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Lusaka City Market is on Fire

General News Lusaka City Market is on Fire

Unknown people have set fire to Lusaka’s City Market.

The fire started around 04:30 Hours and was still spreading by 06:30 and Marketeers watched helplessly as the market was burning.

It is unclear how the fire started.

Several parts of urban Zambia have been targeted in similar attacks which the Zambia Police Service has labeled as being economic sabotage.

Lusaka's City Market on Fire
Lusaka’s City Market on Fire

Lusaka's City Market on Fire
Lusaka’s City Market on Fire

Lusaka's City Market on Fire
Lusaka’s City Market on Fire

Lusaka's City Market on Fire
Lusaka’s City Market on Fire

Lusaka's City Market on Fire
Lusaka’s City Market on Fire

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  1. Lack Lack of security under pf dictatorship. *************** deleted******************Blogger placed on moderation

    • Disgraceful of UPND.

      You would be naive to think otherwise.

      No hate speech please



    • Mwamona abena Kapyongo, you need citizen’s help. Even in villages, if you are fond of insulting, beating, including threatening own chiefs, misfortunes happens. And own brothers and children will watch helpless.
      There is no chief behind that fire, just go and rebuild. Less tewakwangalila.

    • Diverge the 20m USD meant to build a State House and compensate and rebuild a new and healthy City Market

    • But ***** are annoying. Just like almost all prophets predicted, these tribalists have brought fire to our holy land. GBM and HH really hate the poor huh? #sad_shameful

    • City market is a high security zone after 18hrs to 6hrs in the morning, there is a police station and it’s heavily guarded by police, no civilian is allowed on that premises during the said hours, the policemen on duty should be held accountable.

    • @NEZ

      It is about time you were identified so that you could be made to face the wrath of the law. ZICTA, ZAMBIA POLICE AND THE INTELLIGENCE wings need to step the search for you so that you could be taught a lesson. We have had enough of your political rabies rabid dog!

    • It is wrong of Lusakatimes not to ban or sensor NEZ. As a paper you have lost it there bane. wishing a president dead anywhere would get the police and the paper taking action. Take action now

    • ………………………………………..tick tock tock tock tock BOOM!

      Zambians are now fade up of useless politics.

    • GOOD NEWS COMING FROM NDOLA is that the arsonist behind the ZESCO lines have been cornered. This was after the car they use had a tyre burst and they escaped using another car. But the owner of that abandoned car has been tracked down through RTSA data base. The owner of the car is now claiming that it was his driver. The news on the matter will be coming through anytime from now.

  2. Dont give in to such attacks and they will soon be caught and face the law. If this is the style of attacking the government,very soon they will be exposed.

  3. This is catastrophic. An opposition terrorist grouping which tries to incite the poor Zambians by robbing them of their little wealth.
    How evil of this UPND to plan and execute such sabotage

    • Is that what your kaponya chairman Kamba has concluded, that its UPND? Soweto/city market is run and guided by PF.

    • It’s guarded by pf cadres and it is heavily guarded by police who are stationed there 24/7,never heard of city market police station?

  4. This is job well-done. I wish everything could be burn to ashes. Because you always accuse UPND of burning these markets that you are controlling, you can not tell when a criminal has come into your midst. Your behaviour PF is stinking because you are rotten. Can you protect these infrastructure instead of maiming innocent people.

    • good observation,whats wrong with the fire department just right up there alley and fire keeps going,shame.

  5. Arson and public property sabotage is not the way to deal with any kind of grievances. No matter what.What have poor marketeers done to put their livelihood on fire like that?

  6. Come on……let us Iearn to love each other, market has been burnt now were will those hundreds n thousands of families who depend on that small business in city market going to survive, its really heart breaking.

  7. Stup!d acts. no justification for this cowardly acts whatsoever! Those who are trying to justify areally equally f0olish!

  8. People are not thinking straight, how do you burn down a market that even your own relatives benefit, school their children, feed n dress their families from.it’s high time that the perpetrators of such vices get back to their senses and put the 2016 elections issue aside and focus on the next 2021 elections.may the ALMIGHTY LORD protect this nation

  9. This is shameful. When culprits are apprehended and prosecuted, then Zambia is a dictatorship. Bwana Kampyongo, the culprits will surely be known and must be brought to book. They must face the full wrath of the law.

    • Just release HH in good health ,if you release him in bad health don’t say we never warned you.

  10. Mr kudos or is it the kabushi kid if you knew it was planned and executed by the upnd tben why didnt you take steps to stop it. Maybe it suited your motives to remain silent and let it happen. I dont know who did it as there no arrests or evidence pointing to any particular political party. If you knew as you have intimated then you by your inaction are implicit in what has occurred. Think before you have to comment on everything in a negative manner
    What you dont realise is that the more you blame one group, pipo are asking what is your motive for the accusations, is it to take the focus off the real perpetrators.

  11. PF is behind these fires. They want to blame the opposition but nature is against them. They control city market . What happened to their PF security?

  12. If you allow uneducated villagers to trade on the streets in return for political support then what will follow when you try to force them back into the market?

  13. Just parade hh gbm and mukuni and open fire on them until pronounced dead by a qualified doctor. Burn their cacases till smoke comes out no more. The idea of burning down infrastructure is meant to scare away investors so that they stand a chance of winning in 2021. Now they have just provoked the entire Zambia and no one will vote for them who is not a tonga. This party needs to be deregistered immediately and without fail.let them start a war so that we wipe them out of Zambia. 1diots.

    • Try it Oval Head you will rostered alive.You we are jocking.War is not about numbers its about tactics and fire power as Kagame who defeated the majority Hutus out of Rwanda.Dont touch the anointed of God.

  14. This is what happens when the so called president and the police mini sitter and the IG because obsessed in crushing the opposit While issues of security of all is left unchecked. Criminals who have been released from jails have no money and they blow their anger on public infrastructure while PF blames the opposition befor it. Shame . And where were the fire fighters? The station is not fire from the market. Where were the police?

  15. Oval head you have just set out a strategy for government to justify the poor economic state currently in zambia.
    With no improvement in sight you are already blaming the opposition for governments failure to manage the economy. I

  16. People’s lives is being affected negatively here. Sad indeed, but accusing a group with no evidence is sad development too. The writer of this article is bias to say the least in one breath he or she is sure this fire was started by some people yet in the same article shamelessly concludes that it is not known how the fire started. What reporting is this? Seems bias towards leading to blaming a group of people.

  17. I dont know who are behind the burning of markets and Zesco installations but whoever you are how can you be so heartless to subject already poor people to the death roll by burning their only hope of survival?
    Because of your heartlessness may God himself hunt you down and your mastermind behind these heinous acts of terrorism and be rewarded according to your heartlessness.
    I expect the president also to crack the whip on the IG and the Director of intelligence. This problem could have been nipped in the bug along time ago but the intelligence system is non existent.

    • The one who is heartless you and Lungu. How can you subject a fellow Zambians in human conditions in prison and expect god to be happy when he did not commit any crime.God will fight a nation lost in sin.

    • Iwe ka Old man there are other important people in prison than the one you are mentioning. Is he the only one that breathes air? I would rather they release the other innocent people in prison than this evil man. Why burn the only source of our income. For this am not going to rest. Never ever will this oposition party rule this nation.I will make sure me and my colleagues here in city market never waste a vote for this Kaponya called HH. To hell with your tactics!

  18. This is the way to go.
    Incinerate Zambia and its blighted infrastructure.
    China, and Chinese will assist you to build a new, modern and civilised country.
    We are packed and ready to come to Zed.

  19. Its high time we face the truth. its a good thing HH is behind bars fingers would have gone straight on him, but check yourselves PF only hope you had nothing to do with this. y claim to improve the economy when you are the cause of poor stature zambia is inn. zambians think.

  20. My bet is that the fire is not political but opportunistic in order to access the. “Presidential funds “. The fund is very tempting especially those whose businesses are not doing well.

  21. Just tell lungu to do a right thing to free HH and his police ? to stop threating opposition members especially upnd,but if not then don’t blame anyone.

  22. Its high time upnd as a party is diregistered.
    Moreover,upnd leaders must know that poor Zambians who have lost goods in those fires at markets cannot vote for HH in 2021.there is nobody who can vote for a party which has burnt all their investments.upnd is digging its last grave.
    PLUS GOVNT MUST ENSURE THAT HH IS TAUGHT A BIG LESSON IN JAIL.FORGET ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ONCE AND TORTURE CUUNDU CAITWA CHAIRMAN HH IN JAIL SEVERELY FOR HIM TO DISCLOSE WHO IS BEHIND THOSE FIRES!!!HH is the tonga’s last hope,so if his political career ends,Zambia shall have peace once more!!SO DEAL WITH THE ROOT CAUSE(HH)!!!all those fires are caused by bantustan upnd supporters!!!Zambians do not need a rocket scientist to tell them that fact!!CAGE ALL SENIOR UPND LEADERS FOR THIS NONSENSE TO END!!

    • You are one short-sided individual. You have so much hate for HH, the UPND and Tongas that it clouds your judgment.

  23. It’s amazing how Zambians get so easily cheated. Just because Kampyongo says it’s UPND and you believe. The tragedy has just happened and NO investigation has been carried out. How can the entire IG and team be so careless? At the rate we are busy politicking, foreign mercenaries may come in our midst without us knowing and we’ll be busy getting at each other’s throats. Sad that Zambia now looks like a conquered nation. Thanks to visionless voters who keep on giving us mediocre leaders always preaching hate and violence. How do you expect someone who has never owned a d.o.g to look after millions? Shocking! These are the consequences!

  24. Could have been an accident? Could have been sabotage. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see another mall popping up there soon instead of a market.

  25. I would rather have a mediocre leader than put UPND in power in Zambia. I have officially developed everlasting hatred for UPND from today onward. My little stand is gone, the other week it was Zesco power lines and now our source livelihood? Mwanya bafyatile u will see!

    • @ wanya, is that your plan in PF? Alarm the nation of future sabotage attacks, burn a few markets and power lines, and then recruit bloggers to flood online media that these acts are being committed by UPND. Most Zambians aren’t that stupid anymore. A lot of us are seeing this as an inside job by the PF themselves.

  26. Throw stones from one side of the fence best believe the other side will inevitably retaliate instinctive to protect and defend their possession…for peace,PF must trend fairly if UPND is to trend fairly…must the citizen of Zambia fall victim to this conflicting interest of two egotistical leader(s)…None of the two are fit to lead…give us someone who is for people of Zambia as a whole…a people divide will not be keep the peace in this Zambia but rip peace and prosperity from each and every Zambian….amend what need be amended and live in peace and prosper…let’s stop infecting each other with hatred one and all Zambians…we are Zambia each of us with a undying responsibility to each other to safe guard to the peace in this country,our country….this is time to display true…

  27. Upnd has always been a terrorism organisation. If you followed their campaign last year you will remember hh promised amargedon if he looses it’s not a suppress that he has sponsored some people on this blog to justify the sabotage act like fire at city market. It only god who will save this country. I know even never mumbi is not happy of this approach and will soon cut ties with upnd to save his image has a pastor. During last year election upnd used to ambush ecz vehicles a tack electrolytic officer and tear opponent posters. Remember what they did to fdd candidates in southern province and the attack on Pf supporter after ecl rally. For Tonga to deal with their nature they must first remove the from their ceremony a party were the dance with spears. This shows that to a Tonga…

    • @Soso in 1991 the whole of Zambia, VOTED for multiparty system. The Tongas you Bembas hate so much VOTED for a Bemba man Chiluba. TODAY you call Tongas BAD PEOPLE? Tongas put Chiluba in office.
      Tongas still vote for Bembas. In short, it is the Bembas who are tribal and reckless

  28. Dull Kanganja, could you not have at least waited a little bit longer to execute your false flag operation to make it more believable. I see that you’ve learnt from the Mongu saga that in order to successfully indict an innocent person you need a actual crime to pin on him. You have succeeded in burning your own market, run and guarded 24/7 by yourPFselves. But the problem with your inside job is that you told us this would happen before it did. Are you engaging in acts of state terrorism against your own citizens, Mr. Kanganja? So just like the Mongu fracas, we know this one is on you again!

  29. Let’s be constructive when passing comments and let’s have the facts right… These people have lost all there business and livelihood by this fire and my heart bleeds for them… The Police in City market must be questioned and state what they where doing when the fire broke out in front of their nose…

  30. Is there any evidence what so ever that this was sabotage or arson? How many times have we had fires in Zambian markets over the years? A few months ago Melissa supermarket in Kabulonga caught fire. In all these cases we rightfully assumed it was an accident until evidence to the contrary was presented. Why this time around are we quick to jump to the conclusion that this is politically incited arson? We should keep open minds please.

  31. Light it up and we can justify the declaration of the State Emergency. These m0r0ns will stop at nothing to stay in power. Retards!!

  32. The recent escalation in happenings cannot be a mare coincidence far from it. It is designed and sponsored by disgruntled sabbortours on a campeign to destroy all That Zambians have laboured for in last 53 years or so. This malicious damage to public infrastructure is very unfortunate and is reasonable. Whoever is responsible once found must be caged for life. This act must be condemned by all well meaning Zambians

  33. Economic sabotage is treasonable for sure. Why can’t we love our country united in diversity regardless of the many political, racial and tribal differences like we have done before? We have only one Zambia.

  34. People of God let us not be pointing fingures at the opposition for every evil act. Wizards do the same, they pretend to be innocent when they bewitch people. Where were the Police when things like this happen? Whatever evil plans you come up with God is not asleep.

  35. God hear your people’s cries console them and open your doors of bounty for them, give them strength and provide for their families. Ameen. Feeling sad my family members and friends is affected are affected too. ?

  36. People of Zambia, what is being done to assist the people affected???
    People have lost livelihood, source of income. In certain countries, this is when organisations, churches, etc start gathering together to help rebuild what has been lost. So that people’s lives carry on without much disruption.
    Instead of insulting one another, why dont we come together with solutions to rebuild… it could be anyone affected next, your immediate neighbour, your immediate family

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