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Catholic Bishops in Kabwe meeting HH

Headlines Catholic Bishops in Kabwe meeting HH

The Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) led by, Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu are in Kabwe to meet incarcerated Opposition UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema.

This follows permission they sought from President Edgar Lungu in which they volunteered to broker peace and dialogue between the two.

The Bishops urged President Edgar Lungu to facilitate and hold face-face meeting with Hichilema.

The Bishops arrived at Kabwe Maximum Correctional facility famously known as Mukobeko Prison located in Kabwe.

The Bishops entered Mukobeko gates at about 09:45 hrs.

Last week, President granted Catholic bishops access to incarcerated United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema to discuss with him the need for dialogue and national reconciliation.

The church leaders were at State House to underscore their commitment to working with Government for the good of Zambians.

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  1. Cruel step father Lungu will not take any of these talks seriously, he just wants power and more power.

      Mindful that at any given time Zambia can only accommodate one President, right now called, ECL in initials; please help pump holistic se.nse in HH’s cortex. Tell him that ECL may not need this remandee’s recognition but his sober approach to handling loss. That he must not pose as a Zambian president telling his subjects to hung his portrait in place of the legitimately elected president, one ECL. That it is not automatic to rule Zambia. That his lunatic Veep in UPND is the one responsible for his landing in Jail. That Zambian’s see him as an Arsonist. That Zambian presidents are numbered and its not by might but the ballot. That he needs some soul…

    • Its mukobeko maximum prison located in mukobeko compound in kabwe district. Thats the brief GPS for hh new resistance not that crap LT you have written.

    • Well the initiative must be applauded and supported. But success of any conflict resolution effort rests on its spirit and clarity of agenda items with respect to the core issues of any. In this case issues of national bearing than personal must exist and goals and objectives for the meeting must be SMART in spirit and context. Let it not be about sharing number plates and portfolios in a system of bloated GNU proven a costly liability and unproductive in Africa. Buying bad agendas creates bad precedence and promotes acrimony. Let it not be a prelude for more flictional political culture. Thanks mweba Patili.

    • I am late to comment, I feel so bad. The feeling I have is like people like Kabimba, and other NOT important, that they will never meet Catholic Bishops.

    • Let the bishops pump some sense in the under 5. He is the source of confusion in Zambia. Meanwhile let the high court deal fully with him coz Zambia is more peaceful with him in mukobeko

    • This is a totally foolish stance taken by these publicity hungry bishops. This is not there place, they need to be busy preaching sermons and not interfering with the criminal justice system.

      After declaring the same elections free and clear, what has changed with them and why are they now behaving in a neo-sacrosanct manner????

      What peace is there to broker between HH and ECL???? They are so lucky I am not ECL, I would have asked them very tough questions, they would have regretted visiting me at State House.

      For me, their actions are legitimizing a law breaker and in my book no one is above the law …

      Because Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr

    • Meant to say “… this is not their place” not there place. Autocorrect is a menace most times

    • Mpundu is an immoral bishop. He has not come back to tell us how he managed to meet ECL after claiming in his address that he has been denied access to ECL. He is doing all this for personal gain.

    • If the petition should be heard first, how unfair is this to ECL? Does this provide unfair advantage to HH which he can manipulate later against ECL? If ECL should be recognised first, how unfair is this to HH? Does this provide unfair advantage to ECL which he can later manipulate against HH?

  2. Honestly why ?

    This man’s crime is bigger than a terrorist charge.

    Let him be there.

    We are all comfortable as it stands.

    I have a PhD



    • Why are they mediating when this guy is no good to Zambia? He has sold Zambia to the Brenthurst Institute for money so that imperialist can come and milk and plunder our resource. I have not even a millimeter of respect for such.

    • Di I hear you say we? ba spokesperson don’t distort the meaning of other people’s thoughts. Thanks catholic Bishops for the gesture. We need to move together from now henceforth.

  3. the moment HH is released..the economy will pick up..it’s all lost and on standstill for now..watch the space..

    • so there is no treason case iwe ka intelligience.Chakolwa Chimbwi Chagwa Lungu is just persecuting him and the upnd

    • Which economy is at stand still when our inflation is at 6.9% and Exchange rate is now US$1 to ZMW8.90? Our economy doesn’t depend on HH, but mostly on copper prices and maize production. With concerted effort to advance the performance of SMEs, diversify and value addition in the agribusiness, we will have a better economy whether HH leads or ECL.
      All we need are clear and implementable policies and government goodwill to work on reduction of poverty and unemployment.
      HH can be kept wherever!

  4. Useless bishops.They are the cause of all these things.How do you declare the elections fair before any petition is raised and heard.Ukutemwa ama brown envelops b.a.f.i.k.a.l.a

    • Where does it say you’ve to wait for a petition before declaring the election status. That’s we have problems in this country because of people like you who are misleading the gullible. A petition is not part of our electral process but simply a complaint after the election has been announced. Lungu was only sworn in after your efforts to petition floundered.

    • Truly cursed! How do you insult men old enough to be your parents? The same bishops you have insulted have spiritual leadership encompassing most Zambians and you think your preferred candidate can win an election? UPND supporters send fear chills up most people’s backbones. I for one, not in a thousand years.

  5. Is there a meetingroom for prisoners at Mukobeko or have they managed to fit in the 2x2m cell?

    The Bishops should make sure that they pump sense into underfive before allowing him to meet The President. The demands of underfive his UPNDonkey party including his court cases so far have been frivolous to say the least and to be polite to underfive. How come nobody in the whole world is starry-eyed about the last elections except himself? How come ALL countries in the world think that the elections were free and fair? Except Donkeys of course, and to make some semblance of “international” sympathy they court Maimane, NUMSA etc with the last one with EFF Malema who does not seem to understand what is the issue with UPNDonkeys.

    • Please, do not call your fathers “donkeys”. Your mother may be upset, not because of the size of “donkeys” pen1s (which she did enjoy very much) but it will create problems with your birth certificate Fathers name UPNDonkey!!!

  6. @4 Mulenga (obviously hiding his true identity), the election observers have their job and it is NOT petitions. In their assignment they did not see any evidence of rigging, which was also confirmed by the failure of UPNDonkeys to present even one shred of evidence for tye WHOLE 14 days of petition. I feel pity for you Donkeys because underfive knows everything and has kept his donkeys in the dark for his own personal reasons including bad influence from the tenderpreneur crook turned UPND vice president.

    • And are you ‘Terrible’ yourself sir? Just asking after reading your first sentence. And what makes you think he’s hiding his identity? Are you implying a Mulenga cannot write that. Your statement has a hint of tribalism.

    • True comrade manenekela, i think mulenga is better off hiding under a truly Zambian name, than hiding under a foreign name ati terrible.

  7. What’s there to discuss with HH apart from advising him to discourage his followers from sabotage. I don’t see anything. His non recognizing Edgar is a non issue. He can believe in whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t disrupt our lives . I just don’t know why people even bother about HH stand on the Republican presidency.

  8. But while the fat pig is walking the streets freely because there is no cell his size at Mukobeko, mr underfive is languishing in prison. Typical crook also known as inkaka in bemba, he dupes underfive to do stupio.d things while making sure it looks like underfive is driving everything! You have heard of such “clever” people and those tricks haven’t you?

  9. So I hope Mrs Hichilema has managed to prevail on the underfive husband to seize this once in a lifetime olive branch. There will be no other in the foreseeable future over a horizon of 12 months. And we hope underfive husband and father has learnt one or two things about Zambian politics at the hands of Gbm.

    • There is nothing to learn, it is Mr lungu who is learning that IMF funds come with strings attached……..no IMF more taxes…..

  10. So whats the latest after a long six hours? Are you coming back to Lusaka with him? Has he agreed to be under house arrest at Telesphore’s Cathedral until they tie up the loose ends?

  11. Our bishops please help free the only hope for Zambia. HH should insist on meeting the dictator from right inside the cell.

  12. The meeting is not about the release of HH but the peace the reconciliation between his part and the PF. The case at the court still remains

    • Case is not in court, give me the dates he is suppose to appear in court and name of judge assigned to handle his case, prove me wrong.

  13. These are the real bishops and not Christians for Lungu bishops. Mushota is mentally sick and annoying and a shushushi thug

  14. I we Sobongo the only hope for Zambia is your self and my self you fool and not any other individual, we chipuba we .

  15. Case is not in court, give me the dates he is suppose to appear in court and name of judge assigned to handle his case, prove me wrong.

    • I have head claims a.k.a allegations that HH is SATANIST – the dark. The Bishops are supposed to be the light; the salt of this world. I wonder whether the LIGHT will outshine DARKNESS or whether DARKNESS will overshadow the LIGHT.

  16. Bishop Telesphore Mpundu, May the almighty God bless you always. whatever the outcome, you have fought a good battle.
    God Bless the Zambia Army, God Bless sikazwethegreat & God bless Zambia

  17. @6.1 Manenekela, nope sir, the hint of tribalism is in your imagination. I happen to know him, he is a UPNDdonkey but he is not a mulenga donkey.

  18. Lets hope BCCZ discussed with HH the same Agenda they discussed with Lungu. Lungu should provide the Court with evidence of his 2016 Election and HH will present his Election Grievances to the same Court. The Court after hearing and determining the Petition will then declare the Winner of the Election duly elected President. No Petition Hearing ,No Recognition and No IMF Loan.

    • Petition was already heard in 14 days u id.iot & no evidence came out from the under 5 party. Still day dreaming?? Let under 5 just apologise to the courts for his misdeeds in Mongu or he remains permanently incarcerated & rots in Mukobeko.

  19. Most of the bishops on crew are bembas. If bembas were tribal like certain chiefs he would have wroten inside

  20. Traditional ceremonies have economic value to the subjects. They think when they cancel traditional ceremonies they are punishing lungu. No no no. You are punishing poor farmers who wanted make Bit of money from supu ya mbuzi.

  21. Edgar Lungu should not agree to have any discussions with HH unless the court processes are done.

    This is a big trap for Lungu. Lungu represents the citizens of Zambia and so he should allow the court to deal with the matter not Bishops. Bishops should remember that this is not a moral question but legal one.

    HH should learn from what he did in Mongu and he should pay for it.

    Why should he be treated differently? Bishops only speaks for the rich and politicians why?

    Its a shame to this Bishops really. Some Bishops even call themselves doctors and yet there are failing to understand that Mpundu is using them. It’s a big shame really.

    • “….This is a big trap for Lungu..”

      If Mr lungu won the elections how can anything turn out to be a trap ?? Does the evidence of an election victory change ???

  22. Comment:my worry is with Bishop Telesphore Mpundu who personally do not trust to hold private talks along with HH due to his current behavior…he is capable of creating false allegations from HHs clothing, to his chewing, to his sleeping until the end… mukobeko could have had some kind of recording held for media staff…I don’t approve of the bishops prepared information but I approve this message

  23. Is there anyone out there who likes this guy. I mean the one who torches markets and offices. Just to be heard. What a shame!

  24. Lungu claims he won the 2016 Election and is recognised by numerous Heads of State. So why Is Lungu insisting that HH should recognize him as President? There is No Law which compels HH to recognize him. Why should HH recognise a vote thief and Law Breaker as a Legitimate President? No way Man!

    • Your under 5 chap will never win an election in Zambia because only the southern region votes for him. His party is a regional & tribal party. Let chi.kolor just rot in Mukobeko. Zambia is peaceful with him in jail.


    • Lungu didn’t claim the victory, he was declared winner by the only authorised body. Ala mukafwa ku chikonko.

    • Look when you recognize someone, don’t mean you no queries with him.what it means is that you have recognise the receipt.possibility of taking the person to court still stands. Brotherly advice ,hh should accept the advise from the bishops.

    • He is no special in any way. His money is thieving proceeds from privatisation & his tribe is deeply rooted in tribalism. He is the source of confusion in Zambia. May he just rot in mukobeko. Thanks

  25. Lawyers both good, bad and pretenders, don’t come cheap in Zambia. Unless the lawyer is your brother or son.

    I am warching CNN Live, the parole hearing for O J Simpson. He has been incarcerated in Lovelock Correctional centre in Nevada for 9 years now. He is not the same man, these facilities take their toll. I just hope underfive is watching, and if he has no DsTV in his room, I hope Mrs Hichilema is watching on behalf of her underfive husband and father to her children. Madam, this is about your husband and father, not about UPNDonkeys. Put the politics aside.

  26. Lungu is the current head of State and it is the State which arrested,charged with Treason and imprisoned HH. Lungu is in charge of the State Machinery and is responsible for HH’s fate. The back stops with him. If Lungu so desires he can drop the Treason Fake Charges thru a Nolle Proqui just like he did for Amos Chanda and Minister Sumaili.

    • No droping of charges you dreamer. Let the law take its full course. under 5 should learn manners henceforth. He is the source of confusion in Zambia

    • When will UPND_HH supporters stop fear mongering? Setting of public places like markets and offices on fire is part of this culture of scare mongering, where they wanted to saw seeds of discontent. The intention was to spread fear in the Zambians. We are all supposed to be Zambians and be patriotic to our country first before any loyalty to any fellow citizen. However, with UPND_HH supporters these values have come apart and re-aligned in a weird and self sustaining way of only caring for HH and not the state of the great country I passionately love.
      Why should anybody wish our country economic hardship and high taxes unless they don’t live here?
      All your evil prayers will overturn and pursue you! Who is currently in jail?

  27. At first I was feeling sorry for the guy, but after deep analysis I feel he deserves whatever he’s going through. Imagine his cooriders calling the president ati ” wabe chikalour as they drove by the presidential motorcade.

  28. Listen to me underfive, stop being delusional, you are NOT a Mandela and will NEVER be one. Mandela fought for noble and just cause, you have nothing noble or just cause that you are fighting, just saving face for losing elections five times, including 2016 when you botched your best chance by aligning with rascals like Mmembe and gbm. I say best chance because every astute politician wins elections when the economy is limping, not you, shame!

  29. If he remains delusional I hope the Catholic bishops will leave him in peace. Let him rot, everybody will forget about him soon, including Dundumwezi. And his party will die, I mean it has no alternative leadership not even an acting president!
    1. He will come out of prison eventually and find a carcass of UPNDonkey party waiting for him.
    2. Where did the underfive former “economic manager” go wrong? We shall read about that when he writes his memoirs.

  30. @32 Musa, there is no fake treason. Its nothing to do with legality. The truth is that everywhere in the world countries including USA and UK frown upon such arrogance and disrespect for the Head of state, not to mention an attempt on the life of the Head of State by trying to overturn his Car. Countries all over the world will find a way to keep such scum away from society, whether Guantanamo Bay, Mukobeko or whatever. Why do you a respected high commissioner called underfive misguided acts in Mongu “reckless”?

  31. Why cud it b that an incarcerated person b given chance to dialogue with our Republican President? what’s the connection between breaking the law and reconciliation? he come is now the idea to dialogue.? are we trying to abate our laws on some citizen? let us condemn the gravity of the case that has put him behind bars.no one is above the law.call a spade a spade.tell him to say he hh was wrong than enveloping in dialogue.I hope he has learnt something…no dialogue just point out the wrong

    • Shows you there is more to this than your kind of simpletons can grasp. I hope you see the light in your lifetime. Good luck.

  32. [email protected] Ba mwine, you are very right, he should simply be told where he went wrong and told to apologise. Whats there to dialogue? And with whom? If Lungu is not the President, who has allowed the bishops to visit underfive? Who can release underfive?

  33. UPND the dialogue is not about the treason case which has yet to take off in the High Court. It’s all about your so called tension which you are trying to create by destroying public property. Please get that ECL cannot have face to face talk with HH this time. He has to come out of Mukobeko first. How does a Republican president sit down with someone in incarceration?

  34. @Ih u just dont get it. A Traffic Offence is Not Treasonable. If Lungu wants to try HH for obstructing Lungu’s Motorcade let him do so. It is wrong for Lungu to incarcerate HH for Treason when he did not commit Treason at all. Dictator and Sadist Lungu should release HH unconditionally and unharmed.

  35. I support the move but let the reconciliation take place after the declared state of public threatened is over the best day must be on the day of national prayer and unity

  36. @40 Moto, its you who does not get it. Treadon or no treason, all over the world without exception you simply don’t tamper with the President in any way on the road or elsewhere, the President is not the individual occupying the office but the Embodiment of a nation. So your action in Mongu was not tampering with Lungu as a person, but the President of Zambia as an embodiment of the nation. Remember that Lungu was invited by His Royal Highness the Litunga as The President of Zambia, underfive accepted his invitation from the same King. Now tampering with that embodiment of the Zambian nation IS treason.

  37. So where are the Catholics? We saw them enter Mukobeko at 0945 but we did mot see them come out, did they spend the night with underfive in Mukobeko, perhaps exorcising the demons fron underfive? Uuhm he must have serious demons, to tamper with a President like that, to hate Lungu that much, to torch markets Zesco pylons etc like that, and most important to associate himself with sworn devils like mmembe and Gbm!

  38. ECL don’t fall into this cheap tribalist agenda for seeking recognition in our Mother Zambia, too much of anything becomes dangerous, if you become to lenient you are giving power to this devil to destroy our long endured peace in our country. Let the stiff necked fool rot where he is, that place suites him better. Africa twasebana.

  39. Even Mufuguli of Tanzania has detained an opposition leader for being a nuisance. I hope our Bishops will visit this prisoner in Dar.

  40. Telespho Mpundu must not come out of there without the peoples wish. The people want Edgar to be president and not any other person. so as Telespho goes to Mukobeko he must have the peoples wish in mind otherwise he is calling for trouble for himself.


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