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Zimbabwe dismantle Zambia

Sports Zimbabwe dismantle Zambia

Zambia were dismantled 3-1 by Zimbabwe at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg to finish runner up in the 2017 Cosafa Cup.

The result was a big disappointment after reaching their first Cosafa Cup final since 2013 when they also met Zimbabwe again but were victorious with a 2-0 win as hosts in Ndola.

Knox Mutizwa put Zimbabwe ahead in the 22nd minute when he capitalized on a mistake by goalkeeper Allan Chibwe .

Zambia sneaked in the equalizer in the 39th minute through Lubinda Mundia converted a corner just a minute after replacing the injured Mike Katiba.

Zimbabwe then gave Zambia a mountain to climb when Talent Chawapiwa fired in the rebound in the 55th minute after Mutizwa had smashed the ball into the upright.

Ocean Mushure sealed the victory in the 67th minute then with an unstoppable volley.

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  1. Too much pride and pomp,spiced with jelous.Whether people like it or not, the Zambia immediate under 20 team, if properly blended, oriented,counselled can make a super national team.They have all it takes!

    • Just name “Nyerenda” was good enough to get a coaching job. That influx of people from east to get jobs under Lungu/Banda PF government.
      In my opinion Nyerenda missed a chance in Mozambique, to go join politics of his village friend Kaiser Zulu.

    • They should actually damp the hypocrisy of having to knew down to pray, on the field of play when they do not do so in their own homes, always busy driking chibuku and smoking ibange! Its like acting like Chagwa and his PF mimbulus who only become ‘holy’ during campaign time while planning terror in the night.

      Too much hypocricy in Zambia, starting from the confused Chagwa to the footballer on the field. You are not winning because you are mocking the Almighty that you are prayer warriors when in actual fact you are womanisers, daga smokers and always dirking when not playing fooitball-you can not mock God you hypocrites together with you PF [email protected]!

    • Thank u maikalange for pointing out the hypocrisy. When they get a girlfriend do they fall on their knees and thank god? When they pass an exam do they kneel and thank whoever above? No they do it only when they are grandstanding

  2. These are not competitions to cry about. What is a disaster is missing the AFCON finals and world cup. These little tournaments should be used by FAZ to gauge their bench. The coach needs replacement because even with our B team we should have beaten Zimbabwe

    • @ Kafwanayo,
      A competition is a competition irrespective of magnitude and a win is nothing but a win! Its not as if participating teams were not the national cream of the countries they represented and truth of the matter is the once underdogs to Zambia have through the years got their act together to be formidable soccer pitch combatants against Zambian cream! In this particular incident there must have been over confidence in the Zambian team thinking the Zimbabweans could have been exhausted by their games schedule but they exhibited the zeal to excel thus got it right! As for Zambia forget past glories as new blood have joined the ranks of your competitors, just salvage the Zambian soccer strategy!

    • @fumanchu competition may be competition but the fact is some are weak competition or second grade while others have higher status. Cosafa can’t be compared to Afcon and the fact that it is not even recognized by FIFA degrades it even More. Because its not recognised its not the cream of the participating nations that turned up. I didn’t see Tokelo Rantie Percy Tau ithumeleng Khune or Kennedy Mweene Rainford Kalaba who are the cream of their nations. Your argument is weaker than the weakest link

  3. On an earlier article where I posted that Zambia will never win a big tournament under cursed pf I was called names. Now can you chaps comment kikiki

    • But under PF they have won afcon and are Africa under 20 champions. Under which other party have they won anything?

  4. On an earlier article where I posted that Zambia will never win a big tournament under cursed pf I was called names. Now can you chaps comment kikiki k

  5. No tactic at all and the player selection was a I don’t know how you can call that. You are you telling the nation that this is the kind of coach that will take the nation to Africa cup? World Cup? That type of selection, no tactical plan? Be serious honestly, be serious with money!

  6. That said it is time to dissolve this team and bring in the Under 20. The problem is that we take long to think! We will be a laughing stock of nations when we have a team and the coach of that team which battle-tested and ready to take on any team and we continue being silly in administration! I never understand!

  7. There’s no way Zambia could have won against Zimbabwe in south Africa because number one there are millions of Zimbabweans in Jo’burg so playing in rustenburg they obviously had more fans . Number 2 Sunday Marino the Zimbabwean coach has way more experience than our coach in fact just a couple of months ago Sunday was the coach for Zpc kariba which is just a stone throw away from Zambia . Thirdly Sunday was the coach when Zimbabwe beat us at Ndola so you could say the guy probably knows a lot more about us . If anyone had read my other post I correctly predicted Zimbabwe to win 3-1 .

  8. Too many lusaka players who don’t have a winning mentality. i mean players who have never won anything as footballers with their clubs cannot have a fighting spirit. The zim guys fought coz they wanted it more.

  9. the Chipolopolo would like to distance itself from the Northern Rhodesian team that lost to Zimbabwe over the weekend. please take this very seriuos. Meanwhile the U20 cghipolopolo will soon takeover the senior zambia national team to avoid frustration among funs

    • ha ha ha ha Njobvu..they actually did its not about names man,,its about the way one plays.I am Zimbabwean but the truth is Zambia tried their best, give them credit but they lost to a better team..the Zimbawean team had a lot of good players..players who can score..the score lines don’t just lie…they scored 19goals, scoring incredibly in every match, except for the game against Madagascar where the referee made poor decisions denying them two penalities.
      So don’t worry man, better luck next time.

  10. I really appreciate the fight that Zambians gave. Im zimbabwean , i just like the way it was played and hopefully such games will bring us even closer with you Zambian. I wish more similar games between the two of us are encouraged. Touch luck guys and wish you best in future.

  11. That is true, Zim were too good to Zambia and congrats for that. Our coach should have known better when he came to play in Zim on friendlies. Why would he go home and select players without proper merit? Are you telling me that those players were the best in Zambia local league? A striker who can’t turn around in 18 area and you say he will strike? Guys be serious, that performance was not impressive at all! Most of those guys could shoot at all. Look at all there goals where either from set peaces or runs to the goal and not proper shots.

  12. We have a good team. Zimbwabwe were better.. Congrats the Bwalyas (Warriors).. You deserve the win

  13. We have a good team. Zimbwabwe were better.. Congrats the Bwalyas (Warriors).. You deserve the win. I think we didnt prepare well. They team needs time

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