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President Lungu urges politicians to accept church criticism

Headlines President Lungu urges politicians to accept church criticism

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu today joined the Catholic Diocese of Ndola's works of Mercy Foundation on a 4.2 Kilometers walk to build fundraising march past on Copperbelt on Saturday, July 8,2017-Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu today joined the Catholic Diocese of Ndola’s works of Mercy Foundation on a 4.2 Kilometers walk to build fundraising march past on Copperbelt on Saturday, July 8,2017-Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA

President Edgar Lungu says politicians should accommodate criticism from church and learn from what makes sense.

All political players must accept criticism as part of a politician’s calling, Mr. Lungu said.

He was speaking at Christ the King Catholic Parish in Ndola yesterday when he graced the fundraising walk meant to construct houses for priests under the Ndola Diocese.

The Republican President said government will continue supporting and working with the church irrespective of what it says.

President Lungu says government does not cooperate with the church to solicit its support but merely believes in the work of the church.

Over K600,000 was raised in pledges while President Lungu pledged K750, 000 towards the project which requires a total of K500,000,000 to complete.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu today joined the Catholic Diocese of Ndola's works of Mercy Foundation on a 4.2 Kilometers walk to build fundraising march past on Copperbelt on Saturday, July 8,2017-Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu today joined the Catholic Diocese of Ndola’s works of Mercy Foundation on a 4.2 Kilometers walk to build fundraising march past on Copperbelt on Saturday, July 8,2017-Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu today joined the Catholic Diocese of Ndola's works of Mercy Foundation on a 4.2 Kilometers walk to build fundraising march past on Copperbelt on Saturday, July 8,2017-Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu today joined the Catholic Diocese of Ndola’s works of Mercy Foundation on a 4.2 Kilometers walk to build fundraising march past on Copperbelt on Saturday, July 8,2017-Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA

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  1. This guy lungu suffers from a dog mentality because people give him the same advice which he doesn’t follow then he issues the advice to others. He is like a dog who vomits then eats it’s own vomit only to ask others to eat his faecal matter. Lead by example chimbwi iwe. I would like to go 4 rounds of boxing with lungu so that I can beat some sense in him.

    Upnd chief policy strategist
    Lusaka Zambia

    • The only person the church are criticising is you ka lungu. As promised I have ddecided decided to inform people on my whereabouts as part of my new approach to honest governance. I am currently in kabulonga in bed with my wife for all those who want to extradite me kikiki even my wife is laughing here at hie childish pf are

    • You will die with hurt while Lungu is enjoying himself and your president is sleeping in cells. If you’re ready to be extradited come out in the open with your real name and address and see if the authority will fail to a rest you like they arrested your hh.

    • The Church has an ecclesiastical role in any society and its space should remain of offering constructive criticism that builds and not fuel a socio-political combustion.

    • Do you agree that religion is a dictatorship because if you decide to think slightly differently, you are rejected?

    • Every word that comes from visionless Lungusha economy is hypocrisy of the highest level.
      This man Lungu scorned the 3 Church Mother Bodies & the Catholic church & said that “they were pleasing their paymasters” b’coz the the country is facing “only exists in their heads”~Lungusha economy said. Now, why this hypocrisy today by Lungu?
      Lungu should be the 1st person to accept the criticism from the church together with PF bandits.
      The Skeleton Key

    • I have never come across a shameless hypocrite than this chagwa guy!

      People of God help me, does this man suffer from dementia or is it just that there is too much Weed (Ibange) joint blowing with Kaizer at State House?

      Yes, criticism will have you take a relook at your life. With UPNDestruction as the biggest opposition grouping on paper, offering zero checks and balances; and the media riding on emotional press coverage. Matter of facts with the UPNDestruction in ICU or ER we need the church to sit in and fill in the blanks. Zambia shall never run outa constructive checks and balances.
      ECL is the main man, beating the drums. He must run the show undestructed. He must aim at beating KK, FTJ, LPM and RB records in the quest to transforming ZAMBIA economically. Thus no amount of HH, VJ, Neo, Gen. Miyanda, NSM, Guy S. GBVM and Fake profs matter anymore.

    • Ba NEZ, your blogs surely speaks your age. Why make yourself available on social media? Avail yourself before authorities, man up

    • Wako ni wako so tribalism has grown routes in Catholic Church.They have no shame ,the watch dog was true.

    • “Over K600,000 was raised in pledges while President Lungu pledged K750, 000 towards the project which requires a total of K500,000,000 to complete.”

      This is all Lazy Lungu has to offer bribes and lies!!

    • Has anyone got any information on the following;

      1. Where was Lungu born?
      2. Which primary school did he go to? (He went to Mukuba secondary school)?
      3. Does anyone know of Lungu’s brother or sister?

      The answers to these questions will tell you why the his no known information about Lungu before Mukuba secondary school.
      Once you know that, you will understand why Zambia has become what it is in the last 3 years.

    • This is not a simple matter, to understand what is happening now we need to establish who this man is and where he comes from. He once talked about being born in a hospital which before independence was a white only hospital (am sure he did not know that)

    • Can’t believe this is the same dude only a couple of weeks ago basically told the Church to get lost.
      Another point to note here is that all these pledges from Pharisee Lungu and co. to his tribes men but most importantly another Pharisees from the east is stolen money.

    • NEZ you are stup1d. I don’t envy your parents..if they are still alive, they must be hiding from the fact that they do not have a child. If they are dead then they are turning in the grave.

  2. How about accepting our constructive criticism 1st we the taxpayers Mr Lungu ? The church pays not taxes and therefore knows little of our pains.

  3. Iron sharpens iron. As such, “constructive criticism” is not only healthy but essential medication for success in a diverse society enjoying virtues of contemporary politics. The Church should avoid temptation of contemptive political subversion but retain its eccessiatic role in and out of season. They should be comfortable to speak without curving their voices as abitter of morality, and social justice in a spirit that foster selenity among political actors. President Lungu is President and he should be engaged with decorum and responsibility.

    • Eff off iwe senior galu. U are really a senior boot licker. When mmd lost election u were soo quick to desert them and start licking pf backside. You lack integrity and are a bad example to the youth. Grow up

  4. “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf. http://killingbritain.tk
    This is what they teach in the school of dictators and it works! Guard and defend your rights and freedoms jealously! Once taken away, there is no guarantee they will be restored!

  5. Surprisingly he does exactly the opposite. He is not the right person to educate us on the subject. By now we know him better than he thinks we do. That’s hypocrisy of the highest level

    • Kikiki ati Edward banda. It’s only the southern people who speak ill about ecl. The rest of Zambia don’t insult leaders. You are known for bad behaviour bane. Just read your tribes mate nez comments above.

  6. Lungu is a hypocrite. Today he says lets accept criticisms from the Church and yesterday he says he will not accept criticisms from the Church. Is Lungu still of a sound mind? The Church criticised Lungu’s Dictatorship and what he do? He declares a SOE taking the Rights of Zambians away. Right now soon after declaring a SOE he is arresting Saviour Chishimba Leader of UPP. This SOE is targeted at HH and UPND and anybody opposed to Lungu’s Dictatorship. Even members of PF will suffer at the hands of Lungu’s SOE. Nobody is going to be safe under Lungu’s Dictatorship and SOE except if u are an Easterner and u subscribe to Umodzi Kumawa and Wako Niwako.

    • Ba Chanda – He is talking about “Constructive Criticism” – not standing on a podium to insult him, and call him a dictator when there are clearly no traces of dictatorship. Constructive Criticism builds, not the nonsense being spewed that has the potential of plunging the nation into chaos. Stop the nonsense of labeling ECL as a tribalist just because he is LUNGU – he bears a name from the East but grew up in Lambaland and speaks better Bemba than any language from the East.

    • Anyone who aspires to any leadership position should expect to be criticized constructively and otherwise. Those of us in leadership understand that you need to be more accommodating as a leader. Listen more and talk less. Hypersensitive reaction by a leader to any form criticism is a sign of weakness in that leader. Have a thick skin and a big heart when you face criticism and be slow to anger and suffer long to make a counterattack. Above all a good leader is always mindful of their limitations. You can’t please everyone but you need to show fairness to all regardless. Worse, you don’t take away people’s rights and freedoms because you want to be recognized. It’s a sign of weakness!

    • All Lazy Lungu does when he goes to these places is bribe with all these “donations” where does he get K750,000? You wonder what “donations” he gives Bishops in closed door meetings.

  7. The question I am struggling to find an answer to is how did the organizers of lwiindi gonde , the traditional ceremony of the tonga people, put a leader of a political party to be there patron. It makes the whole ceremony political. Imagine if the vice president of the country wishes to go and officiate how do they mingle with someone who doesn’t want anything to do with government. I think it really gives bad outlook.

  8. Well said my presido. You are the head of state. Let alone die in denial. Only one rotten egg in the name of MPUNDU TRESSFORD. NEZ smokes fresh weed and it goes straight to his brain. Don’t be surprised when he posts naked pictures of his wife. Hatred kills the hater first. NEZ your bitterness looks as if you are part of the devil family. Anyway that’s what fresh weed can do

  9. So he has accepted the church’s label of him as a dictator, right?

    This is what is all wrong with Mr Edgar Lungu and Zambian politicians in general, they think words are just mere words and don’t mean anything. He sent out his minions to criticize the church when they called him out and told him he was a dictator… that was not so long ago. What a double tongued coward of a dictator he is.

    • He is not talking about alarmists – he is not talking about party cadres masquerading as the voice of the church.

  10. @NEZ
    It’s true you pipe weed and your hatred will choke you soon. You hate other tribes too much. Infact tribalism is a direct product of UPND and Southern Province. Tongas tefintu

    • Not that am supporting NEZ but he has never been tribal in his postings. He may however, have a fight he himself need to finish.

  11. @kabu, so up to now u don’t know those people. They have a mentality of only our own can fix it

    • Seriously, it hurts to tie a traditional ceremony to politics because instead of these ceremonies acting as unifiers they will be very divisive.

  12. i am just thinking loud, bishop Alick Banda together with bishop Benjamin Phiri disowned their fellow catholic bishop Tresphor Mpundu`s statement and distanced themselves from it. To make things worse our presindent said there was only tension in the heads of those who think so meaning bishop Mpundu. Today the president makes donation and help bishop Banda to fundraising. Is it not normal for people to think otherwise. I am at pain to think our catholic can be divided by politician to this exitent. i once thought only pentecostal pastors and bishops can rich this far. once again i am just thinking loud.


  13. Lazy Lungu there he is in CB again…he was there last weekend…no wonder they want to build a new State House as Lazy can not stay put. On Sunday he is humble and peaceful …loves to patronise the church and they cheer, we are in a State Of Emergence or whatever you want to call it partly because of this lazy thing failing to accept criticism and advice.

  14. Larry mweetwa goes into hiding after upnd distanced itself from his posts on facebook And u nez u ll remain alone and u ll b de next can’t to go hiding is nez.

  15. He can’t say this directly to his advisors who control him so he just says it in the media so they can get a clue. Just because they brought Chavula to change the figures and put him in State House he can’t say anything to them. There was never going to be a need for SOE if you had listened to the voice of the church

  16. Seriously ,I wonder what stuff ECL smokes.
    Today he says criticism from the Church must be accepted and the other day he said the catholic church is wasting his time.

  17. The driver in the picture is in violation of a traffic rule. He is not wearing a seat belt.

    Will he be charged with treason, I wonder?


    • We need to ship you and your president to some island. This man is not even Zambian, he is a Malawian witch who has surely bewitched many of you. Stop mocking God please you cannot call such a dictator anointed, that is why the country is in reverse gear, this dude is just like any other person and for your own information he drinks a lot of beer. Not too long ago he was offered this same advice and he rejected it and now he wants others to take the same advice he rejected what a hypocrite. While you worshiping the man is getting rich while you getting poorer that is the bad mentality of Africans especially Zambians who will sacrifice themselves for idol people worshiping.

  19. blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes away ,,,,,,congrats to our president for the best works and the humble being, for me it symbolise’s the best humanity in you sir ,if at all a fool cant appriciate then let them close their mouth’s and if at all they cant do wat you are doing to help the need then let them be your follower’s coz they have done nothing that we can see ,,,i wish you a long leave my humble president ……………

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