Keep your soiled hands away from Chiefs, Mulongoti tells Lungu

Republican President Edgar Lungu at the induction Church service of Reverend Westone Simwinga of Twapia United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Congregation.
Republican President Edgar Lungu 
He said Kampyongo’s threats are an assault on the freedom of association and meant to intimidate those chiefs that have openly shown support towards the incarcerated UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema.

According Mr Kampyongo, the PF government is on the verge of arresting a traditional leader for allegedly funding youths to cause political unrest.

Mr. Mulongoti has charged that the careless utterance by Kampyongo is not only alarming but shows that Edgar Lungu will go to any length to ensure that his dictatorial tendencies are felt in all sectors of the country.

‘The role and value of traditional chiefs in Zambia play an indelible role. To attack one Chief because of his support against the incarceration of one of his subjects would be an insult on the entire House of Chiefs,’ Mulongoti warned

He stressed that Chiefs play a vital role in preserving Zambia’s heritage, culture and Art for sustainable development and national identity.

‘Even the colonial masters respected and appreciated the Chiefs more than what we are currently witnessing under this oppressive PF regime,’ Mulongoti lamented.

He has further urged Lungu not to use a hostile Home Affairs Minister to antagonise Chiefs.

“We as People’s Party, urge Edgar Lungu to emulate the colonial masters in finding an amicable way of working with our chiefs, rather than using a hostile Home Affairs Minister to antagonise them,” Mulongoti said.

He has warned that arresting a Chief would certainly pit the government against the Chiefs subjects and this would be extremely undesirable.

He pointed out that Zambia belongs to all its residents and urged the PF to keep their soiled hands away from traditional authorities.


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      Except most Zambians voted for PF and Lungu and not UPND or whatever kaMulongoti’S party is called.

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      Ba Mulongoti naimwe jerous will never take you and your party anywhere. What would you if you were the president and hh did what he did to EL? Please let’s not pretend like you would such lawlessness. Some of you would have killed him. Tell the nation the policies you have that can change the Zambia to better nation to live in. Stop wasting time talking about chiefs how are also wasting government resources.

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      But Kapyongo natumpa, worse than Kabimba used to be. If Edgar won’t fire him next week, then I will arrest him for labeling Zambian chiefs as terrorists.

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      Chief Mukuni will be arrested because he has supported HH during his incarceration & influenced Tongas to cancel all traditional ceremonies until HH is released.

      HH was arrested bcoz he snubbed lungu just before he could make a speech at Kuomboka & the whole crowd followed him.

      PF is a childish & immature, violent, provocative party who can’t resolve differences without imprisoning opponents, shooting protesters, hacking mourners, rigging elections, raiding & closing radio & TV stations etc.

      Very soon their political enemies will start “disappearing” in extra-judicial killings.

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      Mulongoti is right here. Lungu should tame that chap. By the day, Lungu is putting himself in more problems. Once he leaves that office. He better find the best lawyers. Maybe that is why he is traveling to travel allowances.

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    I think 5 or 6 PF bustards have soiled Edgar’s hands. You can add to this list
    – Kaiser
    – Mumbi Phiri
    – Kamba
    – Kapyongo
    – Chanda, not Amos, but the other at PF Secretariat.
    – Lusambo, sometimes
    Then those who realised that kissing someone boots kumutumpika and toning down are:
    – Emmanuel Mwamba
    – Frank Bwalya
    – Mukwita
    – Kambwili

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    Mwebo ba Mulongoti, kuja mwaja, nomba pano, mugebe nepakutumpila. You are just a frustrated and embarrased politician who expected to be appointed. Go kiss a toilet sit and work on your pufupufu party. Even the UPND have reason to make noise and not you one man party organisation. Where is lugubrous George Mpombo, Gabriel Namulambe etc?

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    Mulongoti is a disgruntled element that you should not listen to. He can’t see that its only chiefs from southern who are making noise and going to see the sa….ta….in….st

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    Suppose the Chief is sponsoring terrorism, what do we expect the authorities to do? Kampyongo didn’t mention the name of the chief or where the Chief came from, so how come Mulongoti has “implicated ” His Royal Highness Mukuni? This is tantamount to promoting regionalism and division.

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    There issues that can help the ordinary Zambian not just politicking without vision. I wish there could be a time when we ordinary citizens can demonstrate against all political parties in the country. It’s sad that people like Mulongoti can just wake up and start hallucinating like kindergarten pupil. What Mulongoti insinuating is recipe for civil strife.

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    Mulongoti must be picked to explain himself. How did he know that Kampyongo was referring to Chief Mkuni? It seems Mulongoti knows what the chief may be engaging in.

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