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President Lungu now a millionare came to office as a poor man- Mulongoti

Headlines President Lungu now a millionare came to office as a poor man-...

President Edgar Lungu came into office as poor as a poor person but  he is now a millionaire, says Mike Mulongoti.

Mulongoti said President Lungu’s attempt to legitimise his stay in office by lining up African heads of State was simply another way of abusing public funds by his government.

He said moving a Head of State had huge financial implications attached to it.

Mulongoti said the PF government’s resolve to invite various African presidents to Zambia under the pretext of cementing relations had a direct bearing on the Zambia economy.

“They are using the same money they took out from subsidies to lavish their friends. I have been in government, I understand these things. Why can’t they go and seek the attention of the Western world who have got money?” Mulongoti asked.

He said it was difficult to understand what economic benefits inviting African heads of State had to the country apart from looting from the suffering majority in the country.

“For instance, they insist on cementing relations with countries like Togo, Madagascar and so on, it’s really difficult to understand…what are the economic benefits?” he said.

Meanwhile Mr. Mulongoti says Edgar Lungu does not care about poor people suffering because he is now a millionaire.

“His interest is not serving the poor people but enriching himself and friends. He came to state house a poor man like a church mouse, he had no house or anything to point at, now he is swimming in a pool of money, he is no longer that poor boy from Chawama so he has nothing to lose” he said.


  1. Lungu is bankrupt despot with no morals.

    He is not bothered even if he is called a theif because he knows he can’t sue anyone. His stealing will be laid bare in a court.

    • It’s ok to be rich and live good. But not building those apartments as a president, Chishimba UPP asked Lungu to explain.

    • Can Mulongoti tell us which African leader has left the presidency poor. Not long ago, Mulongoti was minister of works and he was moving with with 5 phones, wearing expensive suits than before he was a minister. Didn’t mulongoti leave the position a millionaire than the time of his appointment? I think mulongoti is an example of fo.olish politicians who think Zambians forget fast. Should he be reminded of his deals and cuts with the chinese?

    • @shooterz,
      But you are also fo.li..sh just as the person you are accusing.
      He told you he was in government and he knows how things go. In other words, he is admitting that while he was in government, he was stealing or at least he was a witness.
      Now, instead of you working with the information that someone like Mulongoti has, you opt to blast him off.
      You people, are you being real? What is wrong with you kanshi?. You see a thief stealing but you blame your wife for alerting you. Jeeeeeeesus!!!. Peace to all

    • @ general kanene you are sick. the first tarmac in chalala was done the time mulongoti was minister of works. ask anyone who stays there how poor the road was done yet mulongoti inspected the road himself more than 2 times. I was staying along the same road then. I Hate du.ll people like you who forget fast. you are a danger to yourself and your party of illiterates. you support foo.lishness now because mulongoti will give you votes. have yourself a life and think beyond cheap votes. I would love to see a clean upnd form government tha a upnd with recycled crooks who jump from one party to another. even the Jeeeeesus you worship is wrong try Jesus and you will think normally.

    • Well said Mr Mulongoti. I wish you had portrayed the same wisdom when you and you friends were in power. This be a lesson for those serving under Lungu that their time to speak like Mulongoti will come to pass.

  2. Well said Mr Mulongoti but given the same opportunity you would amass wealth like Lungu because you guys are just the same. When you are outside the system it is easy to condemn it but the moment you get into it you become blind! We need selfless leaders!

    • Most of former UNIP left with decent wealthy. That’s why they still exist.
      Mama Kankasa, can’t be compared to Dora’s.
      Grey Zulu, Malimba, Munkombwe they are countless non-thieving politicians.
      KK wouldn’t employ Kaiser as political advisor.

    • All those who stole with Ka FTJ, including Sata are long gone. With these ones its a matter of time, Every dog has its own day.

    • There are only two things in this world! When one steals money and become very rich, that person will either die or the money will mysteriously finish. Lungu has stolen a lot of money which can’t finish now so he is going to die soon. UNIP politicians are still around because they led a decent life as politicians but look at the politicians in Chiluba’s government including Chiluba himself! where are they? they are or dead or bankrupty. Thats natural justice.

  3. Treason iwe Mulongoti…. Just wait….. The day of reckoning is coming. This guys may chop off your toes…. Zambians need able bodied men to lead us.

  4. Mulongoti is wrong! Lungu has a lot to lose by leaving the office of the presidency. He risks not only jail, but becoming a jail-bird and losing all the properties he has acquired via abusing his office and position.

  5. One would have to be a serious imbecile to fail to become a millionaire as a president-even without corruption. Presidential allowances and salaries alone makes you a millionaire within months especially that your food, travel and so many other things are virtually free as a president. Corruption is another issue (provided you have evidence) but seriously, the reason why Mulongoti and all his POLITICAL colleagues want to go to state house is for the financial benefits -first and foremost. I know it sounds popular and appealing to say what Mulongoti is saying BUT IT IS A LOT OF SHALLOW STAFF. Give us evidence of corruption so that we take Lungu and PF to account. If you have nothing, please tell us what you intend to do for Zambia. What are your plans? Lets grow out of this shallow…

    • Its really difficult for you to understand what a millionaire is…you dont attain such a status from working for someone.

  6. ba Mulongoti, when you were in Govt; you were very rich, NOW!!! LEKENI umunenu aaateke, you left MMD and thot you were so popular, see where you are. you have recruited yourself without pay counting the riches of your frends. go and finish at ZIALE, you start practising law pa bar, noti ifi mailele ifyo ba guy. NKANI UMUNENU abombepo…

  7. Ba Mulongoti just shut up, the whole world knows you would have been saying something different had Edgar given you some piecework !

  8. Ba Mulongoti I can smell the spirit of jealous in you, who can fail to become rich whenever you are a president. You were actually so arrogant and out spoken when you were in government, now you are out of the system, leave Lungu alone. POLITICS CHIDUNU, CHILALISHA ABAICHE TABABAKO. Mr. Mulongoti you are also very corrupt, Lungu is better than you. Ati he was very poor now he’s swimming in riches, get a life Mr…

  9. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and then loose his soul”
    “Baka filila Munsenga”
    The Euro bondage debt money has made them rich but time will surely judge them.

  10. He has to be rich because Chawama life was very hard. Pals tell us that he was taking the hard stuff… Imweee………. treason can catch me

    • Imweeee……….so many could have been arrested and accused of treason for calling Manawasa carbage.

  11. Even him Mulongoti was a very poor man before joining politics and becoming a Minister. Let him compare his fortunes before and after leaving Government. Rumour has it that his colleagues in the MMD used to lend him shoes when going for campaigns because he couldn’t afford to buy himself a pair. You are just jealous ba Mulongoti. When you hear Lungu used to live in Chawama, its not really in Chawama. He used to leave at a farm on the outskirt of Chawama. He has a housing complex there.

  12. Bashi Syreeta. If you have nothing to say it’s best you keep quiet and not peddle lies. You are a grandparent and should be setting a good example to your grandchildren. So please stop twisting the facts just to cause a media frenzy of hatred and trouble. Still living in la la land? I suppose you have to keep up the pretense that you will be President one day. You stand more chance of playing in the next Football World Cup.

  13. What’s Lungu’s salary?

    Let’s see what amount we come up with once we multiply the salary by the number of years he has served. We also factor in allowances and the fact that everything in state house is provided for, from tissue to salt. Even he’s suits.

    You would be a fool not be a millionaire over years surrounded by such fortune. Explains why mulongoti is also trying very hard to get there, even without a single MP in parliament.

    Chiwamila mbuzi kuluma galu, or kano nga ebo, or it is okay to be rich as a serving president for as long as you’re a Mulongoti not Lungu.

  14. Mulongoti you must be naive to imagine that you can be a president and not amass some wealth. Even billionaire Donald Trump will leave office richer than he went in

  15. What’s Lungu’s salary?

    Let’s see what amount we come up with once we multiply the salary by the number of years he has served. We also factor in allowances and the fact that everything in state house is provided for, from tissue to salt. Even he’s suits.

    You would be a daft not be a millionaire over the years surrounded by such fortune. Mulongoti knows this and it explains why he is also trying so hard to get there, even without a single MP in parliament.

    Chiwamila mbuzi kuluma galu, or kano nga ebo, or it is okay to be rich as a serving president for as long as you’re a Mulongoti not Lungu.

    • Lazy Lungu gets $60 000 per year even if he didnt touch that for 5 years ..there is no way his networth can be $3 million in 3 years.

  16. Its is so sad that some Zambians see nothing wrong with corruption and getting rich while in office, in fact they see one becoming a millionaire as a right while you serve office.

    Made worse by PF and even much worser by lungu who will be proven to be the most corrupt leader in the history of Zambia…..

  17. Lungu is a caring president who is getting half salary, funding marketers what else do you want Mr. Mulongoti? At least ECL is sharing with the poor.

  18. Edgar Lungu as a lawyer had clients who use to pay him. Even MCS was his client and he would handle PF cases. Even Fred M’membe was Lungu’s client. ECL was not poor as Mulongoti put it. He was very comfortable. He even had some properties. Unlike Mulongoti who couldn’t maintain his Range Rover and BMW (parking them at a known Lusaka garage for more than 3 years), Lungu was more organised and didn’t have issues with cars or homes. Iyo kwena na iku nyonkola insala, Mulongoti….kewkewkewkwekwe….

  19. Stealing started in privatization of Zambian industries.There was a culture of looting and plundering the national assets.The seed that was planted during that time will continue for the foreseeable future.There is no spirit of serving the poor.The only selfless leadership was the one ran by KK.Those were true sons and daughters of the soil.No wonder Zambia achieved a lot in terms of infrastructures.Every ngwee was accounted for.Theft now is very rampant as documented in Auditor General’s report.There is even pride in the report the auditor produces.Every Jim and Jack rejoices at the report the Auditor produces.There is no dread at the draining of national resources.What a shame!Politicians will never build this nation as they preach.They are all liars who are not supposed to be trusted.

  20. Ka Mulongoti ku kanwa kwati kalelya inshonkonono…Mulongoti was one of the corrupt Minister in the Mwanawasa Government to the point of being sarcastic with his mouth…

  21. Can’t agree with you Mulongoti on this one, when Heads of State are not visiting you become the first chaps to yap that Zambia has been shunned coz of poor Leadership like it was he case under MCS (MHSRIP). Keep quiet if you have nothing to write about

  22. The fact that Mulongoti was in government does not warrant that he fully knows how the system works.He also resurfaced from nowhere,amassed wealth best known by himself,did law course and after leaving Govt,he squandered the whole money because he could not adjust.Today he is just a shadow of himself.My advice to him is that God has a long line of people who need an opportunity like the one he had.If it comes use it wisely.

  23. Mulongoti (pipe) was one very pompous character when he was in government. I remember how he once overtook me and cut in right in front of me in his beige BMW on Great East Road at Arcades like one of these young reckless drivers on the streets of Lusaka. I caught up with him later due to the congestion on the road only to see it was Mulongoti. I just could not believe it was him behaving the way he did. Anyway, what does one expect of a frustrated leader of a political party with more cell phones than party members. He is a bitter man. when PF could not give him a job, he cried they were “eating alone” despite campaigning together. Wherever he goes whether to pick his children at Rhodes Park School or at a funeral he wants to be noticed. The man is vain!!!

  24. Mike Mulongoti must be the last one to blame ECL on this one.he was fired as works & supply minister because of corruption.when he was a minister,he looked nice and drove expensive cars.even that suit he is wearing today was bought during those days.
    surely do you expect a poor man who becomes a president to remain poor?this is weird thinking.ECL became a rich man the very day he won the presidency in 2015!!he now has life pension,i.e he will be getting paid until he dies like KK or RB!!!ALMOST ALL POLITICIANS FIGHT FOR PLOT ONE SO THAT THEY CAN BECOME RICH OR WELL OFF!!SO MULONGOTI CAN CHEAT HIS FELLOW BANTUSTAN CADRES IN UPND!!
    let ECL…

  25. Continue……
    Let ECL work in peace!!us voters gave him a life pension via ballot so he has said bye bye to poverty!!!Mike Mulongoti should convince us voters to give him a job in future too.

    • Why do the kaponyas hate people talking about corruption or asking where lungu got his millions that are way beyond his pay ??

  26. If this is the kind of political wisdom Hon. Mike Mulongoti is endowed with, then I shudder to think that the constituency (the Lamba people) he represents has a headless leader. We expected him to fight for the plight of his followers. Yet Ba Mulongoti is bellowing out criticisms of President Lungu under the shadow of UPND – a Party that is openly funded by white racists who are linked to Rhodesian whites who created RENAMO to cause confusion in Mozambique; the whites who have hired Mmusi Maimane, Irvin Jim and Obasanjo to create havoc in South Africa and Zambia.

    We expect Ba Mulongoti to champion genuine checks and balances on the ruling party in Zambia; but Ba Mulongoti has merely exposed his deep-rooted hatred for Easterners.

  27. I detect a very deep sense of frustration in Mulongoti. He is not happy at all and requires serious psychiatric attention.

    • Why , because he is asking questions many people are asking , like how did lungu aquire those mansions chishimba asked about ??

    • Spaka like lilo,

      I have known Mulongoti personally from his days at Masala Secondary School. I therefore understand this man’s pettiness and self-centred personality very well. He is wrong person to be asking these questions because he isn’t that clean himself. As for you Spaka, I cannot even dignify you with a response because the only thing that pleases you is anything negative about ECL and the exaltation of your Almighty God – HH.

    • Facts

      I don’t care about HH neither do I care about lungu…….what I care about is governance by example……..and our rights as a democratic country.

      Not this corrupt moral bankruptcy leader ship by lungu……lungu can be called a theif and he does not even bother putting his name and the reputation of the highest office on a moral and dignified order.

      What example is he showing our youth…???

  28. Very dull! Do you think when you become president you can’t become a millionaire? Stop wasting our time masters of negativity from one tribe!

    • Unless you are serving your pockets more than your people.

      Patients continue to die in UTH for lack of medicines and nurses go unpaid and all the theives can think of is becoming millionaires……you bloody sucking parasites.

  29. This is a mean and spiteful piece. It’s shame we have politicians in Zambia who are not afraid to let their tongues openly salivate with jealousy over their Political betters.

    President Lungu deserves every buck he has made over the last few years. He has had to hold the country together against all odds within his own Party and demented Opposition that has clearly lost its direction and understanding of their representative duty to the people.

    As for the claim that; ‘President Lungu’s attempt to legitimise his stay in office by lining up African heads of State,’ that is so bizarre! But we understand that statement as an attack on his greatest success as a International Player able to coerce his fellow African Leaders to work for the greater good of our country. He has…

    • He has demonstrated his gift in Internal Relations and ordinary Zambians are the privileged and richly gifted from that.

    • Richly gifted indeed by $10 billion debt, some of the highest taxes on the continent, and a public subjected to kaizer Zulu morals of attacking a policewoman in from of a packed stadium while lungu watches and does Jack.. ….

  30. Mulongoti niwama sour grapes. Had PF adopted him that time he was desperate he could have been singing a different song now

  31. This spaka like lilo thing “rants like a street rat!!”
    Any negative news about H.E.Edgar Lungu excite him a lot and he says to himself as “thank God now by tribes man HH will have support”hehehehehe-NEVER!!YOU WILL DIE FROM STROKE SPAKA AS YOUR TONGA GOD ROTS IN JAIL!!!
    your reasoning is very weird.so president Lungu cant even get paid because patients have no medicine at UTH?plus where do you get those lies?its under PF where we have seen new hospitals,clinics,schools,roads,etc being done.thousands of poor Zambians get paid via social cash transfer,etc.SO FROM WHERE DOES YOUR ROTTEN MIND GET FAKE NEWS?

  32. @spaka like lilo:
    Your Kainde “Kaili # 1 HH” is suffering today in chimbokaila because he wants to be in control of taxpayers money in State House one day.had it not been that,he cannot accept to continue rotting in jail.Obvious Mwaliteta and others committed crime while in search of power.they knew that if HH wins,then their lives shall change.SO YOU SAY ALL THOSE NEGATIVITIES BECAUSE YOU ADMIRE THOSE IN POWER TODAY!!!no normal Zambian would expect a poor Zambian who becomes president to remain poor while in office.this is a lie.even you “spaka” if we vote for you today,your life will improve for good!! OR IF YOU BECAME ZESCO MD,ZRA COMMISSIONER,ETC,FINANCIALLY YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME BECAUSE YOU WILL BE PAID WELL!!!so you guys in upnd must stop lying as thats why many voters…

  33. @spaka like lilo:
    You are a very irritating nigga!!
    Where do you get that fake news?from Larry Mweetwa’s ZWD?
    Look,we were at heroes stadium watching Zambia U20 final in march,2017,Kaizer Zulu never attacked a police woman publicly.if they exchanged bad words,then it was behind the camera and there was no physical contact.then Zambia’s current debt is less than US$7.2billion.this is not much because our economy has grown.plus the massive projects which PF leaders have done using this money are visible for all Zambians to see.BESIDES,THIS $7.2BN IS NOT HH OR DUNDUMWEZI REPUBLIC’S DEBT FOR YOU TO WORRY ABOUT!!!our leaders know how Govnt will pay back this money using tax.EVEN AT HOUSEHOLD LEVEL,WE GET LOANS, SO THATS HOW LIFE IS!!NO BIG DEAL ABOUT IT.hence cry for your god hh and not…

  34. Let them enjoy now but there is a time to everything. Time to be persecuted wil come. What happened to Fredrick Chiluba? The evil man is busy jailing innocent people ,Lesa tewakwangala nankwe mulekwatako uluse ngomufyashi naiwe. You should ask yourself if it was Esther or Tasila going through alll this. Will you like it? We human beings are always forgetful that God is in control. He can turn tables in twinkle of an eye.

  35. The problem solely falls on Zambians and not the politicians, just listen to conversations among some eligible voters, what does he want in politics when he has got all the wealth? Teti alekefye nabanankwe balyako nabena, this the typical mentality of pf cadres, as result most people think politics is for one to go and stock up on finances before one leaves office.

  36. Stupid old man mulongoti just quit politics *****, why do people wish to became presidents is it not not live better? Lungu has to be rich, do you expect the president to be with ifikamba? Shut up and go back to village mwakota

  37. Mulongoti, Mpombo, Late Tetamashimba were untouchable during Mwanawasa ‘s tenure. They even hounded the original members from the MMD.

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