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I respect Chishimba Kambwili, he is a Member of the Central Committee -Lusambo

Headlines I respect Chishimba Kambwili, he is a Member of the Central...

Mr Lusambo stresses a point during a live Let the People Talk programme
Mr Lusambo stresses a point during a live Let the People Talk programme

Copperbelt Province Minister Hon. Bowman Lusambo says he respects Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili because he is a Member of the Central Committee (MCC), the highest organ of the party.

He said he does not have a personal issue with Mr Kambwili adding that if the Roan MP has a problem with him, he should use the proper channels of addressing issues rather than rushing to the media.

Mr Lusambo said Mr Kambwili is a senior member of the party who should know that rushing to the media to resolve certain issues is wrong channel.

The Copperbelt Minister was speaking in Ndola on Friday when he featured a live Let the People Talk programme from the Zambia International Trade Fair.

He said he has refused to comment on Mr Kambwili’s assertions that he should be fired because President Edgar Lungu does not take instructions from the media.

“Mr. Kambwili is calling me a boy and saying I am the source of confusion on the Copperbelt, and yet he has not been able to point out areas where I am failing as Provincial Minister,” Mr Lusambo said.

He added, “If the discussion was about my abilities as Minister, maybe I would have entertained it but it appears whatever Mr Kambwili has against me is personal so I will not respond.”

“When the President came to the Copperbelt he invited all Members of the Central Committee on the Copperbelt, Mr. Kambwili did not attend that meeting.”

Mr Lusambo added, “The President gave everyone who attended the meeting an opportunity to table their grievances, he gave us on opportunity to fully express ourselves and all the matters have been resolved.”

Hon. Lusambo featuring on Let the People Talk during the Trade Fair
Hon. Lusambo featuring on Let the People Talk during the Trade Fair

The Kabushi Member of Parliament reiterated that there is no confusion on the Copperbelt as claimed by Mr Kambwili.

“Yes there is no confusion here, the problem that was there has been sorted out. The President came, he sat us down, gave us fatherly advice and now we are moving together as a team.”

On land allocation in the province, Mr. Lusambo said he has maintained that no Councillors and party officials should be involved in issues of land allocation.

“I have put my foot down, I will not tolerate lawlessness in the Province,” he said.

And Mr Lusambo says those asking him to leave Copperbelt Province should know that he is a Lamba and that he is not going anywhere.

“I am Minister, we only have one Provincial Minister period!. When the President appointed me he was not guessing, he knew that I was capable of delivering and I think we are on the right track,” he said.

“If I do something stupid, if I do something that is beyond the control of the President, he can drop me, but for now his Excellency the President knows that I am doing a good job.”

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  1. I regret paying for tidal for mwana wanga. The chap has been playing jayz new album full blast. Tidal is 9.99 dollars a month for those that don’t know. Many Zambians live on less than dollar. I keep telling the chap how lucky he is. All children in Zambia should be able to have tidal and three meals a day with all resources we have. However this will only happen when lungu dies on 23 November 2017. Amen

    • Ipononenifye that way we will know who is strong. This is how we resolved issues when we were at primary school. You two already are behaving like primary school boys so why not resolve this issue in a primary school way. I have sand in both my palms so I ask each of you to PAMPULA the sand. And we will all be screaming whool-one! Whool-one….

    • When you give buffoons news coverage, they begin to think they are wise men.

      This is not news, please baLT. Give use developmental issues we can discuss, not personality clashes between two thieves.

    • @ NEZ, The best thing that should have happened to you was never to have been born…Because you do not add any value to Humanity…What has this got to do with President Lungu because poverty escalated when the privatisation crooks ill advised the then MMD Government to sell all the companies and in return became super rich…

    • Butthe PF they just had a closed door meeting with their boss. Who later said he will clean up mess copper belt after trade fair. Now more backing from “…imbwa sha kalyelye”. Taking their boss language.. Rabied dogs.

    • So why Lusambo discussing Kambwili, when hosting Ghanian president? All that opportunity to support PF image. Village minister with a ribbon can’t even than Ndola residents for showing up at trade fair? If I was president I would fire him instantly for misusing event and opportunity. Only under Lungu.

    • @NEZ, slow down. Those death threats you have embarked on are not healthy. Try to grow a thick skin because the very people you think you’re fighting for might let you down.

    • How can ECL die before your mother, who is still spreading diseases at age 85.

      HE ECL has the best doctors in the world as Head of State, so prayers to your grandad, Satan, will only be answered if you pray for your mother’s death. Full Stop

  2. Hsm July 1, 2017 at 5:31 am
    Comment: HH, may the Almighty God keep and protect you,by giving you good health.Those who are planing to end your life in jail are murderers ,killers from the camp of the enemy,the devil,who has been a murderer from the begining. Am praying for you .Dont allow that murderer to come near you.God is there for you.Be in good health is my prayer .

  3. Daniel July 1, 2017 at 1:40 am
    We commit HH in the hands of the almighty for divine protection. The devil has possessed this dictator. God almighty protect HH the way you protected David from the hand of King Saul.

  4. Chilyata July 1, 2017 at 1:54 am
    God will protect HH – Lungu and this mad killer will themselves die very soon! Watch this space!

  5. Respecting an MP, my foot! Read this one:
    “`A little boy called Akatama Muleya parks his bicycle nearby the Zambian Parliament house and walks on…

    Mulenga, a police constable stops him and asks: Why did you park your bicycle here? Don’t you know about this road? Many celebrities, MPs, cabinet ministers like Dorah Siliya and and even President Lungu himself pass through here…

    The boy replied innocently: Don’t worry, I have locked my bicycle.“`?

  6. The government is not performing because we are led my people who are so selfish. To start with Lungu has no direction, hence the confusion in his party.

    Its sad we allowed these people to manipulate the electrol system. What so much confusion in this country? Zambia is big than political parties.

  7. Kambwili shld be removed from the central committee. He is too undisciplined to even still be a member of the party. Please president Lungu, on those suspensions u mentioned u will b announcing Kambwili must be No. 1. Kick this corruption criminal out. Let him get busy attending court on his wealth illegally acquired while in government. Fire kambwili! Fire kambwili! Fire kambwili!!!


  9. Kambwili does not recognize Lungu as President, why is he not in jail? The answer is simple. He holds 3 aces against Lungu’s one ace. He has a dossier on corruption activities of Lungu and his impis. Kambwili will never be arrested and the mention of his name sends shivers down Lungu’s spine. That is the truth!

  10. @1 NEZ, now that is typical Donkey thinking. Every Zambian who is not a Donkey knows that you are more likely to die of disease when you are in correction than when you are in state house. You have heard what prisoners do to relieve themselves of various pressures don’t you?

    And yet someone decides voluntarily to go into correction in the vain hope of beconung a hero like that international revered Nelson Mandela. Tell the underfive he has damaged his political career irreversibly, collateral casualties will include his businesses. It’s hard to take this fact in especially when you are a UPNDonkey, but fact IT IS and this SHALL REMAIN SO.

  11. …..And yet someone decides voluntarily to go into correction in the vain and childish hope of becoming a hero like that international revered Icon Nelson Mandela. Tell the underfive he has damaged his political career irreversibly, collateral casualties will include his businesses. It’s hard to take this fact in especially when you are a UPNDonkey, but fact IT IS and this SHALL REMAIN SO.

  12. Bowman lusambo ! You are very stupid useless minister! Days are numbered for you and your master president Lungu!

  13. Those evil people who know themselves and there schemes to Kill other people all bcoz of jealous are just like Muderer Cain who saw that his brother Abel was favored by God,then he schemed by telling his brother lets go in the bush but only to Kill him and left him in cold blood. The other evil brothers of Joseph did the same to Joseph but later sold him to foreigners.
    Keep an eye on such evil men who can even deny the truth of there intentions.

  14. The Hon. Mr. Kambwili, Mwenya Musenge & Co. need to reflect on the wisdom of KK as President of Zambia. In the days of a UNIP Govt, the Father if the Nation, Dr. Keneth David Kaunda unified the people of Zambia by the manner in which he skillfully appointed Cabinet Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Parastatal Institutions, Ambassadors and High Commissioners. All ethnic groups were well represented.

    Currently, President Lungu is emulating KK’s administrative style. This time around each Province is headed a Minister who is ethnically linked to a region. Mr. Kambwili must take NOTE that this is a theme accepted in all regions of Zambia.

    • @Mwansa Kabinga, i suspect you were born in the 1990’s. Kaunda wanted to unify Zambia not by selective segregation. Sikota Wina was sent to stand as MP in Chilabombwe NOT Sesheke. Alexander Chikwanda was MP for Kalulushi Not Chinsali, Timothy Kankansa was Mp for Twapia in Ndola NOT solwezi where he came from. I can give you several examples. Appointing a Lamba to be Minister of CB province is neither here nor there. Cronyism!!!

  15. On the one hand Lusambo says there is no confusion on the copperbelt and on the other that Lungu came to sort out the confusion. Lungu himself dived straight into saying that there was confusion on the Copperbelt as soon as he begun his address at the airport. The problem here is that no one within the PF government either admits or is capable of discerning that the underlying denominator for the party is violence and confusion. When was it ever otherwise?

  16. @”One man and a dog”. Mwansa Kabinga witnessed the hosting of the Zambian Flag after midnight on 24th October 1964.
    I must emphasize that KK’s national unifying factor was administered at the level of appointing Cabinet Ministers, Heads of Parastatal Companies, Permanent Secretaries, Ambassadors. This instilled a sense of belonging to one country by a diversity of ethnic groups in Zambia. Had Southern Province delivered PF MPs, we could, indeed, have seen more Tonga Cabinet Ministers under President Lungu. Yes most Tongas and Lambas are also equally intelligent. The goals by @’One man and a dog’ – Kambwili’s agent – is simply to disorganize the PF Govt. Kambwili & Co. are missing Sata’s “Forest” affinities.

  17. THE WRITER IS CORRECT, ZAMBIAN SOCCER NEEDS A COMPLETE OVERHAUL starting from technical bench and field. LOOK AT MWENE he is very old with white hair now how should he continue to man the goal??.Also the last sentence by the author talking about relocating state house to livingstone is ridiculous

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