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We are not against the IMF and other collaborating partners-ZSPA

Economy We are not against the IMF and other collaborating partners-ZSPA

Zambia Society for Public Admiration (ZSPA) President Kelvin Esiasa has expressed concern with individuals issuing sentiments that are against the International Monetary (IMF) and other collaborating partners regarding the financial support to Zambia.

In a statement made available to the media, Mr. Esiasa observed that many Zambians have raised concerns about the International Monetary (IMF).

Mr. Esiasa has however noted that Government has a moral obligation to tell citizens the truth about the IMF or any organization willing to support Zambia on her quest for financial support.

Mr. Esiasa added that Zambians need to understand that neither the IMF nor any international financial organizations force a country or an individual to borrow from them, affirming that in many cases the person in need is the one who approaches the IMF for support, which the Zambian government has done.

“we want to express concern with individuals issuing sentiments that are against the International Monetary (IMF) and other collaborating partners regarding the financial support to Zambia” Esiasa said


  1. If imf feels that the move govt has taken to safegaurd public properties and investment is not right they are free to go. The same people they feel are being incarcerated are the same people who are burning diwn public properties and infrastructure build from imf funds. If they want to leave our aurports are open.

    • Please lets remember that the IMF did not come to Zambia to give Zambia a loan. PF as a government realized that they were broke and the is no other commercial lender who can give money to Zambia anymore for many reasons…. ability to pay back, democracy etc and went to the IMF to ask for a loan. Mutati has been going to the IMF to ask for a loan.

      If the IMF decided they will not give you the money… don’t present it to us like they came to force you to get a loan.

    • IMF please do not give this pf government any financial assistance.they will use it to persecute the opposition and plunder the rest…

  2. IMF does not force Zambia to borrow money !!! When you are short of cash or you want to build a palace , do you not approach a lender to assist ? Same principle applies here my friend; it is the Zambian government that asks for a loan and if they don’t want the loan , which I think they do , then they are free to decline it!! It would help if some of these so called govt officials explained the process to their subjects . Actually, some of them rant on and haven’t got a clue !! They open their mouths to criticise the same hand that feeds them !!

  3. Zambia is a member of IMF and we hzve to pay contributions for that membership. Currently we are behind in our contributions. IMF does not approach any member that wants to borrow funds. The member country approaches the IMF stating its case and is assessed on its finamcial status. Zambia should be able to obtain a loan subject to the conditions set out by IMF and Zambias ability to repay. Remember we have defaulted once before.

  4. ZSPA the government itself has told the IMF tbe do not need them, it is not just individuals . ZSPA it sounds as though your organization is making excuses for the government. If we need the IMF we need it. Its the same if you need a doctor you need them. The IMF does not bleed poor nations the poor nations ask the IMF for help. Go to a bank you bet conditions on your loan. Remember we are MEMBERS of IMF

  5. IMF do not give this pf government any funds. they will use the money to fund their cadres so that they can burn properties and accuse the opposition…lol

  6. Whatever happens just keep him locked up for our common good…..the cloud will soon pass as it always does. To put it in context, soon donkeys will be a thing of the past.

    I wish it was a donkey that caused the power failure in Livingstone, it would have been roasted alive.

  7. Never Qurral with a crocodile when you are in water. people issuing statements about IMF should be very careful.

  8. IMF will not grant loans to Zambia. UNIP got loan from IMF didn’t pay back till GW Bush came to cancel the debt, during Mwanawasa reign.
    So forget about the loan, you always default.

  9. The IMF are not giving, just start imposing a clean air tax , and a rain tax , you can also include dunnuna forward tax so they don’t forget dunnuna reverse dancing……

    • A walking tax for anyone walking would be a good idea…….and a shoe tax for any worker who wears shoes…..

  10. Mr.Kelvin Esiasa what do you know about the IMF and World bank. Its better you shut up. Africa is poor today because of the institutions and our corrupt leaders. the give money with a lot of hidden strings that works against our countries. thoses loans are only good for countries that have VISIONARY LEADERS and they are not in africa.
    God Bless Zambia Army, God Bless Sikazwethegreat and God Bless Zambia.

  11. I want to share my testimony. Instead of collecting a loan, I got something else called the BLANK ATM CARD. The blank ATM card is a programmed ATM card that can hack into all ATM machines all over the world, and it works with all currencies. You can withdraw at least $4,000 USD everyday for six months. It is programmed in a way that when a transaction is carried out with the card, it cannot be traced. To make use of this card, you need no account number. It is simple because there is a manual attached to it that teaches usage, and also give more explanations concerning the card. If you need funds to start up business, pay up bills and loans or money to live a good life, then you have to make this opportunity yours. Though it is illegal as you and I know, but since government cannot…

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