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DEC arrest a South African for supplying equipment for Cheap International calls

General News DEC arrest a South African for supplying equipment for Cheap International calls

Drug Enforcement Commission
Drug Enforcement Commission

The Drug Enforcement Commission through its Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit in Lusaka has arrested a South African national for money laundering activities contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Micheal John Cheek, 48, a Drones Sales Manager of House No. 1226 Bingini Falls Crescent in Johannesburg has been arrested for unauthorised interception of or interference to data, interception of communication without lawful authority and use of interception devices without lawful authority contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Micheal John Cheek, in his capacity as Drones Sales Manager of a named company in South Africa, jointly and whilst acting with other persons unknown, on dates unknown but between 1st January, 2016 and 15th June, 2017 supplied and facilitated the installation of Subscribers Identification Module (SIM) boxes and Global Systems for Mobile Communication (GSM) Gate Way Servers at a named Internet Service Provider in Lusaka. Using these devices, the suspect was terminating international calls and forwarding them to local subscribers as local calls when in fact not.

In a related incidence, the Commission has arrested and jointly charged a Zimbabwean national and a Zambian for money laundering activities contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Rory John Hamish Logan, 50, a Trader of house no. 7 Cactus Villas Leopards Hill, in Lusaka has been arrested and jointly charged with Linos Mwamba Kelen Simungala, 40, a Businessman of Plot No. 12546 Market Road, Kaunda Square Township in Lusaka District for Corrupt practices contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that on 16th June, 2017, Rory John Hamish Logan jointly and whilst acting together with Linos Mwamba Kelen Simungala and other persons unknown did engage in corrupt practices by giving money amounting to K20, 000 to a DEC officer as inducement to facilitate the release of a suspect by the name of Micheal John Cheek a South African National who was apprehended in a matter being investigated by the Commission.

Meanwhile, the Commission in Lusaka has arrested and jointly charged five suspects for being in possession of counterfeit notes amounting to K 177, 900. The five have been identified as David Mwasile, 27, a business man of Chawama Compound in Lusaka, Jason Zulu, 61, of Misisi Compound in Lusaka, Humphrey Muyanga, 38, a businessman, Alitani Banda, 49, a general worker residing in Misisi Compound in Lusaka and Humphrey Mulowa, 36, of Nakonde.

The Commission would, therefore, like to remind members of the public especially peasant farmers and business entities to understand the features of the Zambian Kwacha notes as they risk being duped by unscrupulous persons dealing in counterfeit notes.

And, in Eastern Province, the Commission has arrested Jacob Banda, 33, a small scale farmer of Chinunda village in Chipata District for trafficking in loose cannabis weighing 36kg.

All suspects will appear in court soon.

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  1. It’s not illegal it’s innovation . He’s not hacking anybody . All he needs is a license to operate . This is genius. Ma international calls yadula

    • 3rd world mentality of moral degradation for supporting illegal activities. Innovation is inventing things or services that are beneficial to the nation or fellow citizens and not subverting the information. Those of us calling from outside the country are surprised that our recipients in Zambia wonder why we are using local numbers to call.

    • It’s fraud, plain and simple. A SIMBox is just a machine that houses SIM cards (has SIM card slots) and has the capability to re-direct voice over internet traffic (VoIP) to mobile networks. This enables the fraudsters to bypass the international gateway exchange and to exploit the difference between the high interconnect rates and the low retail price for on-network calls, thus avoiding payment of the official call termination fee of an Operator or MVNO.
      The article doesn’t mention the name of the ISP tho, I find it very strange that there was just one arrest in this case.

    • Bwana Ndobo mwafpepa sana since when was VOIP illegal. you prick.
      thats why zambia is still at the bottom of the list when it comes to developing countries either its witchcraft or money laundering.

    • @nzanzi
      Tone down mwaiche
      Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      VOIP per sè is not illegal and I never said that.
      The topic here are fraud practices which bypass licensed carriers by terminating international calls onto mobile networks through unlicensed pirate operators.

  2. Very clever guy. He has found a niche market due to pf failure to provide affordable communication.

  3. I wonder how it feels to be in the shoes of underfive right now, you miss so much right? Now please don’t misunderstand me, I mean things like Chinese restaurants which I know he loves so much as I have met him there so many times. But I always wondered why he was always in the company of what looked like his body guards, Mutinta doesn’t like Chinese foods maybe? Or most likely he was in business meetings over dinner.
    Anyway, goid night underfive, I hope you have stored enough water in that bucket…..for tomorrow’s mouth wash, why do you always choose to misunderstand me, you UPNDonkeys?

    • Your the donkey who can’t even live in Zambia.
      Most likely selling your body to old white men for a living.

    • The ediot is an embassy employee, for him its a matter of survival. Pf has given him a life time opportunity and he wants to make it permanent.

  4. The sim card issue is a waist of time for investigating. While I have been traveling to Eu for job issues I came across many shops that provides international calls and sims at cheaper price.Indians, Africans etc run such kind of businesses.

    Don’t spoil the mind of innovation and entrepreneurship, just advise the Man to arrange for a company profile and licence.

  5. @ba sebenzi .. Any ISP can do that . Its like when someone from the USA calls u and u see a Zambian number. Have u ever seen this ?

  6. call routing via an IP .. in a switch going out via transit without the country code. I like this guy. From the Internet.. The dude creates a gateway .Any ISP could have done that. Boma trying to protect their business that’s why they are giving him grief . It’s not illegal but he just managed to piss off company’s like bene airtel mtn maka maka Zamtel

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