Chikankata district Council in Southern province has given a thirty (30) days  grace period to all plot owners to  pay  their respective balances or  face persecution.

Chikankata District Council Chairperson Chanda Makanta says his council was giving plot owners in the district with balances a thirty day ultimatum or risk their plots being repossessed.

Following the offer of plots in Chikankata district and Nasenga Estates to would be developers between January and May, 2016, most of the  successful applicants have either or not paid any deposits towards the plots , she said.

ZANIS reports that the Council Chairperson said this  during a full council meeting held  at Civic Centre.

She said the council, therefore, has given Thirty (30) days  grace period starting July 1 up to July 31, 2017, to settle their outstanding balances or face possible repossession of their plots  to other would be developers.

The number of uncompleted payments is over One hundred and Fifty .

And Chikankata district Council Chairperson Conrad Ngoma urged Ward Councilors in Chikankata district to continue working tirelessly for the development of their wards.

Mr Ngoma said so far, he was impressed with the work attitude of Councilors in Chikankata constituency, in terms of advocating for increased provision of social amenities for the local people within their jurisdiction.

He  said Chikankata district council will continue working hard  to continue improving the lives of the communities they are serving to their satisfaction in terms of providing them with necessary basic needs.

He also thanked the traditional  leaders in Chikankata district, namely Chieftainess Mwenda and Chief Naluama for their continued support to the local authority.

Meanwhile, Upper Kaleya Ward Councilor Davies Katowa complained that despite government putting its efforts to improve the operations of the local authorities, some selfish individuals within these councils dotted across the country need to be investigated for their alleged wrongs.

Mr Katowa said Chikankata district council will remain vigilant and expose wrong doings and corruption to the relevant authorities for immediate action which involves helping the law enforcement agencies to nab corrupt individuals.

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    • Don’t worry. Under a dictatorship, people hallucinate of persecution always. Things a bad.



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