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Electricity tariffs hike June inflation to 6.8

Economy Electricity tariffs hike June inflation to 6.8

The annual rate of inflation for the month of June has increased to 6.8 percent from last month’s 6.5 percent.

Central Statistical Office Director John Kalumbi has attributed the increase to adjustments in electricity tariffs.

Mr. Kalumbi said of the total 6.8 percent annual rate recorded in June 2017, food and non -alcoholic beverages accounted for 3.1 percent points, while non-food items accounted for  3.7 percentage points.

And Mr. Kalumbi said Zambia’s economy in the first quarter of this year grew by 3 percent.

He said among the sectors that contributed to the growth of the economy in the first quarter of 2017 is the electricity generation which grew highest at 25. 6 per cent.

He said the agriculture, forestry and fishing also contributed to the growth.


    • Katwishi, these days even transporting HH from chimbokaila to Mukobeko up and down can cause inflation.

  1. Inflation hikes are never good news nor good tidings. However, there are new developments on the export side which will grow our GDP to help re-balance these hikes.

    Electricity costs are also an issue here in the West, people struggle with bills for general amenities including water rates. No one can dispute the efforts PF has put in to keep our economy buoyant.

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