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Government concerned with number of Zambians stranded in Nigeria while seeking healing

General News Government concerned with number of Zambians stranded in Nigeria while seeking healing

Dr Solomon Samuel Jere -high Commissioner Federal Republic Of Nigeria
Dr Solomon Samuel Jere -high Commissioner Federal Republic Of Nigeria

The Zambian High commission in Nigeria has expressed concern with the continued number of Zambians who end up being stranded while seeking for healing services in that country.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Nigeria Solomon Jere says Zambians intending to travel to Nigeria seeking healing and deliverance services particularly at the Synagogue Church of all nations should always ensure they have enough finances to avoid being stranded.

Dr. Jere explains that the number of Zambians traveling to Nigeria without fulfilling all the necessary notification procedure is worrying.

He has further called on Zambians intending to travel to Nigeria for healing and deliverance services that God is able to answer their prayers even in Zambia.

Dr. Jere said this in a statement made available to ZNBC News in Lusaka.

Many Zambians are known to visit one of Nigeria’s leading preachers TB Joshua.


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    • Dr Dr Dr…. So annoying.
      Solomon Jere is a surgent kapokola, and that’s what Jere is, not blarrie ambassador.

    • There is no them here. This is one person and an isolated incident.

      This minister is deceiving the masses

      He is merely justifying his existence in Nigeria.

      You should be condemning him for slandering your country.



    • Nanga imwe a Jere muchita chiyani uko? If God can give you a job in Nigeria, he should also give you a job in Zambia

  2. African madness. Please stay at home and take hospital treatment or as ask your Zambian Church Elders to Pray for you. I’m sure they are as good as Nigerian ones. No need to travel to Nigeria.

    • God does not exist in Nigeria only. He is omnipresent. Why search for him as far as Nigeria while knowing that He cannot be limited with space and time. He sees under the waters and reads our minds. Its lack of spiritual sight that leads to travelling accross the countries to search for God.

    • My thoughts exactly. I don’t understand how people are getting so brain washed with all this mess. God is everywhere . Lets stop worshiping human beings and get back to having faith in our God and savior for without him nothing is possible.

  3. It is so shocking that Zambians would fly hundreds of kilometers to go and seek God’s intervention from a fellow mortal when it is only less than 1 meter to kneel down and pray to Lord God almighty !

  4. This is foolishness if the worst kind. They see people being given envelopes and assume it will be the same case for them shame! Poverty is worse than any desease I know shameful and foolish

  5. We banned the prophets who have these healing powers in Zambia. You should think before you do things. Now you’re spending money bringing these people home. The prophets were coming here without the government spending money

  6. Before we condemn these people who make these journeys, let us pose and think why they as to why they take such measures. Believe you me, no one wants to be stranded in a foreign land, so why do they do it. Desperation. I know of a relative who had tried everything else, UTH, local churches, local prophets etc, and when nothing else could heal him the desperation to get to Nigeria was so overwhelming.
    We need a supportive palliative teams with counselling skills, patients who seek to travel for treatment for un incurable illness would benefit more from such a support.
    I guess a restriction for those who intend to travel for prayers to get rich, to only do so , if they have a return ticket.
    A requirement for allowing these travels only with return tickets could be a solution.

    • Spot on Didi. We have palliative care services in Zambia though not to the expected standard. people are looking for Cure of the incurable which goes to show not enough counseling is done at diagnosis stage. I operate at fee In-Home Nursing Care Service with an interdisciplinary team of care providers in Lusaka Zambia and so do two other colleagues I know of. We are constantly sending out information but the response is dismal. Yet the money spent could go towards subscribing to the service. A lot of sensitization is needed targeting family decision makers. Check our BUSHEMI FB page for details. God Bless

  7. I agree with Dr. Jere.I think even TB Joshua makes fun of foolish people who travel all the way to Nigeria to receive healing from him. But of course he cannot send them away. You can even pray for yourself as long as you ‘ve got faith. It is not TB Joshua who heals but God Himself. The foreign missions should stop assisting such people when they get stranded

  8. I wonder why Zambians still believe that we still have prophets today despite knowing that the world is full of money seekers who are trying to do evil or good just to become rich there are so-called prophets turning into snakes prophets impregnating young girls, prophets stealing computers to mention but few.Did someone hear prophet Elijah or Elisha fail to heal someone? If prophet Elisha managed to make heavy axe float on water why should a prophet fail to cure diseases.

  9. Distance is not a barrier. A believer, who’s not obedient is a sinner. How many times has the SCOAN advised on Emmanuel TV channel the dos and don’ts when one intends to travel to Nigeria?

  10. Why go to Nigeria when we’ve got so many “doctors ” here in Zambia? Just visit any street in Kitwe and you’re bound a poster proclaiming the presence of a powerful “doctor ” from Mununga in Luapula, Mchisi of Malawi and so many others. I am a visit to one of these will only cost a minute fraction of your air ticket. There’s also one who advertises on ZNBC Radio 1 on Wednesday evenings. Why do we always want to believe foreigners instead of our own people?

  11. While I agree that some conditions need spiritual intervention from so called Pastors, I know that a lot of our people are just so scared of going to seek medical help from the hospitals. Doctors just like Pastors are creations of God. For heaven’s sake if you have problems with your health why not seek help from our hospitals and in the same vein when you have spirtual problems we have Pastors in Zambia. For what I have seen a lot of these people still go back and seek help from hospitals when it is too late as the same Pastors refer them back to the hospitals they shunned and the same hospitals get the blame for being incompetent.

  12. Why should somebody seek guidance & help from a purported spiritual leader with many question marks??? and ignore the Holy Spirit, Who abides & resides in each one of us, once you receive Jesus Christ, The greatest Healer & Physician – Lazy Christians or Baby Christians are looking for quick fix solutions and they don’t want to settle down with God, Who lives in them – inquire, require, meditate and ponder on His Word and pray and receive divine direction including healing without spending a dime/ngwee. God bless Zambia! Proverbs 4:20-23

  13. The same God who healed them can also provide the money but a vessel is necessary. If its in Dollar currency the vessel shall not handover the loot.

  14. If citizens are stuck in Nigeria for lack of resources, the government must do what is right, just what it takes and all it needs. The prophets do their part by working on faith.

  15. Comment:

    Dr Solomon Jere’s academic achievements are earned from reputable universities, local and international.

  16. LAZ has brought out very important points. The most important is the power vested in the police during this period. Human rights of people are at stake…
    The other thing is how does something qualify to be called arson if there are no established facts of the cause of this acts…??
    This is a democracy and citizens should learn to ask such types of questions…. Hands up to LAZ… for taking up such a stance…

  17. So why didn’t the Nigerian president Bihari seek healing from TB Joshua n instead jumped on a plane to England. Ok, I get it….prophets are looked down in their homelands.

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