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My eyes are fixed on ensuring that Zambia’s key economic sectors are revived-Lungu

Headlines My eyes are fixed on ensuring that Zambia's key economic...

Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe(second left) confers with President Edgar Lungu(second right),First Lady Esther Lungu(right) and Presidential Press Aid Amos Chanda(left) at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport as he arrived from Ndola.Picture by Ennie Kishiki/Zanis.
Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe(second left) confers with President Edgar Lungu(second right),First Lady Esther Lungu(right) and Presidential Press Aid Amos Chanda(left) at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport as he arrived from Ndola.Picture by Ennie Kishiki/Zanis.

President Edgar Lungu has said that he will not be distracted in his programme to developing the country. The President said that his eyes were fixed on ensuring that the country’s key economic sectors are revived for the benefit of the citizens.

The Head of State said this yesterday at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport shortly upon arrival from Ndola where he attended the official opening this year’s Zambia International Trade Fair by Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo.

President Lungu said the industrialization process taking across the country will create employment opportunities for Zambians. The President said that Government will remain committed to accelerating various development programmes across the Zambia.

And President Edgar Lungu has directed the Zambia Police Service to investigate the death of Kitwe street vendor Anita Nankamba who was allegedly beaten by Kitwe City Council Police officers days before she died.

President Lungu’s Special Assistant For Press And Public Relations Amos Chanda said that the Head of State regretted the death of Ms. Nankamba who was two months pregnant.

Speaking at a press briefing in Ndola, Mr. Chanda said the President wanted the Police to investigate the matter as soon as possible and bring the case to a close.

Mr. Chanda also noted with concern that cases of people using the name of the President and other senior government officials to extort money on the Copperbelt are increasing. Mr. Chanda said that some private companies have complained that people using the names of the President, the Vice President, the First Lady and himself were increasing.

On insinuations that Zambia was sliding into a dictatorship, Mr Chanda said all systems of governance were functioning well and that there is no dictatorship.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has authorised the Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund for Marketeers and Vendors to spend K 300 000 to help maketeers who were victims of suspected arson cases in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces.

Patron of the Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund for Marketeers and Vendors Chanda Kabwe said that the money will also be used for construction of ablution blocks at some markets on the Copperbelt.

Mr. Kabwe urged people under the program to be committed in paying back the loans to benefit other marketeers and vendors across the country. Mr. Kabwe who is also Central Province permanent secretary was speaking to ZNBC news in an interview in Mumbwa district.


  1. I wonder who has brought economy, after wasting US$ 7 BILLION, to the point when it needs to be revived?
    Any suggestion from economy experts like BBJ Mushota, Terrible 1mbecile, 2020lack of vision or Njimbu?

    • How can Lungu revive the economy when his govt has squandered billions on pfake infrastructure projects ? And why does the economy need to be revived? Does he accept that he and PF have screwed up the economy since 2011? From a lower middle income country that MMD handed over to the third hungriest country in the world in 6 years!

    • I wish this focus can be emulated into actions. Overall, that is what we are asking for, focus on things that can improve the lives of ordinary Zambians. Thus far, you are too much centred on self-promotion and on power wrangling within PF. We are not interested. And when we raise this, we are called names.
      With regards, to calling in Police to act on Kitwe street vendor who was allegedly beaten, it welcome. However, why quick action here, while when UPND chaps had their hands chopped off, no police were called by the President to act.
      This is the double standard that is visible and continues to divide the country.

    • So the economy needs reviving, from what? Isn’t it few months ago you were saying “Sontapo on all the massive development PF did the past 5 years” ? So after over 6 years in power you are still reviving…?

    • This president seems to have a different meaning of industrialization which he claims is taking place all over the country,i cant see any where I live and everybody is a loafer including graduates. Perhaps he should speak with examples.

    • Is he (Lungu) not the one who has been telling gullible Zambians that everything is just ok there no economy in Zambia that needs to be fixed! Surely this man thinks Zambians are very dull. One is true thing though is that, Zambians are docile.

  2. Without a Vision how can Dictator and Sadist Lungu fix the Economy? Lungu has no idea how a modern economy should functions. By destroying Rule of Law, abrogating the Zambian Constitution,carrying out Gross violations of Human Rights and Misgoverning Lungu is collapsing the Zambian Economy without knowing it. If Lungu had Sound Economic Advisers they would have told him that he rigged the 2016 Election but he can’t rig the Zambian Economy. Without IMF Loan,Western Financial Assistance and Investments the Zambian Economy is doomed. With HH in Jail on Trumped Up Treason Charges Lungu and Mutati should forget about foreign Financial Assistance and fixing the Zambian Economy. In fact the Economy will collapse and Zambia will default on its Foreign Debt. The writing is on the Wall.

  3. Things change sometimes for worse and other times for good. Not long ago Lungu’s govt was hit with: low copper price and thus low govt revenue, low rainfall and thus power cuts, relentless opposition negativity; Pew, thanks God, things change. At least copper price is gone better and rainfall has been good. Looks certain motherland is heading to better days.

    • Not under Lungu and PF because they will find ways of sabotaging any positive prospects. Instead of concentrating on governing the country, Lungu has squandered all his feeble energy on crushing the opposition and alienating half of the country.

  4. PF were behind the fire attacks across the country to justify the pending incarceration of HH.

    But then they realised the attacks were having a negative impact on investor confidence and no one was buying into the UPND fire attacks insinuations.

    They then suddenly called off the attacks.

  5. So the economy needs revival. I thought the economy was doing better than ever before. Now it needs revival. When was it dormant or slowed down? Some words are interesting…. I might be fired under national interest since I am a private servant….
    Ba GREAT LEADER need a speech writer not Freedom Sikazwe or Amos Chanda.

  6. Spaka like Lilongwe you have changed your email we know your post code, just behave. Haters will hate.

  7. Dictators ride on fear. Fear is act of low esteem. Men who are of low esteem love to intimidate.
    They lack self confidence and stamina to hear an opposing views.
    Men of low esteem given leadership want to be praised to compensate for their deficiency in character.
    Judge yourself if we have such leaders in Zambia.

  8. ” suspected arson cases in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces”. So investigations are still going on after several months?

  9. The fact that u are cadres is not a passport to ignorance.
    Some sectors have performed extremely well and others have struggled.
    As president,he has to attend to those sectors.
    The economy continues to grow with latest growth rate revised to 4.3%.
    For example,Zambia has increased its maize output creating a bumper harvest.More can be done in 5years.

    • Specially corruption, money laundering, illegal transfers to off-shore accounts, real estate investments in Dubai and RSA…………………?

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