Court Acquits Former Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo on Charges of Abuse of Authority

Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo
Sylvia Masebo

Former Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo has been acquitted in a case in which she is alleged to have illegally cancelled hunting concessions at the Zambia Wild Life Authority when she was Tourism Minister.

Lusaka Magistrate Ireen Wishimanga when delivering her verdict said she found that the prosecution team failed to prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt and acquitted the Former Chongwe Member of Parliament accordingly.

She said the state did not bring witnesses to prove that the offence was committed.

Magistrate Wishimanga also expressed concern that there were gaps in the evidence presented to court and had no choice but to acquit the accused person.

And speaking in an interview shortly after her acquittal, Ms Masebo has thanked her supporters who have always stood by her side when she faced what she called persecution.

In July last year, Magistrate Wishimanga found Ms Masebo with a case to answer in a matter in which she was charged with abuse of authority relating to the cancellation of wildlife hunting concessions.

She was however acquitted of one charge of abuse of authority in connection with the sacking of five Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) top officials.

In July 2015, the Anti-Corruption Commission arrested Ms. Masebo and charged her with two counts of abuse of authority of office when she served as minister of Tourism and Arts.

In the first count, it is alleged that Mrs Masebo cancelled the procurement of a tender process of the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) hunting concession.

In the second count, Ms Masebo is said to have abused her authority of office by terminating contracts of employment of some senior ZAWA officers.

In both counts, Ms Masebo is alleged to have disregarded the laid down procedures, an act against the Republic of Zambia and the people.


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      @ Government, shallow thinking at its best, what has a court verdict got to do with which party she supports. is there a conjecture here? you are the same people giving an impression that court verdicts are made by the party in government.

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      This is excellent news and carried pathetic, ridiculous charges that had no time for any sane lawyer.

      The prosecution Team needs to be prosecuted for wasting time.

      The REAL case with HH whose case is indefensible and can not be defended.

      Sick and tired of avoiding the elephant in the room here

      I have a PhD and I have just been informed, only 0.09% of the zambian population have PhD’s I am in good company.



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    This case was still alive?The wheels of justice really turns slowly.The case was overtaken by elapsing of time.

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    Pity that the court processes are being ab(used) to settle political scores. And how long has this process been going on for?

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    This is no news , Zambians already forgot about this CASE, we are focusing on HH and his co-accused 5 congrats anyway IRON LADY court cases u win some like this one and you loose some Chongwe constituency petition. We make you win a case that we know cannot distabilize our working Government, imagine you won against JAPHEN it would be total Chaos as u would bounce back to Parliament on a tribal clique party hmm.. i cant imagine that

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      corrupt justice system.most of the judges are pf cadres appointed by Chakolwa Chimbwi Chagwa Lungu to persecute the opposition…lol

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    Can someone define persecution please. Is it possible for any one being persecuted to be acquitted? I am just wondering that this persecution word is being misused.

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      It means there was no case in the first place. You punish or persecute someone by taking them to court, taking advantage of the pace of prosecution.

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    Masebo is an upright woman who is always ready to be sacked for doing the right thing. And this is how every cabinet minister is supposed to be. She’s a principled woman who always wants to serve under an upright regime.If we had all the cabinet ministers of Masebo’s caliber even the President can be forced to be upright.Congrats Masebo! Keep fighting for a noble cause

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    Every prosecution does not result in conviction. SM, pray that the higher courts will not overturn the ruling of the magistrate court. So, now that you have been acquitted, are the courts impartial? I know you will dodge this question for now, but will answer it when you or your party lose a case. All the best Mama.

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    i followed this case very well, it was a former minister who mislead the government that she be sued after she refused to be fornicating with him because it was a sin and that’s how the bef started

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    Wow today the Judiciary is not biased and full of cadres? Let us have faith in our children who are called judges!

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    The judiciary has today showed its ability to deliver justice regardless of who someone is. It must be a shame for all who have been insulting judges and calling them PF cadres including the misinformed international media which has painted our justice system black. I believe with the amended Constitution which gives the judiciary more independence, they just need time for them to reorganise themselves and serve the Zambian people their right to justice; They need our utmost support, regardless of tribe or gender or political affiliation or social class etc, for this arm of government to deliver justice efficiently and effectively. May God continue to bless our land, Zambia.

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    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes Belinda my woman friend ukalipo kansi. Nenzonkala worried ati kapena unamwalila kansi long life ulinayo. Congrats………

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    They just want clear the courts of all cases, so that they concentrate on underfive’s current cases and the flood that is coming while he remains behind bars for the next three years. You know the ********** and their affinity to female magistrates. I wish I was a UPNDonkey lawyer. You dont have to look for work. Problem is payment default as even underfive is now getting broke. That is why he wants to continue in prison, he uses it as an excuse not to pay his creditors, the last thing he wants is to be released and the vultures will come.

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    That is why he withdrew the statement on sialogue when he was reminded of his creditors ….. kikikikiki x3

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    The law enforcement departments such as DEC, Police and ACC are time wasters! What made them start this, when it was clearly a wasting time case?

    Anyway…this is where I have total disregard for lawyers and dem tings deh! Am not saying I would loved Silvia to be jailed, dont get me wrong.
    Everyone is presumed innocent till proven otherwise, but the Police, ACC and DEC have no ability to see what case can hold and what cannot!

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    I agree with jay tooth they decided to rise a weak and fruitless case in which they finally failed to prove even when l heard of her case l knew it won’t prove anything in last days. Conglats masebo wesu

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    Because she had to attend court proceedings on several occasions u know sata wanted hard working ministers instead of part time( in short he was man of action)

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    What’s not beyond doubt is that the Ant-Corruption Commission of Zambia can’t prosecute corrupt politicians, diddly squat.

    If you look at their record it’s clear cases go on for ages then go cold.

    Whilst we congratulate Madame Masebo in this case, we are bereft at not having a Big Stick to whack her over the head with each time she rises to insult the President! Expect insults soon….or worse a Presidential challenge….oh groan she’s ready for 2021.

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    Masebo will always be a crook just as Great Bullshiite Man (GBM), Human Hyena (HH) and Nervous Mumbwe are!
    Mr William Harrington what do you have to say about this sad state of events Sir? I hope you will ask for a judicial review of this sad ruling.

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    ” the state did not bring witnesses to prove that the offence was committed”
    This is a case of bribing the police so that they deliberately do a poor job of prosecuting. Zambia needs a police watchdog. How can a police force with properly trained competent officers fail to present evidence? Police should be Charged. The case should restart.

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    So now what is the next step?since she was right to cancel the tenders because of corruption ,all those companies’ must be blacklisted and their areas repossessed although they changed company names when applying again.Masebo must fight for that since they were after her and things have turned around.

  20. flag Mwebena Zambia mwaliwama, nomba pantu mukonkuluda, chakuti mwipushe elo mwishibe, ichikulu mwaikovinsa

    Peace be still.

    Viva UPND.

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    Being acquitted DOES NOT MEAN she is innocent. It just means the prosecutors failed to prove their case. If she continues being that s.t.u.p.i.d as she was at Ministry of Tourism, very soon life will catch up with her. God doesn’t give second chances if you are possessed by the devil, as she is.

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      Oh really? tell me how you can tell that someone’s possessed by this devil you talk about

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