ZSPA commends Lungu for allowing Inonge to dialogue with the Clergy

Zambia Society for Public Administration (ZSPA) President Kelvin Esiasa has commended President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for allowing Vice President Inonge Mutukwa Wina to host a meeting with Religious leaders.
In a statement unveiled to the Media, Mr. Esiasa expressed optimism that the outcome of the meeting with religious leaders will yield positive results and believes that a number of issues were resolved.
Mr. Esiasa has since urged Zambians to stay calm as one people and continue living in harmony, stressing the need to stop throwing stones or insulting each other or even pushing each other against the wall trying to belittle each other in a Christian Nation.
And Mr. Esiasa has advised that when church leaders raises some issues  pertaining National leadership, it is imperative that the leadership quickly find time for them to discuss and resolve the matters like Inonge Mutukwa Wina the Vice President did recently because dialogue is the only key to resolve any dispute.
Meanwhile, Mr. Esiasa has appealed to the Vice President Inonge Wina to publish the resolutions from the discussions she had with the Bishops for the general public to know and understand what transpired in the meeting because it is vital for them to be availed with that information.

“As ZSPA, we would also like to appeal to the Patriotic Front (PF) to restrain from insulting or belittling the Bishops especially from the Catholic Church”

“We need to understand that the catholic Bishops have been part and parcel of peace building in this country. If we follow our History carefully, we will find that they have helped to build Zambia at all times”

“This is not the first time that they have come out so strongly, but it is one of the many times. So it is important that we respect the Bishops and give them the support they need and an ear when they speak. Let us listen to them and ensure that we follow through to what they say” Esiasa said

And ZSPA President Kelvin Esiasa also appealed to the Patriotic Front (PF) to speak with one voice, affirming that it is now the party in Government is not speaking with one voice.

He said it is important that the PF clearly defines the role of the Media Director Sunday Chanda and Mr. Esiasa demanded that the PF should clearly tell Zambians if Mr. Chanda is the official Spokesperson of the Party or his role his role is to guide the members of the party concerning media activities and their role in the media.

“The roles should be clearly defined to provide us with a sense of direction; because of late he has been issuing statements that are creating discomfort and provoking colleagues or the people from the opposition. A clear road map needs to be provided to avoid this confusion”

“To the United Party for National Development (UPND), We appeal to them to tone down and see how best they can assist this country in building peace. Of Course they are aggrieved because their leader is in Prison, but it is important that they tone down for the good of the people”

“The Judiciary to Speed up Political Trials and We are also appealing to the Judiciary that whenever they are trying political cases or political related matters they should speed up the process because many are the times that we have seen that any case that is related to political activities creates tension in the country” Esiasa said



  1. There is so much in what Ba Essiasa is saying;
    – fire Sunday Chanda for insulting Bishop Mpundu.
    – Mumbi Phiri should be excommunicated from cathoric.
    – delete PF media desk.
    – free Inonge from bondage of Lungu’ guides lead by notorious Kaiser.
    – Inonge should be left be the Inonge of Sata & NGO days.
    – speed up political prosecution of cases like HH, Mwalita.


    • Mrs Wina is behaving like the only adult in PF. Lungu and his unwashed minions don’t care what happens to Zambia as long as they make their money.


  2. The Vice President is very stale. Nothing will come from her. The bucks stop with ECL. ECL is never serious with life. No wonder he lost his practicing licence…. Let ECL make money as he needs it now.
    Life is Chawama was hard for him. Please allow him to enjoy now.


  3. What the gentleman here is saying is the same as women thanking their rapists. Why in the first place didn’t the State want to meet the clergy at statehouse when they requested for a meeting? Why didn’t the state think this through before executing a heinous plan of persecuting an individual without cause?

    The problem is mediocrity is so high in Zambia we cannot even reason properly but want to commend even when the person being commended is the causer of the actions and now he/she has rescinded his/her decision after seeing that the issues have gone overboard and the is a public outcry


  4. I would recommend that no Catholic person should attend this meeting apart from Bishop Mpundu who would attend in his personal capacity has a member of UPND.

    The Catholic clergy men should stop mixing themselves with a very an uneducated lay men and women who want to facelift themselves by mixing with well educated Roman Catholic priests.

    Please our Roman Catholic priests are so qualified that it is an insult to be put in the same pot with Pentecostal lay bishops. This is a shame to the Roman Catholic priests to do that.



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