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Graveyard event was a well-planned and calculated attack by PF on mourners-UPND

Headlines Graveyard event was a well-planned and calculated attack by PF on...

Patriotic Front (PF) President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) welcomes United Party for National Development (UPND) National Chairperson,Mutale Nalumango (left) at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola on Saturday,January 10,2015.PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/SHENPA
FILE: Patriotic Front (PF) President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) welcomes United Party for National Development (UPND) National Chairperson,Mutale Nalumango (left) at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola on Saturday,January 10,2015.PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/SHENPA

United Party for national Development (UPND) National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango has revealed that the UPND have had time to sit down reflecting on what happened at Memorial park on Saturday, 24th July and they have nothing but total pain in their hearts that such evils were happening right in Zambia known as a Christian Nation.

Ms. Nalumango said in a statement today that UPND lost a dear party member and people met to mourn, with no politics attached, but only to mourn the late Clance Zulu first at her residence, then at her Church, and finally at her burial site where there was unbelievable fracas.

The UPND noted that the attacked group should not be referred to the as UPND members but as mourners because the attack was not selective.

Nalumango stated that UPND is heavily saddened that the fracas that took place has been termed as a clash in some sections of the media and actually by the Police themselves when it was in fact a brutal attack on all mourners.

She said the mourners were not in a mood to fight anyone and this was evident with the manner in which they conducted themselves throughout the entire process, adding that the ones who were attacked are those that arrived at the burial site.

Nalumango was quick to state that the style of attack was also awkward as what she deemed “the PF thugs” made sure that they demanded for personal items from mourners such as phones, wallets, and other gadgets.

She further noted that in a typical clash, no one can ever find time to rob people, and this is why UPND maintains that it was not a clash but a well-planned and calculated attack by PF on the mourners, affirming that old women were stripped naked; old men were badly beaten and robbed.

“A typical clash, no one can ever find time to rob people and this is why UPND maintains that it was not a clash but a well-planned and calculated attack by PF on the mourners” she said

“The Casket for our departed daughter had to be abandoned, that is how bad things were. It was brutal! We have done a quick investigation as a Party and so far we have identified some culprits who helped to organise the attacks. We can furnish the names to the Police at their request if they need them to further their investigations but whether any action will be taken on these names remains doubtful as precedence has shown reluctance by the Police to persecute anyone belonging to the ruling party”

And UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango has since called on the PF leaders, especially the Party President to take stern action in curbing what she termed as blood thirsty thugs before the country burns down to ashes.

“We cannot over emphasise that we only have one country to call home and the earlier we protect it, the better for all. We also call on the Police to surprise us and at least arrest just one person, at least one only, from the many PF thugs involved”

“We admonish people to call a spade by its rightful name. The UPND has on many occasions been attacked by these PF thugs and the UPND has never attacked except in self defence circumstances and not all the time. By Edgar Lungu and some people pretending that the PF youths clashed with UPND youths is in fact encouraging violence to persist”

“Lungu must outrightly condemn this violence and demand stern action on his own party members if indeed he was displeased with the degrading violence. The UPND remains a peaceful Party and will not degrade itself to such low levels as these, but our peace should not be taken for granted” Nalumango said

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    • The police let down both parties.

      Not sure they can be relied upon or serve any purpose to start with



    • Honestly, I expected more from ECL on this incident, to show Zambians that he is the leader of all people. But I was disappointed with his speech. He still sees himself as PF President and NOT Zambian president. Here are excerpts from his speech, to me he is not UNITING ZAMBIANS, this is as good as proclamation at a rally and not a speech to address a national issue.
      1) “…. Lungu has challenged youths in the country against engaging themselves in acts of violence instead of emulating his leadership centred on promoting peace and unity.” Sir, you are promoting self, not peace!!
      2) “Mr Lungu called on the youths regardless of political affiliation, to emulate his gesture as President of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) to work towards enhancing national peace”.
      3) “….Me as…

    • Who is this hysterical hypecondriac Mutale Nalumango. She must be on drugs, sit down and stop with your lies.

    • Con`t
      3) “….Me as President for PF, I would urge members of my party to emulate my conduct,” he said.”

      This is centred on himself and very self-promoting. It is not enough to say emulate me, he should have shown some concern and asked law enforcers to bring the culprits to court.

    • When a state starts to sponsor Thugs to humiliate, torture and kill its citizen it seizes to be mere attacks but acts against humanity and should be well documented and taken to UN for action. The soldiers in Zambia should wake up this is now out of control. We need to stop this madness or else there will be no Zambia to talk about.

    • It’s gentlemanly to get up from your seat when greeting someone, especially a lady, this man paliba amachiki too much.

    • Mushota has a PhD and it has started to pay dividends. That is a balanced summation Dr Mushota.
      What do you think about the picture of Nalumango and Lungu above? I think Lungu should have stood up to shake hands with the lady don’t you think. Manners and etiquette should be at the centre of all gentlemen and it shows how a leader is either polished or crude.

    • The Police IG and PF Secretary General need to be reported to ICC if ECL does not take action sooner to curb the crime caused by PF thugs.

    • The problem we have in zambia is that a major opposition upnd is full of dull people. All they know is insults. Was mwanawasa right to liken this group to but.tocks which by nature can never be in front? why waste time with this fake damage control? The fact is that UPND has become very physical lately and they are not differrent from PF

    • All peace loving people in Zambia must arm themselves at all times in order to defend themselves in light of any attack from these thugs. Thuggery has gone out of control and it’s actively being encouraged by the PF.

  1. So sad that Museveni and Robert Mugabe culture is taking an ever stronger hold on this cursed country.(and I ain’t a UPND member yo assumin foolz)

  2. PF should face ICC.They have been brutal since the days of Kabimba and despite his departure the spirit of brutality continues. No forgetting they were named PANGA FAMILY which almost caused of pangas in Zambia.

  3. lungu & PF can’t outwit anyone politically without violence, false imprisonment, abuse of ZRA, police & courts.

    Even Chishimba Kambwili & Musenge are a thorn & the only solution is to threaten violence.

    Saviour Chishimba is next. The K10billion lawsuit by ZRA has failed to silence him.

    lungu is a thug & his violent politics belongs in a septic tank

  4. Two groups of thugs or cadres or whatever you want to call them went for two separate funerals. They came across each other and they clashed. One was over powered and beaten!! To cry today that PF are thugs is wrong, as a leader Nalumango should just condemn the violence, period!! Even the upnd are thugs and violent cadres!!! Nalumango should just publicly castigate her cadres and urge them to desist from violence!!! WE ALL MUST CONDEMN VIOLENCE BY THESE CADRES, BOTH PF AND UPND AND ANY POLITICAL VIOLENCE NOT POINT FINGERS. Ba upnd bali ponoka fye.

    • @Zambian Citizen get out with your lies. Fusake you can not justfy what transpired at the grave yard, as if we are Congo. What happened is an Zambian amputating your fellow Zambians hand and you call it normal. cry my beloved country.

  5. If UPND has evidence that it was a systematic why can’t they report to the police? Or have they already done it?

    • zambia police does not exist except in name only; we have PF police and it is a no go area for any opposition; if they go there to complain they themselves will be locked up.

  6. Now I understand – these were just criminals that robbed these mourners. And its easy to accuse their pesived enemies. Upnd shld open a case with police to investigate criminality here. This robbery with aggression, cld b by dangerous criminals. At grave yard

  7. Mapenzi, a defenceless, harmless and unarmed girl was killed in cold blood with no justice whatsoever. The guy who pulled the trigger is moving scot free with no investigations whatsoever from the Police and you expect the Police to investigate the memorial park PF attack. The little girl is lying dead cold in her grave with no justice whatsoever. That’s your Zambia of today.

    • “We admonish people to call a spade by its rightful name. The UPND has on many occasions been attacked by these PF thugs and the UPND has never attacked except in self defence circumstances and not all the time”

      Nalumango, UPND is violent. We Zambians don’t appreciate the way you blame the PF only. You are not innocent.

      Meanwhile your useless Kaponya (HH) keeps confirming everyday that he’s very fine in prison contrary to the fake, malicious stories of ill treatment written by his nephew Lloyd at Zambian Witch Doctor (ZWD)

      UPND a party without a vision

  8. There is something telling about this picture of Nalumango and Chagwa! Have you noticed how Zambian presidents like sitting down while being greeted so that you are forced to literally bow down like before the King? But Nalumango would not fall for the nonsense, apparently she was even heard telling Lungu at, and quote: ” Ala ch.ikala iwe, ima fastele”

    • It doesn’t matter whether Nalumango was insulting Lungu at that point, Lungu was and is the President.

    • In that picture lung was not yet president. That happened during the 2015 campaign at solwezi airport. Mutale was supposed to go on her knees according to our culture or she would’ve taken a seat and greeted ecl.

  9. The fact that up to now there are no arrests and recovery of the Pangas and Machetes confirm that this was a planned attack by the PF thugs with tacit approval from the PF Leadership and ZPS. The PF thugs were mobilised by Mumbi Phiri,Kampyongo,Kennedy Kamba etc and financed by PF with money stolen from govt. Had UPND Supporters been involved we would have seen UPND Cadres arrested and paraded on ZNBC TV. Hypocrite Lungu was aware of the attack but pretends otherwise. He is apportioning blame equally on Victims and attackers. The PF attackers must be condemned at all costs. The back stops with Lungu. These are war crimes against humanity and will be reported to ICC. Lungu and his fellow Criminals will be indicted to ICC without fail.

  10. Every time there’s a president from eastern province is dictatorship, violence, hatred, greed, high poverty, tribalism, economy problem, corruption this what we went through with Ruphia Banda why is it like this. there’s no improvement from any leader from eastern province I cannot give any merit to leader eastern province. clothing electrical poles

    • Your hatred for people from eastern provinces blinds you to the facts. There has always been political violence in Zambia perpetrated by all parties. Under RB the Zambian economy was doing very well and that is why we had bumper harvests and record reserves. The RB administration was tribally balanced and involved players from all corners of the country. It is a complete fallacy to claim that the Zambian economy is currently not doing well when you have low inflation and yet another bumper harvest. Your kind of diatribe only serves to alienate people and will be counterproductive if you wish to see UPND win power.

  11. Madam it is good you have shown such maturity in the face of an attack that was calculated. You will recall that a few months ago mourners went to lay to rest a loved one. When they came back from the grave site mirrors had been broken, bags snatched from cars windshields stoned and belongings gone. What beats me is why you have selective reflections. When your incarcerated leader decided to ignore the police sweeper car in mongu one would have thought those of you who have been privileged to statecraft would advise better. But you chose sebana wikute! Its elders like you who are not helping matters and this is why I agree with a lot of group reflection in 2021 we will retire both ecl and hh for good there is a new order coming and we will not allow you to hijack it.

  12. I see danger in Zambia.Chawona muzako chapita mawa chilipaliyiwe.Chi wamila Galu kulama Mbuzi not Mbuzi Kuluma Galu.

  13. The Hague is calling….You can appear very clever and even sing songs to mock HHs incarceration but a day will come when you will be called to answer. Every dog has its day.

  14. Ba Nalumango you are a mother, please call a spade by its right full name. It would have been good to hear you condemn both partys for the what transpired at the grave yard. UPND are fond of painting their cadres like saints yet we all know how provocative they can be. Even when blogging we read NEZ’s and co’s blogs they are full of hate, provoking, malice and you say that their not part of the ? I would have respected your comments ba Nalumango if only you had not taken any sides.
    How will you end such brutality if you condone what your camp does, PF has not taken any sides but you choose to lie that you have done your investigation which you have again chosen to sit on. Pass on the message or any information gathered to the police or share that otherwise its pure speculations.

  15. @Chochise:BUT WHO IS TALKING ABOUT HH HERE?you guys in upnd are very irritating.YOUR MOUTHS ARE FULL OF HH,HH,HH,IS UPND A ONE MAN PARTY?
    the news here is about violence by both PF and upnd cadres!!!UPND MUST LEARN TO CALL A SPADE,A SPADE.CADRES IN UPND AND PF ARE VIOLENT!!!BOTH PARTIES MUST CAGE THEIR DUL1 CADRES!!!pointing fingers at each other wont solve this problem.PF&upnd must admit that they both have violent cadres and let the court jail those who will be found wanting!!MUTALE NALUMANGO’S REASON IS BAD BECAUSE SHE IS SIDING WITH UPND CADRES WHEN EVEN THEM ARE AS VIOLENT AS PF CADRES!!!
    as for HH,forget about him for now and let the courts clear or convict him.its not for you cadres to decide whether HH is innocent or H.E.Edgar Lungu is wrong.only a neutral judge will guide us…

  16. Continue….
    Only a neutral judge will guide us in HH’s treason case because you and i would take political sides.HENCE,LETS ALL WAIT IN PEACE!!


  17. People don’t underestimate the powers of the so called watermelon. These were upnd in disguise who have been sidelined by there own party and now they saw that as an opportunity to pour out the anger. Why would pf leave their funeral only to go and beat up other morners and apart from beating them start to rob their items. Mutales statement to me sounds like robbers staged that attack and they know them because they were once upnd members. It’s called operation watermelon.

  18. I repeat and say it again … Lungu is not cut to be a leader, hes a coward who hides in party processes, not national statues, to masquarade as a president, all those who voted for him, shame, your short-sightedness has been exposed. ACtually, majority of zambians are that short-sigthed.

  19. it is shameful that PF cadres in diaspora like Nubian Prices and the Zambian Citizen who are enjoying human freedom in the West can justify the thuggery of their fellow cadres in Zambia; i never dreamed of a day when a Zambian could justfy violence like what is happening now on LT.

    • I am 100% Lusaka based. You will find me in Kabwata. I can’t never degrade myself and go and be a second class citizen to a white man and leave my beloved Zambia where I am free to mingle even with the president or anyone else.

  20. UPND can even go to the extent of killing their own just to blame PF. If UPND is not violent, what about the Monze, Namwala issues and the burning of properties? This is the problem with UPND instead of blaming all she takes sides, who knows may be it was UPND cadres who did that since they are eager to see the volcano erupt.

  21. Both UPND & PF are full of violent cadres. Recently most of these cadres are also angry as the 2 parties are having little handouts to them, hence the robbery part in the fracas.
    I have meet people who attended the funeral from the Clance Zulu family and they simply state, Ba PF Na UPND cadres had a serious fight at the graveyard and people ended up losing handbags, phones and even vehicle keys.


  23. Ba Nalumango, we know that things are bad for you since you lost your Kaputa seat on MMD ticket to PF. For some little crumbs of bread and a possible political job if HH ever became President, is what is humiliating you to defend UPND.

  24. is this the zambia that i was once proud of?
    Christ. You have abandoned us after we proudly declared to be in your arms as a nation. .

  25. We in UPND are very peaceful and our members are peace loving individuals like William Banda, Inno to name a few. The Mapatizya formula is our we express how peaceful we are as a party. What happened at the cemetery was very unfortunate but if you live as a violent cadre and associate yourself with the violent, violence will follow you to the grave. Don’t be used by politicians, it is not worth it. There are better ways of fighting for your cause. “The pen is mightier than the sword”, ask Hakainde.

  26. UPND Mourners were victims of attacks from PF thugs. The Attackers are well known PF Cadres and Thugs thats why the PF Police have not arrested them and recovered the Pangas and Machetes. The PF thugs should be condemned for the Barbaric attacks on innocent and grieving mourners. Its unfair to apportion the blame to PF and UPND Cadres. We must call a Spade a Spade. These PF Cadres attacked the mourners in the name of Lungu and PF. The fish Rots from the Head downwards and the back stops with Dictator and Sadist Lungu. ICC is watching!

  27. Typical UPNfemaleDonkey Nalumango, they have never and will never take responsibility for anything. What do you expect from a donkey party led by a donkey U5 anyway? Even among normal people babies don’t responsibility for anything. The sad thing is that even when they are not ready to shoulder mere party responsibility, they even want to rule Zambia. Well okay, maybe as junior president show.
    Just a waste of time these UPNDdonkeys.

  28. Min of Home affairs, IG and Police and Prisons Commissioner must resign. This is babarism of the highest order. Everytime he appears on ZNBCTV, Home Affairs Min is threatening. The Police only fulfill his promises

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