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There is no 40% increase on MP salaries as alleged by UPND media Team – Tutwa Ngulube

General News There is no 40% increase on MP salaries as alleged by UPND...

KABWE Central member parliament Tutwa Ngulube
KABWE Central member parliament Tutwa Ngulube

KABWE Central member parliament Tutwa Ngulube has described as falsehood allegations that the house yesterday debated and approved to increase MP salaries by 40 percent.

Clarifying the matter Mr Ngulube added that the house is not entitled to host such a debate as such would be done by the committee on privileges.

Mr Ngulube noted that the house in its current form not only comprises PF members of parliament but has MMD and some UPND parliamentarians who were not suspended.

He said it was malicious propaganda for anyone to allege that the Kasama law maker raised such a motion.

Mr Ngulube also laughed it off that if it was possible for parliament to debate emoluments it would be a blind lie to allege that UPND would refuse because the current conditions of MP’s are low.

Below is the statement released by UPND media team.


While many Zambians are suffering because of poor management of the economy, PF members of Parliament last night agreed to increase their salaries. In a debate that was not broadcasted on Parliament Radio, the PF Members of Parliament agreed to increase their salaries and allowances by 40 per cent.

According a source, the proposal was raised by PF Kasama Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa.” Yes Sampa raised the motion and the speaker put it to debate.

One or two Cabinet Ministers pretended to oppose it but the ‘majority’ supported it. Even the Speaker seemed to support the motion.

‘You know procedure demands that parliament does not debate itself so parliament radio did not broadcast the debate,’ the source said.

The sourced said it was embarrassing because members of the public will now believe that is why speaker suspended UPND MPs.

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  1. In what capacity is Tutwa making his statement. Thought at this stage it should be a NA statement issued through the clerk. Problem with LT & most zambian media today is they report what any Jim & jack coughs without an independent research.

    • Ooh, ooh, kanshi national assembly is sitting, boy it must be boring, those dozing pf mps.

    • In what capacity is Tutwa defending? He has fallen off PF… Over 2021 bid. It’s hard to regain trust.

    • That is the independence of news. LT will report anything: be it MMD, UPND, UNIP, PF, or a non-partisan. The only news I read that is not bent on populising or demonising any one or party.

      Kudos LT.

    • This boy really things he is big can someone remind him ati Ukulinganya amapul! kulaponwesha!

  2. Kiikikikikikiki….UPNDonkeys….awe sure!

    Anyway, if the story were true, the concern of UPNDonkeys would be that they would miss out, only that and nothing else.
    You remember a few years ago President Rupiah Banda refused to assent to MPs salary increment, it went back to parliament and it was UPNDonkey MPs who insisted and it was sent back to poor Rupiah, effectively threatening to impeach him if he refused to sign. Its the same donkeys brethren, but more vicious this time around.

  3. UPND must be ignored because its a party with full of liars!!THESE DAYS,THERE IS NOTHING TRUE WHICH COMES FROM UPND.SO I WONDER HOW ZAMBIANS WOULD TAKE THEM SERIOUS!!UPND depend on lies on ZWD posted by Larry Mweetwa who is based in the UK-amazing!!all in upnd believe in lies.

  4. @njumbu & terrible just because your mothers depend on pf ticket for a livelihood does not mean you should defend every rubbish to the expense of sound judgment. But if this is your true reasoning, then you are doomed- you have garbage for brains. Even a river that God created can get dry, your pf honeymoon will one day come to an end and I don’t think given your souls sellout to the devil, you will survive it.

  5. @ terrible & njimbu have you heard that they is a guy who was found writing in the toilets at govt. Complex that free hh? The guy used to work for Zanaco and he was fired because of over involvement in politics, I’m sure its spaka like lilo.
    He was found by a cleaner and thats how he was caught.
    You see how desperate these people are and the length they are going just to destroy the Zambian govt.

  6. Tutwa is childish.I know him . I always advise him to sober up. Clerk of National l Assembly is the right person to talk about it. Maybe the Government spokeperson,. Mrs Mulenga .
    Just forgive the young man, Tutwa.

  7. Civil servants are negotiating for salary increment, so what is wrong for MPs to enter into negotiations is it because they are not part of the negotiations that they are complaining as if they were there can say no to it. Hypocrites

  8. Just go ahead and suck the last blood out of the poor Zambians, their blood will one day cry out loudly and all the masquerades will be made to pay even the last drop of their own blood. One day justice will prevail.

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