Details of the Emergency measures will only be disclosed after Parliament approval-Wina

resident Lungu Chats with Vice President Inonge Wina at KK international airport 5
File: President Lungu Chats with Vice President Inonge Wina at KK international airport 5
resident Lungu Chats with Vice President Inonge Wina at KK international airport 5
resident Lungu Chats with Vice President Inonge Wina at KK international airport 5

Vice President Inonge Wina disclosed that the powers invoked by President Edgar Lungu will be outlined once Parliament has approved the emergency measures the head of state wants to take to arrest the current security situation in the country.

She told parliament during the vice president’s question time that she could not disclose what measures are being taken at the moment in order not to preempt the investigative channels being put in place by government.

Ms Wina however, stated that consideration had been made to include other security wings in curbing cases of arson.

Meanwhile the vice president has said that President Lungu has shown that he is a democrat and respects the law by following the law in invoking article 31 and asking for parliament’s approval.

She said that in some countries the President would have simply declared a state of emergency.

Ms Wina also said that the security forces are pursuing former western province Police Commissioner Fanwell Siandenge for allegedly staging a robbery of ballot boxes together with former Lusaka province minister Obvious Mwaliteta and some UPND members.

The vice president was responding to a question by Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya who wanted to find out the progress made in arresting the former senior police officer.


  1. Here is an inconvenience Question, that I would expect to be avoided.

    You Zambians were resentful to Sata, resentful to scott, and are now resentful to Lungu. What do you want? Who do you want?
    You refused a Whiteman in Scott and I have been advocating on here since 2007 when we started publishing LT that successful countries are led by whites, look at Zimbabwe during smith era, deklerk in South Africa, look at Botswana with a 50% white man ruling- I honestly don’t get it!

    Whites are GENETICALLY more superior to blacks. I know this because I can tell from my fiancé and when I dated black men.
    If the races are equally intelligent, then there should be evidence that they are; absence of such evidence is itself evidence that the races are not equal.

    Highest National IQs:

    • Highest National IQs:

      • 108 Singapore
      • 106 South Korea
      • 105 Japan
      • 105 China
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      • 101 Switzerland
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      Lowest National IQs:

      • 68 Somalia / Malwai
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    • Resentful to governance issues and not to individuals. Most Zambians didn’t hate any of the mentioned individuals but might have hated the way some of them were doing business.

      It’s not too late for ECL to reverse the SoE issues.

      God bless Zambia

    • Pull Him Down (PHD).
      You take every opportunity to pull down your own race.
      Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama were great leaders. Barack is in fact more intelligent than the current who happens to be white.

    • Guys don’t waste your time reading anything Mushota says just give it a negative vote, she is sick in the brain.

    • That state of Emergency expired!!!
      PF are too slow. To Parliament, then UPND will send it to high court, and the Lubinda will hold a referendum.

    • Lets call a spade a spade,You can have a situation were all Cabinet Ministers and Half of parliament front bench is Bemba or Nyanja and expect Half of Zambia to fold there arms.If Lungu was wise he could have called for Government of National unity.This divide and Rule will not work because Zambia is not Zimbabwe.Tongas have lived hear for more than 1000yrs,as black Jews with high IQ if well in coparated they help develop Zambia.The Luvales have been good traders for centuries why not make them Commence Ministers,Kaondes and Lozis have been Good Hunters fighters why not recruit them in the Zambia Army or Minister of defence.If we look at each other’s strength Zambia can prosper not this we are superior tribe or we are the majority there fore we don’t need others they should be…

  2. ,,,,ahhh bo anutie,,, what is this? No there is no state of emergency,, ahhh yes details of emergency are coming, what’s what???

    • That state of Emergency expired!!!
      PF are too slow. To Parliament, then UPND will send it to high court, and the Lubinda will hold a referendum.

  3. No one hates ECL as a person but we hate his style of governance. Meet him in the pub, I can even buy him a pint.

  4. Pull Him Down (PHD).
    You take every opportunity to pull down your own race.
    Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama were great leaders. Barack is in fact more intelligent than the current who happens to be white.

  5. Surely why should UPND hold us ransom? You will never rule this country when you are associated with such kind of evil behavior. Now we know the Armageddon you preached about. Instead of mobilizing for 2021, you are busy planing how to burn clinics, schools, markets….. Indeed you are devil sent.

  6. This has been a well planned move by PF to eliminate the opposition.
    Lungu easily forgets he lives on borrowed time and that is nigh.
    “All power belongs to God”

  7. The goings on in the country are as aresult of our IG failing to act decisively and not wanting to consult old and former IG’s. These people are there but instead opted to follow what Kampyongo was telling him. Zambia has now two ministers that have failed to shine when the country needed them most. First it was Dora during the army worms saga. When the situation got worse she was in America and the president had to do her job(s).
    When this state of affairs of foolishness of scortching bulidings started the minister was supposed to consult heavily and put mechanisms in place to thwart this rubbish with the IG but instead of being professional started to bring in politics.How many serious fires have we had and no arrests? You are a modern people put up cameras in strategic areas. Liaise…

  8. @kakonkote
    Even a blind person can see that this is the act of UPND. What do you expect from someone who has refused to accept the fact that he lost elections. I loved HH but its a sad story. The man is full of himself, and pride. He doesnt have anymore grace to become the president. He was called by Mwanawasa to be his vice president and he refused. He was called to be Sata’s vice president, the same things happened. he refused. The only thing now is to start burning things so that my country starts killing each other, God forbid that will not happen

    • Why is Chavula the Ugandan elections fixer threatening to spill the beans for non-payments from Priscilla Isaacs? If PF won clean, why are you afraid to hear the petition. Why are you so fixated on blaming everything on UPND?You can cheat some people all the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time. I salute HH for standing firm! It’s the only way we can stop electoral malpractice. Those who thought they were clever in manipulation of the electoral process by hiding Gen12 certificates have no peace today! They are all running when no one is pursuing them. Like Judas, don’t be surprised if you hear some of these end up committing suicide for betraying our country. This SOE is a coverup and a smoke screen to continue hiding the truth. All Zambians who love their country must…

    • You lie, HH has never been appointed vice president by either Mwanawasa or Sata. You must have got that from your tarven.
      The way your Nsenga tribes mate is running Zambia is armature and it’s very distractive.
      By the way am not Tonga, am also not upnd, am for good governance. Use common sense.

    • This kakonkote chap should check his or her fact files before they starting posting on this fora…..maybe you are not even Zambian. How do you refuse that Mwanawasa and Sata asked your fake presdo to become vice? All he wanted and still wants is to be president come what may….AILASHAAA!!

    • Kakononkote, you are very much behind with current affairs which can make good history for yor information but even history in your head is not there, i wonder if you live in Zambia

  9. All Zambians who love their country must show allegiance to the country and not a political party! Shame!

  10. I think there are too many women in uniform with low iq.There was no need for the state of emergency if police was working.In City market people were stealing properties of traders while the police officrs were watching.Zambian police officers are thieves and can rape women if given more powers.We are scared of use-=—-less police ba president.They’ll be just arresting young women and sleep with them.iam a PF member but don’t think police in zambia can do a good job.I trust ZAF and Zambian army.Please ba Kateka ba police will be rich people after 1 month if you pass the law.We don’t want PF to lose power due to these police officers.Kanganja should be just removed from the CJ.There is no question about it that most police officers are UPND and ordinally PF members would suffer if…

  11. Amazed yes it should be tabled by parliament, do you know why? it is because you are being ruled by the most highly educated lawyer who knows the law, as it had been your under five – kaya what would have happened.

  12. Lemba, you make me laugh, the lawyer who is busy breaking the law and you and me know great lawyers in Zambia and Lungu was not one of them. What prominent cases did he win apart from embezzlement and being suspended by LAZ. You can’t compare HH with Lungu who for more than 60 years of his life only managed to get rich now when given free access to a country’s resources. That parliament is the worst we ever had, they are dummies they never debate anything and the weak speaker is always getting in the way trying to act like he is powerful when he was timid to rule after the petition was filed. You are raising your hopes too high for these losers, anything they say looks good in theory but never materializes.

  13. About time. The situation in Zambia has been needing a strong control to remove the evil of UPND. Frankly this should have been imposed during the election petitions. Zero tolerance.

  14. So PF is afraid of UPND that’s why you hiding behind a partial state of emengency,why not declare a full blown state of Emergency please allow the soldiers do there Job.Lungu is coward he knows……we need a state of Emergency not this so called giving police more power,let the soldiers take control lungu has failed.

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