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Government urged to lease out Nsalu caves and David Livingstone memorial sites in Chitambo District


The Department of Culture and Tourism in Chitambo District in Central province has suggested that the Nsalu caves and David Livingstone Memorial Sites respectively should be leased out to implrove operations at the institutions.

District Culture and Tourism Officer Fred Sakuwaha says there is need for government to lease out the two tourist attractions to the private sector as it help speed up and improve operations at the sites.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS yesterday, Mr. Sakuwaha said leasing the sites would be the best way to maintain the heritage within the Distric.

“The heritage sites are very significant to Chitambo, the coming of David Livingstone to LaLa land brought together two diverse cultures,” he said.

Mr. Sakuwaha said the areas are under-visited due to poor roads, lack of mobile network and hospitality facilities for tourist when they visit.

He suggested that the areas can be leased for a period of 35-40 years so that they are fully developed by the time Government is getting them back.

Mr. Sakuwaha expressed that proper development of the sites will expose the sites to the world and encourage visitors to tour the sites thereby increasing revenue for the District and the country at large.

He added that development could create employment for the indigenous people in the area as well.

Furthermore, Mr. Sakuwaha said the development will bring civilization and an interaction with the outside world and the influx of tourists will increase the returns for the Government.

Nsalu caves and the David Livingstone memorial site are the two major tourist sites in Chitambo District.

The Nsalu Cave, located about 60km north of Serenje, has a huge semi-circular cave cutting into Nsalu Hill and David Livingstone memorial site marks the spot where the famous 19th century explorer died.


  1. We commend your suggestion keep singing that song every often. I say so because there is a tendency by governments not to pay attention to ideas initiated by ordinary members of society. But if this is said by a president, a minister or former president then its ‘great idea’ and ZNBC will repeat this news item for one week until a president earns political praises. Thanks once again Mr. Sakuwaha.

  2. This is national heritage is dead, look at their signposts pointing at heritage sites. Even Primary schools are doing better. My expectation was that they were going to have big bold bill boards pointing to heritage sites perhaps with some exciting captivating information. Even Zesco which is not even advertising their sites has scored a first on this, they have big bold billboards showing their substations Have you seen the ka national heritage site sign post pointing to wonderful kundalila falls.It is a joke And this does not require a big budget. All the tuma sign posts for national heritage sites look desolated abandoned and not inspiring

    • What matters is that you were able to notice the sign posts. In fact it is an improvement as opposed to what we are accustomed to doing i.e. verbal enquiry on directions. ati “nikuti kwamene ningapeze Kundalila falls?” pwa ha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. How can you lease out a national heritage site…really wonder we have mo libraries.
    Very soon these tins will sale to the Chines!!

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