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WWE and Supersport announce multi-year agreement to televise ‘RAW’ and ‘Smackdown’ on DSTV and GOtv


WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) and SuperSport, Africa’s premier sport channels provider, today announced a new multi-year agreement to broadcast WWE programming live for the first time in more than 50 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Starting August 28, DStv and GOtv customers will have access to the world’s biggest WWE entertainment when SuperSport airs flagship shows Raw® and SmackDown® as well as WWE specials, including WrestleMania® and SummerSlam®.

“WWE is a global phenomenon, so securing the broadcast rights for SuperSport is a terrific coup,” said Gideon Khobane, chief executive of SuperSport. “The athletes involved are larger than life figures who command huge followings. At long last our DStv and GOtv viewers will get to share in this entertainment spectacle in high definition. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with WWE.”

“SuperSport is a best-in-class partner who shares our vision and passion for engaging with and entertaining our fans,” said Ed Wells, WWE Executive Vice President, International. “Televising WWE programming live in sub-Saharan Africa for the first time an important milestone for us, and we look forward to working with SuperSport to cultivate new fans in the region.”

DStv Premium, Compact+ and Compact customers will enjoy their WWE drama live while DStv Family and Access will also enjoy same-day rebroadcast of the events which will be available on SuperSport channels S7, S9 and SS10. Viewers can look forward to Raw on Tuesdays and SmackDown on Wednesdays offering both live telecasts and same-day re-airs, as well as all WWE specials live, including WrestleMania®, SummerSlam®, Survivor Series® and Royal Rumble®. GOtv viewers will have access to the action on Select 3, available to GOtv Plus customers.

“We’re delighted to bring our DStv and GOtv customers yet another attraction that’s going to keep them glued to their TV and mobile screens. This addition to our offering will certainly bring more value for our customers and ensure that SuperSport remains their go-to World of Champion and home to the world’s biggest sports. This is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that our platforms deliver only the best entertainment to our customers,” says Acting MultiChoice Managing Director Recha Karima Kabwe.

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    • i like wrestling very much but the languages used sometimes can be disturbing to our little ones. The live kisses on the screen is not our culture and makes me uncomfortable to watch such scenes with my family.

  1. Africa has 52 countries. How are they going to show to more than 50 countries in sub shaharan Africa? Raw and SmackDown live are live on Monday and Tuesdays in America respectively, so they’ll be showing recorded shows. That is after we heard of the results on the internet already

  2. This z wat we have been waiting for I thank Supersport for bring us the best entertainment in the world????????????????

  3. Bambi ka life kalikosa so balibafye negative all the time, if u don’t like WWE its ok let those who like it watch. imwe chiteniko fimbi like finding a guy or girl who will love u for all your short comings

  4. But here in South Africa, channel E has announced that they are no longer going to show that same programme and yet zambia is rejoicing why

  5. Multi year?? Just tell us the number of years and we will make up our own minds whther that is multi. Ala

  6. How can an adult man be watching this rubbish? Just go and watch an action movie…I was watching ..stopped when I was 13 I saw a documentary on how the whole thing is staged including the crowd with placards.

    • @jay jay,
      who cheated you that action films are real?
      if you have cared to watch attentively, you would have long noticed that most of these wwe actors (wrestlers), are also found in some of the action films you like. bottom line is,both categories of action are fake and it depends on which useless show one prefers.

    • That’s my point they are Professional steroid charged Actors..Kids dont know that …do you want me to write it again in Grandma’s language?

  7. Good point mature!!! Its entertainment that’s all. If you don’t like it just keep quiet. I don’t watch myself yet I am not complaining. People want to argue about everything, why?

    • Why? Really laughable… because Big kids like you pretend to subscribing to channels for sake of your teenage sons yet you who is in the front row when WrestleMania® starts!!

    • This jay jay guy is just like Mushota, he likes arguments even where there is no need to, he is a know it all!What a low life!!!!

  8. People with their negativity?? Next twalaumfwa ati the opposition is behind this to destabilize the country! lol

  9. Modern research suggests that you don’t expose yourself or indeed your children too much to these violent inhuman movies. By doing so, the human spirit which is basically about love goes out of the window and the beast spirit creeps in. Violence and suicides will be the order of the day which we don’t need in this country so called Christian. Let us emulate Jehovah’s witnesses who try their best to switch off TVs whenever there is a violent scene.

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