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Mozambique officials ban Zambian fish traders from buying fish beyond Zumbu town

General News Mozambique officials ban Zambian fish traders from buying fish beyond Zumbu town

The Zumbu District Administration in Mozambique of neighbouring Luangwa District in
Zambia has stopped all Zambian fish traders and other nationals to stop buying fish beyond their District with effect from 15th July, 2017 and any foreign national who will be found will face their wrath.

Zumbu District Administrator, Antonio John Mayozo and a senior team of his officials told Luangwa District Commissioner, Ngoni Moyo who led a team of some Government Heads of Departments during a meeting held at Zumbu in Mozambique over the weekend that they will not allow any Zambian or any foreign fish trader to go beyond their District after
15th July, 2017 .

He said all Zambians and foreigners who are beyond Zumbu buying fish to come out before the deadline or they would face the law.

Mr Mayozo said all the people that want to buy fish in Mozambique would be buying fish at Zumbu and anyone who goes beyond will face the wrath oftheir law.

But Luangwa District Comissioner (DC) Ngoni Moyo and his delegation wondered if this was the case with other Mozambique entry points saying the two neighbouring countries of Zambia and Mozambique have shared mutual bilateral relations ever since and have been trying to
promote trade between the two countries and what the Zumbu
Administration wants to do is not in line of promoting trade between the
two Districts and countries.

Mr Moyo said the two bordering Districts have shared mutual understanding from the time of the first founding presidents of Zambiaand Mozambique.

He said the move taken by the Zumbu Administration was not in line with what the forefathers wanted to achieve.

The DC, however said the District will abide what they put in place and he will take themessage to Zambian fish traders who trade in that District about the
move and hoped that it will not destroy the cordial relationship that
has existed between the two Districts.

Meanwhile Zambian Fish traders have called on the Luangwa District
Administration to follow up the matter as this was the first time that
they were hearing of a bordering District putting up such laws as
trading in other country is not restricted on legal goods.

Speaking on behalf of other fish traders during a meeting with the
DC and other Government officials at the confluence
of the Luangwa and Zambezi rivers after the meeting with the Zumbu
Officials, Ben Ndhlovu a fish trader said the move taken by the Zumbu
Administration will affect trade between the two bordering Districts
and appealed to the Luangwa District Administration to follow up the

Mr Ndhlovu said most Zambians and Mozambique people were benefiting
from each other to improve their livehood and this move will affect
both negatively.

The Luangwa District Administration, however, appealed to the fish
traders to abide by the law that the Zumbu Administration has put in
place and stop going beyond that District to buy fish as they were
still pursuing the issue.

The delegation that had accompanied the DC included
the District Council Chairman, District PF Chairman among some
District Heads of Government Departments and PF District officials
expressed worry and concern at the move taken by the Zumbu
Administration that it might negatively impact on the trade relations
between the two bordering districts.


  1. Retaliation to the pf dictatorship. Only solution is lungus natural death

    • These are sanctions on PF government.
      Mozambique now
      Botswana also has ban Zambians fish traders.
      Kenya has withdrawn buying maize
      South Africa should be a lot of products.

    • Mozambique officials are smart, price of fish at Zumbu will be higher, to mean their people will make more Money. Protectionism and empowering of their people. Not our selfish leadership who think their pocket first.

    • Solution to this challenge is simple. Mozambiques come to Zambia for their shopping so Zambia should just say no Mozambiquian should be allowed beyond Luangwa. These ungrateful neighbour that Zambia suffered for and now they think they are clever.

  2. @Nez..I hope Lungu will die before you! Otherwise it will be disappointing if you answered that call first. I don’t know what people will say. Stay safe!

  3. Go and complain to Comesa, Zambians are too docile when you banned cooking oil import they complained..
    The Lazy Lungu is just good at signing useless MOUs..really laughable.

  4. Thousands of Mozambiqueans were hosted in Malawi, RSA, Zimbabwe and Zambia during the FRELIMO-RENAMO war. Travel to Mozambique today, you would be lucky if you were treated like a pal. Malawians travelling to RSA know them better. They are just confrontational once they discover that those fish traders are thriving on the trade. Those who will ignore this threat must know this. As for the ban on fish in Botswana, a Malawian news paper reported that the ministry there banned the exportation of fish (even a Malawian trader of Blantyre was interviewed).

  5. When the GRZ imposes the annual fish ban to allow for fish to breed we defy it. Now we are reaping the consequences. We even used mosquito nets, fertilisers and fish poison to catch fish.

  6. Poison the Zambezi river from its entrance into Mozambique so that from there all the way down stream, the fish can die or divert the Zambezi river into Zimbabwe altogether so that they can also feel a test of their own medicine. I am just joking, but my point is that if Mozambique behaves like that, if we were a well resourced country, it was very possible to respond by restricting our own supply of other resources to them. An example would be to temper and misuse the water in the Zambezi river which starts in Zambia and flows through out Zambia before going into Mozambique. We’re not really a country that should be begging for fish from Mozambique or even Botswana ( a mostly desert country) when we have plenty of water bodies in our own country.

    • Zesco Mabumba you are not supposed to be joking. Your statement is a very good one. Poison all the niggars down stream of the Zambezi so that peace prevails.

  7. The use of the word N****r should be abhorred in all its manifestation. Yet people such as @Stimela above, see nothing wrong in using it against their ‘own’ people.

  8. Muna i couldn’t agree more with you sentiments. Let pipo respect themselves and there heritage , this trash talk doesn’t reflect well on Zambia

  9. Our friends are safe guarding they country from foreigners our home affairs has allowed Congolese to penetrate our country and our truck drivers has been killed day and night. our law is weak over our natural resources trucks with Mukula tree was allowed to enter Botswana but rucks with fish from Botswana was intercepted and impounded by Botswana. Mukula tree is more value than fish and is used to make most expensive car, planes dash boards.

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