Hundreds of African- Americans trace roots back to Barotseland

File: Eric Antony Sheppard, President and Founder of The Diversity Restoration Solutions (DRS) Inc. – USA


In a program called Home Coming Project to help African- Americans trace their original roots, hundreds have reportedly traced theirs back to Barotseland and are now working towards an official home coming.

The Americans, whose ancestors may have been shipped to the Americas before Barotseland’s King Mulambwa Santulu (1780 to 1830) abolished the slave trade in his kingdom, have been able to trace their ancestry back to Barotseland and are now officially working for their return home.

On June 19, 2017, Eric Antony Sheppard, the President and Founder of The Diversity Restoration Solutions (DRS) Inc. (USA) visited Mongu, Barotseland, to meet with the Barotse King, Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II and the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) over the imminent return of hundreds of African Americans back home.

In welcoming them, the BRE assured Mr. Sheppard and his entourage of the royal establishment’ s maximum support on all their planned projects in the kingdom which will provide employment to the people of Barotseland.

The aim of the DRS President’s trip was to ignite fire in the process of restoration as the African- Americans trace their roots back to Africa under a program called Home Coming Project.

In Mongu, Sheppard held a series of meetings and also visited historical sites used as sales points for slave trade in the early 1600.

DRS is an international trade development and cultural diversity training consulting firm specialising in linking together American and African Diaspora businesses and organisations and business counterparts on the African continent through trade, commerce and cultural relationships.

DRS also provides innovative solutions to resolve 21st century global business strategy needs. DRS with the theme: “Acknowledge Our Past and Embrace Our Future,” is spearheading a global restoration initiative concept called the Africa Homecoming Pilgrimage, which will organise the prophetic gathering and structure of the transatlantic slave trade descendants and supporters, while restoring economic relationships with Africa and fulfilling the promised destiny.

In 2019, the African diaspora in the US will commemorate their 400-year journey outside Africa. The significance of this historical era affects the cultural, spiritual and social lives of millions of people around the world.

There is also the global economic impact of this prophetic restoration that has the potential of generating billions of dollars in a new industry that fosters new business opportunities and creates thousands of jobs globally.

source:Barotseland Post


  1. I hope the Barotse Royal Establishment are explaining the history of slave trade properly to these African Americans. Zambia was involved in all slave trade. Slaves came from Tonga Land, Nsenga areas, Sena and Magoregore areas and Lamba Areas. Bisa’s and Gowa’s were slave traders who worked with arabs and portuguese to move africans to Angola, then later to Brazil, Cuba and eventually some to America. The roots of these African Americans, could be from anywhere as far as Tonga land, Lamba land, Chewa land, Mozambique and even Zimbabwe. These guys when they come to Africa should be told the truth, how the slave traders moved people. The slaves moved long distances. Its interesting to see people like Denzel Washington look like my relative in Rufunsa…

    • African Americans need to fix their communities back in America before jumping to Barotseland, ala!

  2. DRS is yet another fake organisation by the sound of it. It’s purpose to advance the divisions in Zambia with that region. It’s ridiculous only Barotseland ancestry was identified. It’s a con. They are coming to cause trouble.

  3. DRS has deployed the first batch of African Americans with DNA linking them to that part of the world ie Barotseland.
    Further repatriations will have people with similar DNA going to other parts of the land for spiritual,cultural and economic reunion.
    Other Royal Establishments like the Shi Lubemba under the admirable Chiti Mukulu can set up such similar projects.
    I hope the people of Barotseland will embrace these descendants of ours with open arms as there is a lot to be exchanged both ways in all areas of human endeavour.

  4. Same old tricks will not work this time round. People coming to one region in Africa and exploit their backwardness and purport to have been given mining rights for the whole country by the so called king who was himself imposing himself on other ethnic groupings. It will be interesting to see a region in Zambia that has a home affairs department to give citizenship to people from outside of the boundaries of Zambia.

  5. This is the same con group going round looking for land from chiefs. They already conned some chiefs in Luapula province that they will build cities for them. Chiefs are signing away massive land in exchange for proceeds from the development projects which in reality will have no profits for a long time to come.

  6. These are people who were condemned into slavery by some of our ancestors,traitors who sold their own kith and kin.they went through 400 years of torture,r.a.p.e, being sold from plantation to plantation.if they caught them speaking their african languages,they were whipped,if they caught reading or writing,they were sold. children from parents. do you know what that does to your human spirit?yet they gave them the bible? i wonder why?You cant read about your culture, but you can read about our white jesus!white people are a i say welcome home these our long lost brothers and sisters.we can still share our cultural knowledge as they share that which they have also learned in their sojourn.its their divine right to land in africa.they didnt request to be sold or stolen.

  7. You cannot stop people when they start thinking deeper ;better to encourage them because they will be much happier in their ancestral lands.
    Where they are they are misstreated even killed for reason.
    Let these relatives feel free to come home and be happy.


  9. Sorry guys, allow me to laugh at the various posts……kikikikikiki……the light hearted way in which Zambians describe the slave trade ……..hilariously imaginative!!……. kikikiki…. …….kikikilikikiiiiiiiii!

  10. It’s not just barotseland that has its people tracing their origins one popular American woman traced her ancestry to tongaland. So it has been with other tribes and other African countries. They use DNA tests. Though we must be careful of conmen. But the Bible has such prophecy where God promises to gather his people from the lands he has scattered them. As a praying country let’s pray more as we await the Messiah ‘s return. Also work for peace all the time.

  11. Bembas were shipped to the Arabian world and not the US or Brazil, never! The ones that went to Angola then onwards to the US and Brazil were from Barotseland and Tongas. Anyway, our DNA profiles are different and one can tell even our characteristics, some are mostly thieves and like being in power only to plunder. Bamubwa mwakasondokide pe!

  12. Barotseland as a Nation has set this project under the most admirable Linyungandambo. Why is it that some zambian ignorants always feels jealousy when the name narosteland is mentioned? who stopped your so called establishments to undergo projects? or do you thing we love it being zambians? to tell you the truth, if it is not the bullying and abuse of state power that GRZ has, we will never be zambians. We are baroness and we actually hate to be called zambia! did you understand munyukunyunyuku.

  13. Interesting story. Am thinking just why would these African Americans want to reconnect with the continent? Will they cope with Africa’s twin curses of tribalism and corruption? In fact is there no privision for an exchange programme of some kind? I would be more than happy to relocate to America and anyone of these apparently homesick Americans can take my place here.

    • Ba bots

      There is a strange feeling among most African Americans that they are a lost people because they majority of them don’t know who they really are.

      There’s also another school of those among some that the high levels of broken marriages, crime, unexplained rage, etc among African Americans are attributed to not knowing where they came from.

      They feel lost even though they can trace their ancestry within the US, they don’t feel complete without the African piece.

      There is new wave among most African Americans now to try and reconnect back to Africa so that’s what this is all about.

      It’s the new in thing for them …

  14. I hear you Mumba and don’t dispute the reasons you advance. But are they aware that Africa is no child’s play either? How will they adapt to corruption, under development and tribalism is what am interested in? But fair enough if they want to come over. Then how can some of us Africans who are sick and tired of these problems swap places with the returnees by relocating to America as they make their way here? any tips?

  15. kamutete Ndumba Wahachilombo: What do I have to say? Watch out for land grab, that is one. Two, if this thing is free of corruption then the whole country should welcome the initiative, since in the end capital flow
    will spread. And lastly, things change, who knows what will become of this new crazy of going back to the
    homeland,look at the Jews going back to their homeland; be prepared for wars for these guys coming may not be all that clean in their characters. Chiefs and so called Kings of Zambia please, be wise, don’t blindly sell your had fought for African independence to some hyenas/wolves ( just ask who is financing this whole scheme) in sheep’s clothing.

  16. Are these people prepared for the conditions we endure in Africa? Why now? In my opinion, they don’t dream coming back home. Africa is full of poverty and corruption. No one wants that

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