National Food and Nutrition Commission introduces a HIP project targeting malnourished adult in rural Zambia


The National Food and Nutrition Commission (NFNC) says it has introduced a project called Health Improved Partnership (HIP) aimed at reducing malnutrition levels in the most affected rural communities in the country.

ZANIS reports that (NFNC) Head of Nutrition, Education and Communication, Eustina Besa disclosed the development in Lundazi District in Eastern province today adding that the HIP project is a one year signed by the Ministry of Finance on behalf of the Zambian government and funded by the USAID.

She says the HIP project will mainly target the most vulnerable especially the rural areas where it targets to help change community behavior towards improved nutrition.

So far Lundazi and Petauke Districts are the only two districts in Eastern province earmarked for the project because of high number of people who are malnourished due to lack of good nutrition, she said.

She revealed that the project will work in four sites in Lundazi district.

The NFNC Head of Nutrition, Education and Communication revealed this when she addressed Advocacy and Technical Working Group Committee members under Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN), held in the Council Conference room yesterday. She added that the project will work in four sites of the district.

And Lundazi Advocacy and Technical Working Group Committee members have since identified Chasefu and Hoya in Kajilime and Kapilisanga wards, Kamsaro and Kapongolo in Wachitangachi ward, respectively as the most affected areas with high cases of malnutrition.



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  2. Please extend this program to state house boss and his staff too much malnourished, then later to mandevu and chibolya


  3. UPND Supporters show in above comments that they have an inability to empathise with their fellow Humans based on Tribal grounds and Political allegiance.

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