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Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda officially opens Roan Mall

Economy Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda officially opens Roan Mall

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda unveiling the placard

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda officially opened Roan Mall today the 29th June, 2017.

Speaking during the official opening of the Mall, Mayor Chanda boasted that Luanshya is the only town with a gate and streets named after trees and that is why it is called the garden of the Copperbelt Province.

Luanshya Mayor who was quick to acknowledge the Property Developers, Z-Mart Group of Companies for extending a cordial invitation to him and officially open Roan Mall said he was grateful to President Edger Chagwa Lungu for giving him permission to officiate at the momentous occasion in Luanshya town when the is in the Province with the visiting President from Ghana.

His worship the Mayor of Luanshya who is also Copperbelt Provincial PF Youth Chairperson added the action by the President resonates a blessing from him and demonstrates the great attachment Government attaches to developing the whole nation.

He however noted that private sector’s participation in national development is in line with the pillars of the newly launched 7th National Development Plan and under pillars 1 and 5 which talks of Economic Diversification and Job Creation as well as creating a Conducive Governance Environment for a Diversified and inclusive Economy.

Mr. Chanda also grateful on behalf of Luanshya residents to Mr JIGENSH SONI, popularly known as JIGO for responding positively to the call of partnering with the Local authority by taking advantage of the opportunities Luanshya Town offers and for his confidence in the economy of Luanshya and Zambia at large for investing over K 45 million to put up a Shopping Mall which will change the face of Luanshya.

“The name Roan Mall has a history to tell which will forever remain in the minds of our people of Luanshya. Luanshya was founded in the early part of the 20th century after a prospector/explorer, William Collier, who shot and killed a Roan Antelope on the banks of the Luanshya River, discovering a copper deposit in the process. The antelope fell to the ground, its head resting on a rock where an exposed seam of copper ore was visible”

“The mining company eventually formed to exploit Collier’s find and named the mine, “Roan Antelope Copper Mines Ltd”. Am aware and happy to note that this Shopping Mall has created 250 Jobs and the number will go up to 600+- when all the shops are occupied”

“I hope and trust most of these will be given to the local people because it will be meaningless if this mall does not benefit Local residents. Let me urge Shoprite who will be the main anchor to support local famers and local suppliers of goods and services because ‘Local is Laka.’ We are in a hurry to diversify from mining dependency into agriculture and with your coming it the agricultural sector in our town stands a chance to be boosted”

“Our local authority will continue to create opportunities and synergies with the private sector using PPP in order to better the standard of our people and leave Luanshya a better place than we found it. We have areas like solid wast management, Keep Luanshya clean campaign, health, education and the opening up the new Luanshya Town near the due carriageway were we need to partner with the private sector to come and invest in property development such as this one we are witnessing today”

“Government is constructing an airport so we need to revamp our Baluba motel in the hospitality industry and open another bigger mall there. Lastly, l just want to assure you that your investment will be well looked after as you too look after our workers handsomely including my wonderful people of our peaceful town. It is now my singular honour and privilege to declare this Roan Shopping Mall officially open” Luanshya mayor said

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda cutting the ribbon during the opening of Roan Mall
Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda cutting the ribbon during the opening of Roan Mall

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    • Is Luanshya an island? I hear it has a brick wall. I grew up in Lusaka suburbs, these little towns on the Copperbelt are horror shows! except Bowman Lusambo

    • This guy is also going to jail in 2021. He should start ensuring that the jail is cleaned for himself and for his boss, Lungu. Kambwili is coming to get you lot. Why was KC not invited to this function as a senior PF member and MP in the area?

  1. Zmart. This boy is really changing the face of CB with malls in Ndola(3), Kitwe, Chingola etc. Paliba man pamulumendo uyu. He is ndola born. Not ati HH has shares. We atleast see this mans name dotted on buildings not filya banbi bachita pointing at things that are not theirs

  2. Popolyongo! He is not changing the face of Copperbelt because he is just Luanshya Mayor and not Copperbelt Mayor. Kitwe and Chingola have their own Mayors.

  3. Bought a SONY G88 from his father’s original shop just after/before the Puma feeling station on President avenue. Then the boy took over, and Z-Mart witnessed an exponential growth. Did some business with him as well. Boy is a good payer!

    Empower the youth because the youth are strong…

  4. What a dull mayor its his town and he is thanking Lazy Lungu…he is lucky Lazy Lungu is following around visitors as he would have opened this himself

  5. If you were a discerning tourist which of the following cities would you visit? See We built this city below. Copy and paste in your browser


  6. @Jay J, I was told, practices …. that is why he is a master at finding black stuff in a “white” positive message – like all Under Five Card Clinics do!

  7. Just give it a few months and see how empty this mall will be. Our economy is not suitable for a lot malls yet.
    We need good markets instead. We are not yet a free market economy but a flea market kinda economy. We need to learn on marketing our local products that merely buying foreign ones.

  8. Some people on this platform are quite pessimistic. We must learn to see good in things instead of being negative all the time.

    • I have just visited several parts of Kitwe including Chibuluma Township and have discovered that the price of breakfast meal is going at between 75-90 kwacha. I am wondering where some people on LT are getting the 150 kwacha prices from.

  9. Luanshya Mayor yes that’s the way its supposed to be. Localise these things. Not Lungu Lungu Lungu all the time opening even toilets at the bus stops

  10. Ba Chanda you must travel before making empty boasts. Iam a mufcane product and in that town we have a township called Orchard where all the streets are named after fruit trees

  11. Okay aka kena kafulukutu. Fulukutu fukukutu mwitumba. Sadly, whene you a rabbit, you cant win against a leopard. Nimatamba che.

  12. Comment:believe it or not NATHAN CHANDA is just good….He remains the most popular politician in Luanshya.Let’s give respect to whom respect is due

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