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Zambia Police Traffic section should not be disbanded-Chipenzi

General News Zambia Police Traffic section should not be disbanded-Chipenzi

From Left to right: Dante Saunders, MacDonald Chipenzi and Gabriel Namulambe
From Left to right: Dante Saunders, MacDonald Chipenzi and Gabriel Namulambe
rights activist Macdonald Chipenzi says he is opposed calls to disband the Zambia Police Traffic section.

Mr. Chipenzi says instead of disbanding the Zambia Police Traffic section, government should consider fusing in the Zambia Police Section into the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) as opposed to disbanding it completely.

ZANIS reports from Chikankata district of Southern province that Mr Chipenzi said in an interview today that fusing the Zambia Police Service Traffic Section into the Road Transport and Safety Agency(RATSA) is the best way to go.

The move will improve operations of RATSA as well as reducing the perceived alleged rampant and sticking corruption which is alleged to have engulfed the Zambia Police Traffic section for a long time now, he said.

Parliament and cross section of society recently called for disbanding of the Zambia Police Service Traffic section for alleged rampant corrupt practices.

Mr. Chipenzi however said he was opposed to the calls by Members of parliament which he said though they are genuine, it will be paramount to just merge the two for better regulation of the road sector in Zambia.

“ Doing away with the Zambia Police Traffic section will not be the best move because the Zambia Police service traffic officers who understand better professionally the Road and Road Traffic Act as well as statutes, which most RTSA officers are not well conversant with, “ he said.

Mr. Chipenzi said the Zambia Police Traffic section police officers are trained professionals in law and police duties, Criminal law ,investigations, criminal procedure code and evidence which many RATSA officers do not possess at all.

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  1. Just Take This Section Away From Zambia Police And Put It To Zambia Army.
    Maybe Sodiers Can Help RTSA More Efficiently.

  2. Last weekend, Police officers from Nkana East Police station in Kitwe found me trying to get into my car after leaving a club around at around 01:40 AM. They started pulling me towards their Landcruiser van and when I resisted, they sprayed paper spray in my eyes. After I stopped seeing, some of them got into my car and drove it to the police station where they demanded a bribe from me after I had washed my eyes. I gave them a K200.00 and they let me go. When I went back to my car, I found they had stolen a K6000.00, a flash drive, two glasses, one six park of Heineken and eleven (11) bottles of Castle lite. When I tried to go and check from the reception, I was told that all the officers that had arrested me had knocked off. Zambian police are rotten motherfackers.

  3. Why go to the bar with such a lot of money? Or you did not have K6,000.00? You want to spice your fake story…. Why not leave the money with your wife?

  4. How did the items alleged stolen by the police officers find themselves in the vehicle when you were trying to get into your car? You did not enter the vehicle and 11 bottles were in your car.
    Ba tata ubufi muleke

  5. I would have thought ZAF will be interested in “handling” the Zambia Police Traffic Section after they caused the death of one of heir own!

  6. It is better to disband it,I am victim as one corrupt traffic officer from choma main police was bribed by a truck driver

  7. Traffic Police Officers are extremely corrupt without Shame. They mount fake road blocks and demand money from erring public. This department must be disbanded and not merge it with any other institution. In fact most of these thieves masquerading as Police Officers should be fired, they are a drain to public resources and excess baggage for the Ministry. Catching corrupt officers is easy, just drive around with a defective vehicle and see how many police thieves with get attracted to demand underserved pocket money.

  8. These id1ots are a pain in the ass. I know of one police officer here in Kitwe who boasts that he works for the gold mining department in government. He drinks carelessly and insults a lot when drunk Please can the government disband this useless department which has just succeeded in enriching few individuals.

  9. Why Chimpenzi is defending traffic police section? Do you know how much they have contributed to destroy the economy of Zambia? They pocket billions of kwacha every year that money should have gone to government coffers.
    And the government also promotes that behavior. Why can’t they put under cover police on the roads to arrest all these crooked traffic police officers and put them on trial. These malpractice will vanish or reduce completely.

  10. ‘Mr. Chipenzi said the Zambia Police Traffic section police officers are trained professionals in law and police duties, Criminal law ,investigations, criminal procedure code and evidence which many RATSA officers do not possess at all’

  11. This department is like a gold mine in Zambia police, chaps obviously bribe and offer themselves just to be given a space in traffic department because they’re too many now than other wigs of police service. Please do what is right for this nation.

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