. PF never contested these atrocities in Courts of Law.
    (ii) When Maimane, Nevers Mumba, Sarah Longwe, Mulongoti, Milupi, Bishop Mpundu screamed that HH must be released from custody for wrongful arrest, PF & State House remained restrained.
    HH’s Lawyers are feasting on Chanda and Sakala comments : Hence…

  22. The mere passing comments by Amos Chanda on the misconduct of HH in Mongu has turned into a feasting bonanza by HH’s opportunistic Lawyers to slap contempt of the Court on Chanda. In their desperation to be seen as being sharp Legal Practitioners, the behavior of UPND Lawyers is a clear case of the Chewa People’s adage which states that:

    However, will be fair to both HH and Amos Chanda to summon the Aljazeera interviewer for the Presiding Judge or Magistrate to get a comprehensive assessment of the contempt charges slapped on Chanda and Richard Sakala.

  23. However, it will be fair to both HH and Amos Chanda to summon the Aljazeera interviewer for the Presiding Judge or Magistrate to get a comprehensive assessment of the contempt charges that has been slapped on Chanda and Richard Sakala.

  24. What other proof do you need to know that Zambia is a democracy. The Presidential AIDE (Spokesperson) going and appearing in court. Can you see such in a dictatorship? I am just asking the learned people.

    • Which dictatorship countries do you know where their people don’t go to court? The trick is usually on the outcome from court. Dictators normally deny what they are by giving such lame excuses like yours.

  25. Even if it takes 6-months for the Courts to succeed in bringing the Al Jazeera Journalists who interviewed Mr. Amos Chanda, the process will be in the interest of all parties to ensure that justice is discharged based on credible facts that will be presented in the Court. We believe HH’s Lawyers will welcome the authentic evidence to be provided by Aljazeera.

    • Actually by our law it is al Jazeera who should be charged with contempt as they are the ones who published the ‘contemptuous statement. Chanda should just be attached

  26. Hh must stop his lawyers on this useless content cases. Be mindful that a lot of upnd supporter haves issued contentious statement which are met to influence the court decision. The state is not cutting anyone for content now but may bring 50 contempt cases at high court when the date is set for hearing. Mind u the procedures at high court is hear the content first then the main matter. The silence by the state on contentious comments by upnd and Hh supporters is Un ambush. The defence will not have in excuse to say the state is delaying the matter through unnecessary content cases since they have started cutting ministers for content. Pf will laugh the more at high court were it will matter most. This lawyers have given the production a blank cheque by calling the first shorts on…

  27. #Hopeday Hatuntula, you back and do law if you can’t understand or going and Google what contempt means.

  28. I like this lack of tact by UPND. They will only make HH stay longer in prison and finally get convicted. HH lawyers know this case is going nowhere but they Will get richer by further milking under five HH.

  29. This is a good lesson for all so-called presidential press assistants. You are not elected. You are appointed civil servants who should not be issuing political diatribe. You are supposed to advise the president on how he handles press statements and conferences not to attack his perceived political foes. If you start attack ing these because you want the president to see how loyal to him you are you won’t know that he has immunity while you don’t.

  30. Very informative and brilliant comments from select few concerned citizens. I think the majority more ,comments belong to the trash basket. I think its high time i offered my software solutions pack to lusakatimes, to be trashing and sifting- off non relevant and abusive comments. Keep it up with positive Blogs Zambian!

  31. Mushota please stop these nonsensical ERECTIONS of yours sure, “pali bana so osa vina cintako in the open we kanangwa iwe leka ubupuba”.

  32. It shouldn’t just be HH in our decadence who has to keep an eye Lungu’s thieving and ductatorial tendencies. It’s also a matter for all Zambians. Adolph Hitler, Idi Amin, Bokassa etc did not spring up from nowhere, they came out of gradual processes. Now you can say I’m Bemba or Nyanja and since he is squeezing Tongas I don’t care, until they secede and the Chagwanic monster then has no one but you to devour.


  34. Mphangwe…….the mere passing of two motorcades led to a treason charge. So the mere passing of comments is easy to pass as a contempt of court. You can follow the logic…….you can can’t you.

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