First Lady receives 2017 Humanitarian Honouree award


First Lady Esther Lungu congratulates First Female Fighter Pilot Thokozile Muwamba for scooping the Woman of the Year award during the Afro Multi Media Productions Women of the Year Awards giving Ceremony to mark the International Women's Day Celebrations at Government Complex in Lusaka on Tuesday, March 7,2017 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

First lady Esther Lungu in USA in Minnesota

First Lady, Esther Lungu, has received the 2017 Humanitarian Honouree award from the Starkey
 Hearing Foundation in Minnesota, United States of America at acolourful gala night.

The 17th Annual awards gala night was attended by many prominent personalities from different countries and was characterised by performances from famous artists.

Prominent among them were comedian and actor Sinbad, Verne Troyer from Austin Powers, Grace Vander Waal 2016 America got talent Winner and Australian-based Zambian singer, Portia Clark.

Speaking during the gala night, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Board of Directors President, Richard Brown, commended the First Lady for demonstrating leadership which facilitated the establishment of theonly Starkey Hearing institute in Zambia.

Mr Brown said his foundation needs support and political will from key leaders in order for it to succeed in its mission of “Let the world hear”, adding that the Mrs Lungu is one such leader who facilitated the establishment of the Starkey Hearing Institute in Zambia.

“We need support and political will from key leaders as Starkey Hearing Foundation Founder Bill Austin says, ‘alone we can’t do much but together we can change the World’,” he said.

Presenting the award, Starkey Hearing Foundation co-founder, Tani Austin, described the Mrs Lungu as a selfless leader who was committed to empowering people in rural communities.

Mrs Austin commended The First Lady for supporting the vision of the Foundation, adding through her, a lot of people in Zambia and Africa as a whole will benefit from the Starkey Hearing Institute in Zambia.

“We thank you, Mrs Lungu, for the contribution you have made to the Starkey Hearing Foundation,” she said.

Speaking when she received the award Mrs Lungu commended the Starkey Hearing Foundation for showing love for humanity through its services.

Mrs Lungu said the Institute in Zambia is one of the Starkey Hearing Foundation act of love as the training at the institution will help tackle a critical element of scaling up manpower through training.

“We only had one audiologist in Zambia, but the presence of Starkey Hearing Foundation in our country has helped increase the number of specialists in audiology. So far four out of 12 first graduates from theinstitute are Zambians,” she explained.

She dedicated her award to all the people who have sacrificed so much to ensure that many may hear in the World.

The First Lady received the 17th “So the World May Hear” Humanitarian award together with actor, writer and founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, Ben Affleck, who was also awarded for helping the people in Congo.



  1. Did she even pronounce “audiology”?
    I also think Edgar must have hearing problems, he never followed dununa music with dance, usually a second behind ….


    • When there was controversy about who assumes presidency between guy Scott and one Edgar, this lady stepped in and advised ecl to stop the battle. She told him that if you are meant to become you will but quit that nonse with Scott first. The other lady from the known opposition party instead warned Zambians of volcanos if her husband doesn’t become President.
      That honorary is well deserved madam first lady.


  2. Ba Nostril, be proud of your national heroes for once, not always bitter-this is one of the most reasons why HH keeps losing elections as normal Zambians detest bitterness in peoples hearts.


  3. Seen to many of these awards with very shaky basis for first Lady’s and I bet Most of you cannot even remember the ones Vera, Maureen and Kaseba got. I guess the question is why aren’t these activities sustainable ?? it is simply because they are politically driven to maintain a grip on power. I dont care how u argue it but its the truth…. this is indirect campaigning small wonder the don’t extend past the tenure of office.



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