Chanda says Mutati is the only MMD leader others are bogus


 Presidential Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations has said there is only one Movement for Multiparty  for Democracy (MMD)  and its President is Felix Mutati who, with  members of his party helped the PF  to secure victory in the 2016 August polls after endorsing the candidature of President Edgar Lungu.

Speaking when he featured on ‘The Oxygen of Democracy’ interactive  program on Prime TV , Presidential Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda said there is a court order indicating that President Mutati was the MMD leader and that the other gentleman was just masquerading for the purposes of the media.

“There is a court order saying that Felix Mutati is the President of the MMD, if the other gentleman is masquerading while for the purpose of the media you can quote him but for our purpose and the law there is only one party President,” Mr Chanda said.

And when asked if the PF was in a coalition government with the former ruling party Mr Chanda said there was no coalition government but that the PF was working with the MMD because it endorsed the candidature of President Edgar Lungu.

“There is no coalition government, there is the PF government. The MMD decided that they were going to endorse the candidature of President Edgar Lungu after their convention so among the MMD members some people have been appointed as ministers.

Mr Chanda said There is a frame work of cooperation but it’s not a coalition government, but the PF government invited the MMD and some of its  people to serve as ministers among them is the Minister of Finance Mr Felix Mutati.

Last week President Lungu told the media during a press conference that the 50%+1 meant that the winner takes all and that his party would not be forced into a coalition government because they had already shared power with the MMD which helped them win the election.

Mr Lungu said he was ushered into power with the help  and no other party can share power with his party.

“Unless you want to change the rules you can change now, but for us here, the Constitution says 50 plus, you have made it, you can form government and that’s what we have done. We have been very inclusive in the formation of government,” he said

The President said there is no room for government of national unity in Zambia.



  1. It’s a transgression for abena Chanda to talk about MMD. The matter of whose the right president of MMD is still in court as per last supreme court ruling. Chanda is unrepentant of contempt of court because he is protected by DPP. JUST A REMINDER THAT YO POSITION WAS ONCE HELD BY THE NOTORIOUS CHELLA and many others. Where are they? After your master is gone you go into oblivion. If u are lack u can start a news otherwise ma court cases yekayeka.Use yo office to build meaningful relationships and not to antagonize people.


  2. The truth is that MMD helped PF to win and the President of PF and Republic of Zambia acknowledged this, even in 2021 honestly speaking PF still need the help of MMD and we will be beat UPND PANTS DOWN AGAIN. NEVERS MUMBA is gone please all those who thinks he is still MMD President are just dreaming, the man is already UPND member and he is positioning himself to take over from HH


  3. A few African Politicians share self denial traits. They refuse to take defeat graciously. How tragic that Mumbai can be masquerading as MMD Party Head when they booted him out proper. Chap must be hard of hearing.



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